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The Best Standing Desks under $500

Standing Desks Under 500 Ftr
These Cool Standing Desks Under $500 Have Your Back.

What makes for a great sweet spot when it comes to adjustable desks for WFH is standing desks under $500. As work from home becomes the new norm, setting up a serious home office is now a necessity.

Sitting in front of the computer for long hours can take a toll on your back without you realizing it. A height-adjustable desk will let you alternate your arrangement from sit to stand desk in a snap. While saving your back, a standing desk also plays a key role in boosting your concentration and productivity.

Standing desks primarily come in three variants – manual, pneumatic, and electric. Some adjustable standing desks also come with wheels for easy mobility.

Apart from the functional aspects, for many people, the aesthetics of a standing desk become a very important consideration. Luckily, there are some really stylish standing desks in the less than $500 range.

Our carefully picked selection of the best standing desks under $500 includes the unique variations they come in, without compromising on style. We hope that your search for that perfect standing desk under 500 dollars ends here.

Best Standing Desks under $500

1. Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

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With a spacious work surface of 48” x 30”, this Flexispot standing desk can accommodate a variety of monitors or laptops. It will provide ample room for your essential office supplies as well. A touch of a button can give you a smooth height adjustment, from 28″ to 47.6″ at a speed of 1″/sec.
This is the best standing desk under 300 dollars if you’re looking for a solid home office desk. An industrial-grade steel frame ensures stability even at the highest setting. Combine that with a solid desktop and you got a desk that can hold 154 lbs of weight.

Even if you’re looking for a standing desk under 200 dollars, Flexispot provides a couple of decent options. Flexispot also offers some of the best standing desk converters if that better suits your needs. Buy this Now.

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2. Babin Height Adjustable Standing Desk

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For less than $500, the Babin height adjustable standing desk is probably the best standing desk for home office. It works well if you need an electric adjustable desk with a decent amount of workspace. LED touch controls help you adjust the height. And a button helps you lock and unlock the setting to avoid accidents.
It comes with a storage drawer to keep your supplies hidden but close at hand for when you need them. The classic color choices of black or white make this the perfect desk for any modern home or office space. Buy this Now.

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3. Trotten Ikea Standing Desk

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The massive tabletop (63″x32″) of this manual Ikea standing desk offers you a spacious work surface. The depth of the desktop also lets you sit at a comfortable distance from your computer screen.
By just cranking the handle you can easily adjust the height of this manual sitting-to-standing desk between 27½” and 47¼”. You can mount the crank handle on the left or right side of the table. This makes it convenient for both left and right-handers. Also, the crank handle slides in under the tabletop for a clean, uncluttered look.
Attention to detail and affordability of this standing desk by Ikea makes it one of the best standing desks with a crank. If you want a compact version of this standing desk you can check this link too. Buy this Now.

4. Adjustable Standing Desk for Gaming

Best Standing Desks under 500, Electric Adjustable Standing Desk for Gaming, Stand Up Desks

One of the best standing desks for gaming, it will turn from sitting to standing desk with the touch of a button. This height-adjusting desk can let you adjust to any point between 28.6″ to 46.6″.

This gaming standing desk features LED lights for ambiance, electric height adjustment for customized settings, and cable management for keeping things tidy. It creates the perfect setup for the most enthusiastic gamers with a curved border design that minimizes arm and hand fatigue.

It will not only complete your gaming experience but can also prove to be your best bet during those long workdays. Buy this Now.

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5. Motionwise Electric Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks under 500 Dollars, Adjustable Electric Standing  Desks Amazon,

Dual synchronized motors of this height-adjustable electric standing desk let you fine-tune the height with the touch of a button.
Constructed with steel frames and high-quality fiberboard, this stand-up desk is built to last. Moreover, the unique, vacuum-sealed laminating process makes for a beautiful protective cover.
Looks aside, it has an impressive lift capability of 225 lbs. It also comes equipped with a USB port and a sliding desk drawer. Buy this Now.

6. Magellan Pneumatic Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks under 500, Adjustable Standing desks Office Depot, Pneumatic Standing Desk

This is one of the best standing desks under 500 dollars for creating a professional-looking workspace. While the steel frame provides stability, the pneumatic mechanism makes adjusting the height a breeze. Moving between 30″ and 43″, it can be adjusted at any desired height.
Scratch-resistant surface and powder-coated steel legs add to the sleek and stylish design. You can take your pick from available Espresso, Gray, and Cherry desktop color options. Buy this Now.

7. Vivo Standing Desk

Best Standing Desk under 500 Dollars, Vivo Standing Desk, Sitting to Standing Desks

The powerful motor and strong legs of this electric standing desk let you go from sitting to standing in one smooth motion.

Going from a height range of 29” to 48.8”, the simple controller also features memory presets. You can customize and save your ideal height settings using this feature.
High on the function, it does not disappoint when it comes to style and durability. With an all-steel frame and sturdy particleboard top, it is very stable and can take up to 176 lbs with ease.
With a dark walnut top and white legs, this adjustable standing desk will amp up any office or home office. Probably, one of the best standing desks under 500 that offers you all – style, ease of operation, and durability! Buy this now.

8. Standing Desk for Home Office

Best Standing Desks under 500 Dollars, Large Electric Adjustable Standing Desks

Finished in a cherry desktop with a grey metal frame, this is one of the best-looking standing desks for your home office. This desk is not only about style though. The seamless control panel lets you adjust the height from 28″ to 48″ with ease.

If you’re a big person, you’ll appreciate the massive 60″ x 30″ desktop area. This sleek adjustable standing desk from Bush Business Furniture is perfect for any setting owing to its great looks. Buy this Now.

9. Manual Sitting to Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks under 500 Dollars, Sitting to Standing Desks, Manual Standing Desk with Wheels

This is one of the best manual standing desks because of the high-speed crank-operated lift mechanism. The turn-handle crank moves the desk quickly from the lowest to the highest positions. And it can do this in seconds without the need for electric power. 
One of the best standing desks under 500 that gives you a generous 59” x 29.5” work surface. You can fit triple monitors, a full-sized keyboard, and even a table lamp in that kind of space. Buy this Now.

10. Sturdy Lever Operated Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks under $500, Sitting to Standing Desks, Height Adjustable Pneumatic Standing Desk

What’s amazing about this solid-looking modern desk is that with a press of a lever it can transform into a standing desk. It gets all its strength from two sturdy steel legs and reinforced inner legs. A high-quality laminate finish adds to the sturdiness while looking stylish.

Adjusting anywhere between 27.5″ and 44.5″, it can raise and lower up to 150 lbs. You can comfortably place a CPU, monitors, and other office accessories. One of the best standing desks if you’re looking for style and durability. Buy this Now.

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