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13 Best Electric Standing Desks You Can Buy Right Now

Best Electric Standing Desks
Uplift Desk, Jarvis Standing Desk and Vari Electric Standing Desk are all Great. But there are some cool new entrants you need to check out!

The electric standing desk is a popular choice when choosing the best standing desk for your home office or workplace. Alternating between sitting and standing positions through the workday is essential for a balanced approach to working a desk job.

Owing to this reason, a manual crank standing desk can be very discouraging to shift positions. The best electric standing desks, on the other hand, can let you switch between sitting and standing positions with just a touch of a button.

If the sit-stand desk comes with preset programmable settings, the ease of use goes up several notches. It’s also a very handy feature if the adjustable desk is used by more than one person.

Until recently, there was a limited choice when picking a great electric standing desk. However, today there are plenty of choices when picking a good standing desk, acing in all departments – design, features, durability, and price.

Whether you’re looking for a budget standing desk or a sturdy standing desk that will last you years, you can get a perfect desk to suit your needs. Here’s our handpicked selection of the best electric standing desks that you can buy right now.

Best Electric Standing Desk for 2021

1.  SHW L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

Best Electric Standing Desks Amazon, SHW L Shaped Desk

A highly rated sit-to-stand desk on amazon, this L-shaped electric standing desk doubles up as a corner standing desk. And with those aesthetics, who wants the mess of wires spoiling the show? So, it comes with the grommets on the desktop and a wire cable basket hidden under the desktop for tidy organization. 

Simple and easy to assemble, this electric desk is a large standing desk with 55″ X 34″ dimensions. The electric lift system can lift from 28″ to 45″ height with the touch of a button.

Moreover, the cool feature of preset memory lets you choose the height settings from 4 programmable options. Costing under $300, this top-notch affordable standing desk is a no-fuss and no-mess electric standing desk. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.5 Out Of 5 From 1585 Customers.

I would buy this desk over again because it’s a great desk but most of all their customer service. They respond to email within a day. Very helpful and will replace broken parts!

2.  Vivo Electric Standing Desk

Vivo Electric Adjustable Desk Amazon

With a single-piece solid top, this modern desk is free of seam breaks. It makes for a neat design with a completely smooth surface. Available in various desktop and frame color options, you’re spoilt with the choice too.

Looking for a spacious standing desk for monitor and laptop setups? This spacious Vivo 60″ x 24″ desk is a great option for you, on a budget. Using telescopic height adjustment, the desk’s powerful electric motor helps it transition from 29″ to 49″ with the press of a button.

With an all-steel frame and sturdy particleboard top, this desk can support up to 154 lbs. Stable, sturdy, and spacious – what more could you ask for? Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.6 Out Of 5 From 2201 Customers.

Very high quality! Got mine in the light wood and am in love with it. My friend helped me assemble it and it was a very easy process.

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3. Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

A total value for money, this electric adjustable desk from Flexispot offers advanced functionality at a reasonable cost. One of the best-selling standing desks under $300, it is designed keeping in mind North American ergonomic standards.

The powerful motor, and two-stage legs, ensure the fluid-like transition from 28″ to 48″. With three programmable presets, you can save your favorite seating and standing positions.

Moreover, the high-grade steel frame ensures stability even at the highest point. And when the steel frame is paired with a 1″ thick chipboard top, what you get is a sturdy standing desk.

This desk does not disappoint in the style department either. You can choose from four cool desktop colors and match them with a frame available in three shades. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 5 Out Of 5 From 818 Customers.

the desk itself is great, but the holes in the chipboard did’t align with the instructions so it’s a little wobbly

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4. IKEA Rodulf Electric Sit Stand Desk

IKEA Standing Desk Electric Rodulf

With minimalistic simplicity and clean lines, Scandinavian designs boast contemporary aesthetics. And this IKEA electric standing desk is no different.

With a medium gray tabletop and white underframe, this electric desk is the perfect option as a modern writing desk. Moreover, to retain its tidy look, this desk features a cable management net under the desktop.

You can adjust the height of the tabletop from 27″ to 46″ with the press of a button. This electric desk under $400 is a good buy if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 5 Out Of 5 From 10 Customers.

Great help at reducing my lower back pain, I can alternate between standing and sitting down.

5. White Electric Standing Desk with Drawers

One of the best electric standing desks at Office Depot, the Realspace electric standing desk with drawers is great for a home office setup. The single motor on this white electric standing desk does the lifting up to 100 lbs with the help of two electronic push buttons.

Moving between 28″ and 47.5″, it can be adjusted to any desired height. Scratch-resistant surface and powder-coated steel legs add to the sleek and stylish design. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.2 Out Of 5 From 299 Customers.

I love the sleek look of this desk and the easy operation to adjust the height to your preference. Really love it!

6. Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari Electric Height Adjustable Desk Wayfair

How could we not include the highly rated Vari electric standing desk on our list? Here is a sit-to-stand desk that does not disappoint in either style or function. And if you go by user reviews, this is the best electric standing desk you can buy today.

We love the fact that it comes in various cool desktop finishes and you get to choose the one that suits your workspace. Moreover, the stylish chamfered edges add to the charm and uniqueness of the desktop.

Designed to last, it features sturdy t-style legs and a contractor-grade laminate finish for ease in cleaning. This large standing desk comes in two sizes of 48″ X 30″ and 60″ X 30″. This desk can be adjusted from 25″ to 50″ with programmable memory settings and an led display. Buy this Now.

