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20 Best Standing Desks for Home Office or Workplace

The Best Standing Desks to Save Your Back and Boost Productivity.

Standing desks are a rage of late. With work from home the new norm, working long hours sitting at your home office desk has become commonplace.

Sitting long hours at the desk can lead to posture and back-related problems in the long run. The best way to address this problem early on is to switch to a height-adjustable standing desk, be it your home office or workplace.

Adjustable desks not only save your back but also help concentrate better and contribute to boosting productivity. Given these benefits of using standing desks, how do you pick the best standing desk for your needs?

It depends. An electric standing desk is the best standing desk to get for operational ease and uncluttered looks. But they do come at a cost.

For height-adjustable desks on budget, there are plenty of other solutions like standing desk converters, manual crank-operated standing desks, pneumatic standing desks, and even electric standing desks.

While the massive choice poses a challenge in picking your perfect standing desk, it’s great to have a solution at every price point. And if you want durability, affordability, and style all rolled in one adjustable desk, it can be a daunting task.

We scouted for the top-rated adjustable desks and came away with our list of the best standing desks to help you make your pick.

The Best Standing Desks for 2021

Best Standing Desk Converters

1. AlcoveRiser Desk Riser

Best Standing Desks Flexispot Alcoveriser

Got budget constraints and don’t want to invest in a standing desk? You can explore the world of standing desk converters. For instance, this Flexispot M7 desk converter can transition your existing work desk from sitting to a standing desk.

With easy one-step attachment and release, it features a single handle to adjust the desk height. This desk riser has a stable base and does not shake while transitioning from 4.7” to 19.7″ and vice versa.

It comes with a spacious keyboard tray which can also be used for a 17″ laptop. And that’s possible because of a 34.1” wide U-shaped desktop cutout over the keyboard.

At 27.6″ wide by 14.8″ deep, it is perfect for compact spaces like a small home office, kitchen counter, or a home bar. The added convenience of portability is like icing on the cake. Buy this Now.

2. VIVO Standing Desk Converter

Best Standing Desks Vivo Standing Desk Converter

Another value for money, convenient and portable option is the VIVO desk converter. With minimal assembly requirements, this black beauty is ready to go in no time at all. 

The dual pneumatic spring force allows you to go from 6.5″ to 17″ in one smooth motion on the functionality front. Moreover, going from sit to stand desk is made easy with a simple touch of a height locking mechanism.

You can arrange single and dual monitor or laptop setups on the spacious 36″ X 22″ surface. Buy this Now.

Best Manual Standing Desks

3. IKEA Standing Desk with Manual Crank

Best Standing Desks Ikea Skarsta

With great aesthetics, these manual Ikea standing desks in all-white and white-beige are pleasing to the eyes. The minutest of details have been taken care of when it comes to the design style. 

For instance, the crank handle slides in under the tabletop when not in use for a clean and uncluttered look.

Looks aside, the ergonomic design has been carefully crafted to pass on the benefit to those who spend long hours in front of the computer. 

The crank handle can easily adjust the height of the desk from 27″ to 47″ without any fuss. Moreover, the crank handle can be placed on the left or right side of the desk, making it convenient for right and left-handers alike. Buy this Now.

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4. Flexispot Manual Crank Standing Desk H1

Best Standing Desks Flexispot Crank

If you like to customize everything to your taste, this Flexispot manual crank height adjustable desk will spoil you with choices. 

To start with you can choose the color and grain finish of the laminated tabletop. From all-black to all-white you have a whole range of options like walnut, mahogany, maple, and more.

And for the frame color, you can choose from black, white, and gray whichever you feel gels with your chosen tabletop. That’s not all, you get to choose the size as well. And that too from a wide range of 42″ X 24″ to 60″X30″.  

This easy crank up and down desk that smoothly transitions from 28″ to 47.6″ has 154 lbs lifting capacity. Buy this Now.

Best Pneumatic Standing Desks

5. Compact Standing Desk in All-White

Best Standing Desks Wayfair Ergobond Compact Pneumatic

If you’re looking for a small standing desk, this compact standing desk in all white is gorgeous and affordable too. This pneumatic height-adjustable desk has a range of 29.5″ at sitting to 47″ standing.

