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Best Standing Desks Under $300: Affordable Options for 2024

Best Standing Desks under $300, Budget Standing Desks
Looking for a Standing Desk on Budget. Here are 10 Best Standing Desks under $300.

Standing desks are excellent for improving your posture and reducing the risk of work-related back pain. However, as anyone who has ever purchased an office desk can attest, they can also be pretty expensive. If you’re on a budget but still want to get the benefits of a standing desk, there are several affordable alternatives available that won’t break the bank.

Instead of going the DIY route or purchasing something that might not last you very long, you can buy one that falls within your price range instead. The best standing desks under $300 offer a great combination of value and utility without breaking the bank in the process.

These affordable options are perfect if you want to make a change in your lifestyle while staying on budget. Read on to learn more about our top 10 picks for the best standing desks under $300.

Best Standing Desks under $300

1. SHW Electric Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk Under $300 Amazon Shw Electric Desk

This memory-preset electric standing desk from SHW is one of the highest-rated budget standing desks on Amazon. It features a fully motorised electric lift system, telescopic height adjustment from sitting to standing, and a grommet to help you maintain a decluttered workspace.

Featuring a sturdy cherry top and a sleek alloy steel body, this standing desk under $300 is also highly customizable. You can choose from 3 desktop sizes (40″, 48″, 55″), and 7 different desktop finishes. Buy this Now.

2. Eureka Ergonomic Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk under $300 Amazon Ergonomic Height Adjustable Desk

The Eureka ergonomic standing desk is adjustable for up to 16 heights, is movable with two locking casters and comes with a CPU holder. Its top is made in a classy laminated finish and comes in teak and black shades.

Its body is made of metal with a polished black finish. The desk can be adjusted to standing and sitting heights and is recommended for an ergonomic workspace. Buy this Now.

3. FEZIBO Electric Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk Under $300 Walmart Computer Stand Up Desk

Another highly rated budget standing desk, it comes with an electric height adjustable computer station and a memory preset controller. Its stylish wooden surface easily complements its black, metallic body and makes for the perfect working or gaming standing desk in a contemporary setup.

Its height can be adjusted within a range of 27.36 inches to 46.06 inches, for sitting and standing positions respectively. The desk is made using environment-friendly, toxin-free and odourless materials and has a built-in sensor to prevent collisions.

It is also equipped with cable management trays and desk hooks to maintain a decluttered space. The desk is available in five colours – bamboo, brown, black, espresso and rubberwood. Buy this Now.

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4. Marily Adjustable Standing Desk

Standing Desk with metal base

This standing desk facilitates an effortless transition between sitting and standing positions. Constructed from engineered wood with a neutral finish and supported by a sturdy metal T-shaped base, it features a programmable memory controller for precise height settings.

Ideal for small spaces and home offices, it boasts an electric height adjustment system ranging from 26.8 inches to 47.2 inches, ensuring ergonomic comfort.

Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, the frame provides exceptional durability and stability, supporting up to 300 pounds. The multi-function control panel includes 4 memory keys for storing different height positions, promoting energy, focus, and work efficiency while reducing the risks associated with prolonged sitting. Buy this Now.

5. IKEA Standing Desk Trotten

Ikea Trotten Sit Stand Desk

The Trotten is a standing desk from IKEA designed to enable efficient switching of positions while working and ensuring body movement. This desk’s height can be adjusted with a crank handle within a range of 27.5 inches to 47.25 inches.

The tabletop is made using particleboard, melamine foil and plastic edging, while the underframe is a strong steel and epoxy/ polyester powder coating. Most materials used in the table are sustainable. It is offered in four shades – beige/white, beige/anthracite, white and white/anthracite. Buy this Now.

6. Standard Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk Under $300 Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Desk

The Flexispot Standard height-adjustable standing desk is sustainably designed to be durable and ergonomic. The tabletop can be made in five different kinds of wood – chipboard, fibreboard, hand-harvested bamboo, solid wood texture and solid wood.

The different woods are available in several shades (that may not be available for all) – white, ebony, maple, mahogany, black, white wood grain, grey wood grain, graphite, marble grey, brown wood grain, black walnut, red oak, cherry wood, rubberwood and special walnut. Buy this Now.

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7. Black Electric Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk under $300 Homedepot Black Electric Desk

This black electric standing desk is manufactured to offer a spacious worktop (55” x 23.6”) in a sleek, moisture-resistant black finish. Its body is built using steel and aluminium while the top surface uses eco-friendly particleboard with a reinforced crossbar, aluminium columns and adjustable levelling feet to ensure a stable and sturdy workstation.

Its height can be adjusted to anywhere between 29.1” and 47.2”. The desk also comes with an in-built timer function to send reminders. Buy this Now.

8. Electric height Adjustable Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk under $300 Electric Height Adjustable Desk

This desk boasts exceptional durability, designed to withstand up to five height adjustments daily, ensuring a remarkable 11-year lifespan, surpassing even your favorite bodybuilder’s lifting power. Its cable tray beneath the desktop keeps cables tidy and out of sight, ensuring a sleek and comfortable workspace while safeguarding against curious kids or pets.

Choose from various keypad options to customize your experience, including Up/Down Buttons with USB Ports featuring an LED display and two USB charging ports, or 4 Presets Buttons with USB Ports for added convenience, or 4 Presets Buttons for daily ease of use. Buy this Now.

9. VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk Under $300 Wayfair Vivo Electric Desk

The Vivo electric height adjustable standing desk allows you to effortlessly switch between standing and sitting positions throughout the day. It operates on a simple two-button controller and its height can be changed within a range of 27.8” and 47”.

The desk comes with an integrated cable management system and also has a sideway length adjustment system. It has a sleek plywood finish with a polished metallic body that comes in two shades – black and white. Buy this Now.

10. Ergonomic Gaming Desk

Best Standing Desk Under $300-white-brown

The ergonomic gaming desk is a stylish and durable must-have in your home. It comes with an electric high-adjustment motor and a sturdy steel frame that keeps it steady. The worktops are made in chipboard, bamboo and fibreboard that are available in a variety of solid colours and wood grains.

You can also choose between the basic keypad that allows two switch heights between sitting and standing and an advanced keypad that sends alerts and has a cycling height adjustment as well. Buy this Now.

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