7. Jarvis Standing Desk

Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk from Fully

Sustainably made from bamboo, the Jarvis standing desk from Fully is not only aesthetic but also eco-friendly. Add its high-quality adjustable frame to the mix and you get one of the best electric standing desks you can buy today.

This adjustable standing desk comes with an LED programmable handset. Designed to keep you in motion, it adjusts at any position you want. It can go as low as a child sitting to as high as a 6’7″ tall person standing.

Available in two sizes and four colors, the Jarvis bamboo standing desk is will make a perfect home office desk. And that means it will meet any work need and gel with a variety of decor be it mid-century modern or Scandinavian home. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 5 Out Of 5 From 3569 Customers.

Beautiful desk and very practical, bought another for my father. I recommend not getting it in black as the dust is very visible.

8. Babin Height Adjustable Desk

Babin Adjustable Standing Desk Wayfair

The Babin height adjustable standing desk works well if you need a height-adjustable desk for a home office with a decent amount of workspace. LED touch controls on the glass top help you adjust the height. And a button helps you lock and unlock the setting to avoid accidents.

It comes with a storage drawer to keep your supplies hidden but close at hand for when you need them. The good looks and rich features make it the best standing desk under $500. The classic color choices of black or white make this height-adjustable desk perfect for home office or workplace.

This is also a hot selling electric standing desk at Costco, for a hefty discount. Buy this Now.

9. Uplift Desk V2 & V2 Commercial

Uplift Desk V2 & V2 Commercial Sit Stand Desk

One of the highest-rated standing desks by the respective owners, the Uplift V2 standing desk is a stable and sturdy standing desk with a plethora of options to customize. Among a massive choice in desktop finishes, you can pick from laminate, bamboo, or solid wood options.

From 42″x30″ to 80″x30″, you can choose various sizes, to fit in small spaces to large commercial spaces. The 3-stage stable frame comes in T-frame and C-frame variants with four color choices. For about $80 more you can get the V2-Commercial frame that comes with a stability support bar.

Along with a choice of grommets, control keypads, and a wireless foot switch, you get the ultimate flexibility in customizing your adjustable standing desk to your liking. Included free with every Uplift Desk is a wire management tray.

One of the highlights of this standing desk is the 4 memory presets for easy and accurate height adjustment. The anti-collision system senses any obstructions in movement and goes back to the previous setting should it get into a sticky situation. The 3-stage legs provide a higher range of motion, making this adjustable desk ideal for the tallest of persons.

One strange but interesting add-on you can choose with the 72″ or longer desk is a hammock. Yeah, you can tie the hammock under the desk in a standing position and use it for your work breaks. Take a nap, maybe?

If you’re not keen on replacing your current desk, you may consider a standing desk converter. The E7 electric standing desk converter from Uplift Desk is a robust and elegant solution that you can consider. Buy this Now.

10. Move 60 Adjustable Standing Desk

Move 60 Sit to Stand Desk from Bush Business Furniture Wayfair

With a laminate finish that resists scratches and stains and a metal frame, this is one of the best-looking standing desks for your home office. This desk by Bush Business Furniture is not only about style though. The electric height adjustable desk lets you adjust the height from 27″ to 46.7″ with ease.

It can go from sitting to a standing position at speed of 0.78 inches per second and that too very quietly. You can also store your favorite heights with four programmable presets. It can withhold a weight capacity of up to 200 lbs because of its welded 16 gauge steel base legs. Buy this Now.

11. Branch Standing Desk

Branch Standing Desk

Gorgeous and solidly built by Branch Furniture, this is one of the best electric standing desks for the money. Three-stage columns and leveling feet provide this electric standing desk with exceptional stability while the choice of woodgrain, white, and walnut desktops finish it off in style.

With a lift capacity of 275 lbs and a lift range of 25″ to 52″, this is a great standing desk even for a tall person. The Branch standing desk comes in two desktop sizes 48″x30″ and 60″x30″. Dual low-decibel motors ensure a smooth, quiet raise. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 5 Out Of 5 From 231 Customers.

The ordering was easy the shipping was timely and the desk is absolutely fantastic! Assembly only took one hour and was quite simple.

12. Floyd Standing Desk

Floyd Standing Desk

When you combine the obsessively engineered programmable Jarvis Frame from Fully and the real birch ply table surface from Floyd, you get a gorgeous standing desk that will stand the test of time.

The spacious desktop comes in a single size of 54″x26″ in birch, walnut, and fog finishes. The 3-stage Jarvis electric standing desk frame comes in 2 color variants (black, white) and offers a height range of 25.6″ to 51″. This adjustable desk has a lift capacity of 350 lbs. Buy this Now.

13. Shift Sit Stand Desk

Shift Desk from Ergonofis

If you’re looking for a contemporary-looking adjustable standing desk, you should check out the Shift Desk from Ergonofis. Available in modern colors, the Shift Desk offers a soft-touch laminate, fingerprint-proof, and an antimicrobial work surface.

Its dual motors allow you to adjust its height from 24.5″ to 50″ with a simple touch and that too silently. The stability and fluidity of movement of this sit-stand desk are sure to amaze you.

This gorgeous standing desk is a solid pick with 300 lbs lifting capacity, superior anti-collision system, and child lock capability. Team it with an elegant area rug and a modern table lamp to transform your home office.

If you’re looking for a solid wood desktop, then you may want to check out their Sway Desk. This adjustable desk is a nice upgrade, made from the finest wood like birch, maple, and walnut. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 5 Out Of 5 From 252 Customers.

Smooth motors and very slick looking. Very easy to use. I had a manual sit stand desk that broke before. This was a great investment. It gives me peace of mind knowing that there’s good warranty. Great customer service!

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