The 32″x24″ compact desktop surface makes it an ideal standing desk for small spaces. With a weight-bearing capacity of 99lbs, this is the best sit-stand desk for a laptop or a single monitor PC. This cool adjustable desk is also available in an all-black variant. Buy this Now.

6. Sturdy Adjustable Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks, Sturdy Sitting to Standing Desk, Height Adjustable

This lever-operated and easily adjustable standing desk is a sturdy piece built to last. It gets all its strength from two sturdy steel legs and reinforced inner legs. A high-quality laminate finish adds to the sturdiness while looking stylish.

Adjusting anywhere between 27.5″ and 44.5″, it can raise and lower up to 150 lbs. And that means you can comfortably place a CPU, monitors, and other office accessories. Probably, one of the best standing desks if you’re looking for a durable standing desk. Buy this Now.

7. Modern Standing Desk for Home Office

Best Sitting to Standing Desks, Stand Up Desks, Adjustable Standing Desk

This is one of the best standing desks if you don’t want to compromise on style while looking for functionality. While the large open surface gives you ample space to work, the elegant design makes it a stylish desk to own.

This desk uses Airtouch technology that allows for uniform motion. It ensures smooth, easy, and quick adjustments as if it were floating on air. It goes from a sitting position of 26″ to a standing position of 43″ in about 1 second. A contemporary adjustable standing desk for a modern space! Buy this Now.

Best Standing Desks – Affordable (under $500)

8. Comhar Standing Desk with Drawers

Best Standing Desks Flexispot Comhar All In One

This feature-packed Comhar all-in-one standing desk is great for a home office setup. 

The robust motor enables a smooth and easy transition from 28.3″ to 47.6″ with the touch of a button. And while at it, it keeps your monitor, keyboard, and mouse at the most ergonomic levels.

We love the cool feature of 4 programmable height presets so that you don’t have to remember your ideal settings. In fact, this feature becomes even more useful when the desk is used by more than one person.

Another cool add-on is the 3 Convenient USB charging ports that have wide electronic device compatibility. This helps you to keep your devices powered all the time without the mess of entangled wires. Buy this Now.

9. Babin Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks, Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks Wayfair, Babin Belda Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The Babin height adjustable standing desk works well if you need a height-adjustable desk for a home office with a decent amount of workspace. LED touch controls on the glass top help you adjust the height. And a button helps you lock and unlock the setting to avoid accidents.

It comes with a storage drawer to keep your supplies hidden but close at hand for when you need them. The good looks and rich features make it one of the best standing desks under 500 dollars. The classic color choices of black or white make this height adjustable desk perfect for home office or workplace. Buy this Now.

Best Standing Desks – Mid-range ($500-$800)

10. Jarvis Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks, Sitting to Standing, Jarvis, Adjustable, Electric

Sustainably made from bamboo, the Jarvis standing desk is not only aesthetic but also eco-friendly. Add its high-quality adjustable frame to the mix and you get one of the best standing desks.

This electric adjustable standing desk comes with an LED programmable handset. Designed to keep you in motion, it adjusts at any position you want. It can go as low as a child sitting to as high as a 6’7″ tall person standing.

Jarvis bamboo standing desk is available in two sizes and four colors. And that means it will meet any work need and go with a variety of decor. Buy this Now.

11. Uplift Desk V2 & V2 Commercial

Best Electric Standing Desks Uplift Desk

One of the highest-rated standing desks by the respective owners, the Uplift V2 standing desk is a stable and sturdy standing desk with a plethora of options to customize. Among a massive choice in desktop finishes, you can pick from laminate, bamboo, or solid wood options.

From 42″x30″ to 80″x30″, you can choose various sizes, to fit in small spaces to large commercial spaces. The 3-stage stable frame comes in T-frame and C-frame variants with four color choices. For about $80 more you can get the V2-Commercial frame that comes with a stability support bar.

Along with a choice of grommets, control keypads, and a wireless foot switch, you get the ultimate flexibility in customizing your adjustable standing desk to your liking. Included free with every Uplift Desk is a wire management tray.

One of the highlights of this standing desk is the 4 memory presets for easy and accurate height adjustment. The anti-collision system senses any obstructions in movement and goes back to the previous setting should it get into a sticky situation. The 3-stage legs provide a higher range of motion, making this adjustable desk ideal for the tallest of persons.

One strange but interesting add-on you can choose with the 72″ or longer desk is a hammock. Yeah, you can tie the hammock under the desk in a standing position and use it for your work breaks. Take a nap, maybe?

