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10 Best Area Rugs for Your Modern Home

Contemporary Rugs
Liven up your seating area with these 10 cool area rugs.

Modern area rugs can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space. Apart from defining the space, they protect your floor and give your feet that plush cushion. Based on the design aesthetics of your decor, you could pick an area rug from a variety of styles.

With our list of 10 Best Area Rugs, getting the right area rug for your home will be a breeze.

Best Modern Area Rugs for Home

1. Solid Grey Soft Area Rug

This modern area rug has a thick material that feels cushy and comfortable. The back of this contemporary rug is a flat weave which prevents it from slipping. If you’re looking for a rug for your kids’ room, this is one of the best area rugs you can take home. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.5 Out Of 5 From 5656 Customers.

Literally amazing. So much better than I thought it would be for the price. Had it almost a week now and I’m still pleased. It hasn’t shed at all which I was half expecting. Would definitely purchase again if I ever need another one.

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2. Zigzag Diamond Motif Area Rug

This rug takes inspiration from the the exotic motifs of Morocco. With an allover zigzag diamond motif in yellow and grey, it has also been given a worn out look. Besides the distressed look, the pretty diamond border on either end adds to its styling.

With a power loom construction and flatweave, it is also available in other colors with the same pattern. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.8 Out Of 5 From 6257 Customers.

Love this rug it’s beautiful and soft. GiGi adores it too…the ottomans are from Wayfair as well! Items arrived 2-3 days before they were scheduled to be here. Just amazing!

3. Erased Weave Bohemian Area Rug

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If it’s the pop of color that’s missing in your living space, you need to take this shabby chic area rug home. The distressed look on a formal Persian design lends it a Bohemian-chic flair. This free-spirited and vibrantly colored area rug can be placed in a monochromatic setting. You can also pair it with furniture in complimenting colors. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.8 Out Of 5 From 8720 Customers.

Love the colors in this rug! Matches everything and I’ve gotten a ton of compliments. Highly recommended!

4. Abstract Black and Light Grey Area Rug

Add warmth & elegance to your house with this high-quality indoor area rug. The neutral palette of grays/black/off white will work well with any décor – monochromatic or vibrant. One of the best area rugs, if you’re looking for a fade and stain-resistant rug for high traffic area. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.6 Out Of 5 From 9353 Customers.

Very nice looking rug. This is the night shot and it looks so good. In the daytime it looks brighter and fits in well with my decor and neutral style

5. Minimalist Trellis Contemporary Area Rug

With a minimal modern southwestern design, this contemporary area rug has a tufted surface. Hand-made in 100% polyester, it is one of the best area rugs for high-traffic areas. Transform your study by pairing it with a contemporary writing desk and a modern table lamp. Or transform your master bedroom by pairing it with a mid-century contemporary bed. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.6 Out Of 5 From 716 Customers.

I adore this rug. It is so soft underfoot & very well made. I have it in my closet & its a pleasure to walk barefoot on. It is a very cool & bright white but still very classy looking. The dark color in the pattern is a gradiant dark grey to very dark grey/blackish. At a quick glance it reads cool black but upon closer look you will see what I mean.

6. Indoor Outdoor Chic Area Rug

Modern Area Rugs Zahar Blue Indoor

This 100% polypropylene machine-made chic area rug is best suited for contemporary aesthetics. Being both water and fade-resistant, you can use it indoors like in the entryway, or outdoors like on the patio. The white pattern on a blue base brings sophistication to any space. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.7 Out Of 5 From 969 Customers.

Wow!! Great carpet, very plush and nice to walk on. Great value. Looks fabulous in my living room.

7. Moroccan Style Modern Area Rug

The subtle base of this Moroccan-style rug contrasts well with the tribal diamond pattern.
Giving out a feminine vibe, this accent area rug will go well with a boho themed home. And if you want to go creative, you can team it with mid-century or even farmhouse decor. The best part is that it is available in many shades for you to play with. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.7 Out Of 5 From 3215 Customers.

Gorgeous rug. Goes with my current aesthetic. Soft as well and easy to clean and vacuum.

8. Silky Faux Sheepskin Modern Area Rug

Warm your floor with this non-shedding faux sheepskin rug that is as cozy, delightful to touch, and stylish. A stain-resistant, latex-free accent rug, it is designed for daily indoor use. It comes in many solid colors that work with a wide variety of decors. Probably one of the best area rugs, that is low on maintenance and looks a million bucks! Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.6 Out Of 5 From 11015 Customers.

Very cute. Got 8ft x 10ft for my king bed. Shipping was fast, love it.

9. Soft Striped Teal & Grey Contemporary Rug

This elegant area rug has a classic color combination and is soft to the touch. The detailed pattern in a distressed look adds texture and warmth to any space. Strong polypropylene materials make it stain-resistant and long-lasting. You can use the slight worn-out look in rustic themed home decor or a monochromatic setting for a whiff of color. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.7 Out Of 5 From 602 Customers.

This is a blue and white marble colored rug that is soft to the touch With a nice backing . Quality and beauty .

10. Graphic Gray Ivory Area Rug

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This area rug from Mistana screams contemporary with its simplistic pencil sketches inspired design. The extraordinary patterns extend a unique character to this chic area rug. This soft, durable and shed resistant material makes it one of the best area rugs for high traffic areas like the entryway. Buy this Now.

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