If you’re not keen on replacing your current desk, you may consider a standing desk converter. The E7 electric standing desk converter from Uplift Desk is a robust and elegant solution that you can consider. Buy this Now.

12. Move 60 Series Height Adjustable Desk

Best Standing Desks Wayfair Bush Gray Metallic

With a laminate finish that resists scratches and stains and a metal frame, this is one of the best-looking standing desks for your home office. This desk by Bush Business Furniture is not only about style though. The electric adjustable height desk lets you adjust the height from 27″ to 46.7″ with ease.

It can go from sitting to a standing position at speed of 0.78 inches per second and that too very quietly. You can also store your favorite heights with four programmable presets. It can withhold a weight capacity of up to 200 lbs because of its welded 16 gauge steel base legs. Buy this Now.

13. Vari Electric Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks, Varidesk Standing Desk

This is one of the best standing desks for desktops as it sits on a sturdy frame with a steel stability crossbar. This makes it the most stable standing desk at any height. Also, it is large enough to accommodate many monitors, keyboards, a mouse, and more.

Its powerful but quiet motor with 3 programmable height settings lets you go from 25.5″ to 50.5″. The cool part is that you can program your Vari desk to memorize your favorite heights too. You can choose from multiple desktop finishes in wood to monotone colors including white, grey, and black. Buy this Now.

14. Branch Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks Branch Furniture Standing

Gorgeous and solidly built, this is one of the best standing desks for the money. Three-stage columns and leveling feet provide this electric standing desk exceptional stability while the choice of a woodgrain, white, and walnut desktops finish it off in style.

With a lift capacity of 275 pounds and a lift range of 25″ to 52″, this is a great standing desk even for a tall person. The Branch standing desk comes in two desktop sizes 48″x30″ and 60″x30″. Dual low-decibel motors ensure a smooth, quiet raise. Buy this Now.

15. ACTIV-Pro Sit to Stand Desk

Best Standing Desks Steelcase Activ Pro

Another solid height-adjustable desk, this one from Steelcase provides ultimate flexibility in customization. You can customize literally every part of the standing desk to suit your needs and taste. 

Depending on your max height requirement, you can opt for 2-stage or 3-stage legs with a T-shape or C-shape foot. Finally, you can pick from 4 colors (black, white, and 2 shades of gray) for the base finish.

For the desktop, you can choose from 6 different sizes (48″, 54″ and 60″ with a depth of 24″ or 30″) and 4 different laminates (White, Maple, Teak, and Walnut). Buy this Now.

Best Standing Desks – Premium (over $800)

16. Floyd Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks Floyd Standing Desk

When you combine the obsessively engineered programmable Jarvis Frame from Fully and Floyd’s real birch ply table surface, you get a gorgeous standing desk that will stand the test of time. 

The spacious desktop comes in a single size of 54″x26″ in birch, walnut, and fog finishes. The 3-stage Jarvis frame comes in 2 color variants (black, white) and offers a height range of 25.6″ to 51″. This adjustable desk has a lift capacity of 350 lbs. Buy this Now.

17. Sway Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks, Adjustable Standing Desks, Sitting to Standing Desks

Made from the finest wood like birch, maple, and walnut, the surface of this stylish writing desk is handmade. Its dual motors allow you to adjust its height from 22.7″ to 48.7″ with a simple touch and that too silently.

The stability and fluidity of movement of this sit-stand desk will surprise you. Team it with an elegant area rug and a modern table lamp to transform your home office.

If you’re looking for a contemporary looking adjustable standing desk, you can also check out the Shift Desk by Ergonofis. Available in modern colors, the Shift Desk offers a soft touch, antimicrobial work surface. Buy this Now.

18. Sequel Tempered Glass Electric Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks for Work, Electric, Sitting to Standing, Sequel Standing Desk with Lift

This glass-top adjustable standing desk is one of the best standing desks for your office as it’s both durable and stylish. It has a tempered glass top to protect it from scratches and even fingerprints.

The best feature of this standing desk is the programmable keyboard. It makes it quick and easy to customize the desk height. A convenient wire management ledge ensures that your desk looks neat at all times. Buy this Now.

Best L-Shaped Standing Desks

19. Electric Adjustable Corner Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks, Corner Standing Desk, Electric, Adjustable, L-Shaped Desk

The best standing desk for your office, this L-shaped desk gives you more space than other standing desks. You can easily adjust the height when you want to work standing.

It gives you ample space to hold your important documents in the legal-size file drawer. The utility drawers can hold your other work essentials. Buy this Now.

20. Space Saving Smartdesk Corner Standing Desk

Best Standing Desks Autonomous Smartdesk

Looking to optimize the home office space with a corner desk for two? Look no further! Make the most of your workspace with this cutting-edge, L-shaped corner standing desk.

You can double your home office space with this minimalist standing desk with a great modular design. It lets you mix and match the longer and shorter pieces to fit your office space.

The high-performance built-in triple electric motors system will silently adjust the height of this desk from 29.4″ to 48″. Moreover, the cool 4 programmable settings feature will let you save your preferred height setting.

Built to last, it is made from heavy-duty MDF wood and a rust-resistant solid steel frame. Buy this Now.

Best Standing Desks – FAQs

  1. What is a standing desk?

    A standing desk (aka sit-stand desk, sit-to-stand desk, stand-up desk) is a height-adjustable desk that helps you work while sitting as well as standing. The standing desk has a built-in mechanism to easily raise or lower the height of your desk to an appropriate height while sitting or standing.

  2. Why do you need a standing desk?

    Let's face it. Our jobs today are nothing like the jobs of the past. Quite a few jobs today can be accomplished without having to even step away from your desk.

    While that may be a boon in many aspects, it also has its downsides. Sitting for long hours at your desk means a sedentary lifestyle that can have harmful effects on your back and overall wellbeing. 

    Prolonged sitting over time can weaken your back muscles, contract the abs and impact your posture. It may also lead to painful conditions such as Piriformis Syndrome (aka Sciatica) and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.

    A good balance of sitting and standing in the range of 1:1 and 1:3 will ensure that you don't run into those painful conditions. Alternating between sitting and standing has been proven to offer many benefits such as weight loss, improved concentration, and productivity.

  3. What should you look for when buying the best standing desk?

    Besides the obvious looks and adjustability, there are a few other factors that need to be considered when picking the best standing desk.

    – Ease of Operation: Whether it's a manual standing desk or an electric standing desk, it's important that raising and lowering should be effortless. You should be able to operate the standing desk with ease, given that you may have to use this operation a few times during your workday.

    – Ergonomics: Proper ergonomics require that you're at an arm's length from the screen and the keyboard shelf at a 90-degree angle. So the ability to adjust the position of the screen and the keyboard position to the perfect adjustment is highly desirable. You may consider investing in a good monitor arm to achieve an ergonomically perfect configuration.

    – Operational Space: It's desirable that the desktop has space to accommodate a large monitor or dual monitors besides some space for a mug and a notebook. You also want to make sure that the desktop surface offers ample space to accommodate a large keyboard and a mouse comfortably.

    – Adjustable Range: If you're up to 6-feet tall, most standing desks should be able to serve your purpose. However, if you're taller than 6-feet, the height to which you can raise the standing desk becomes a crucial consideration. If you're very tall, you may consider picking up a standing desk with 3-stage legs for those extra few inches you may need to raise.

    – Noise: You don't want to be scared or scare the people in the room with weird noises each time you raise or lower your desk. A noiseless and smooth operation can offer its own bit of peace of mind.

  4. Who makes the best standing desks?

    If you're looking for affordable standing desks, IKEA, Flexispot, and VIVO among many others offer a plethora of options. In the mid-range, you have some of the most highly-rated and popular standing desk makers like Fully, Vari, Uplift Desk, and Branch Furniture. Floyd, BDI, and Ergonofis from Canada offer the ultimate quality standing desk, but of course at a premium.

  5. Are standing desks worth it?

    If you want to make a positive change to your work environment, the standing desk is the first thing you want to start with. While a full standing desk is recommended, a standing desk converter can be a great start on a budget.

    If you're not balancing sitting and standing while working at your desk, in the long run, you're bound to run into back-related issues at the least. Regular exercises such as Yoga, Calisthenics, or at the least, exercising your core muscles, abs, hamstrings, and quads can help counter the bad effects of sitting for long hours. If you're not one of those with the discipline to do daily exercises, getting a height-adjustable standing desk is highly recommended.

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