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Best Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables with Storage

Mid Century Coffee Tables With Storage Ftr
10 Best Mid-century Coffee Tables with Storage that are as much about Function as Style.

Functionality is at the core of Mid-century design and the mid-century modern coffee tables with storage fit in perfectly. With clean lines and minimal accents, these functional pieces sport open or hidden shelves, drawers, or cabinets for extra space.

Featuring unique MCM design elements like tapered or hairpin legs and simple silhouettes, they also add elegance to any space. 

Mid Century Modern Coffee tables with Storage come in various sizes. It’s essential to know the size of your room so you can choose a coffee table that will fit based on scale.

But then searching for the right coffee table for your living room can be a daunting task. This can be especially true if you’re going for a particular look, like those associated with the mid-century modern style.

Check out our list of the 10 best mid-century modern coffee tables with storage to help you choose one that meets your aesthetic and functional needs.

Best Mid-century Coffee Tables with Storage

1. Mopio Ensley Modern Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Coffee Table With Storage, Amazon Mopio Ensley Coffee Table

Style and function come together perfectly in the Mopio Ensley coffee table. The beautiful design of this mid-century table incorporates four compartments for storage. The dual-sided design allows you to store items on both sides of the table making them easily accessible.

Safer for use in homes with small children, the curved edges of the table look stylish too. The signature mid-century modern tapered legs besides adding to the high-end look, also make it a sturdy piece. The slatted sliding doors add to the uniqueness of this mid-century modern coffee table. Buy this Now.

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2. West Elm Mid-Century Storage Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables With Storage West Elm

With a large open shelf and drawers, this stylish coffee table has plenty of storage for decorative items and necessities. The table is available in an acorn-colored finish with an acacia wood veneer.

The simple lines and clean design of this coffee table make it a versatile piece for any mid-century modern styled room. It’s constructed of kiln-dried solid acacia wood and engineered wood, with solid legs made of eucalyptus for an environmentally friendly and durable design. Buy this Now.

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3. Kitzmiller Lift-Top Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables With Storage Wayfair Kitzmiller Lift
Image Courtesy: wayfair

If you’re looking for a versatile coffee table, you’ll appreciate this lift-top table from WroughtStudio.  The lift-up tabletop of this coffee table gives you access to large storage space inside.

Once lifted up the tabletop locks at three different positions. So whether you want to work on your laptop or you want to hold your drinks while you watch TV, this one’s got you covered.

Made of MDF with a melamine laminate finish, it is available in three colors: walnut, heathered oak, and white. Because of its neutral finish, it will gel with any color palette. Founded atop four splayed metal legs with a polished chrome finish, this one is a stunningly stylish piece. Buy this Now.

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4. Scan 43″ Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables With Storage Kardiel Scan 43

An amalgamation of mid-century modern and Scandinavian designs, this coffee table is a statement piece. The tabletop flows into the curved edge seamlessly creating a wave-like structure. A trendy addition to your home, this one has been sculpted with a single piece of natural bentwood. 

This sturdy table is constructed of heat and pressure molded plywood. The natural wood finish makes the table easy to clean and maintain. 5 coats UV Cured polyurethane finish, gives it a sheen that resists wear & scratches.

In two available finishes, walnut and natural oak, you can pick the one that suits your home decor. An apt mix of Scandi and mid-century modern sensibilities gives it an instant warm yet contemporary appeal. Buy this Now.

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5. Edward Square Mid-century Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables With Storage 2Modern Edward Square

Minimalist yet gorgeous. This is how we would like to describe this mid-century modern coffee table with storage. With a perfectly square silhouette, it will fit right into any small or large space. Its versatility goes a few notches up as it comes with two L-clips to attach the table to the sofa.

Fashioned from American black walnut, it features lacquered drawers for convenient storage.  The two large drawers within this table provide plenty of storage. They have durable hinges and are made to be pulled out with very little effort.

Available in a range of wood finishes for the table and several lacquer colors for the drawers, you are spoilt for choice here. Add to that the option to choose from two different sizes. Buy this Now.

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6. Arc Swivel Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables With Storage Dwr Arc Swivel

Designed by Julie Begtrup and Ditte Vad, this petite round table is both functional and stylish. The unique swivel top of this table allows you to store items out of sight and reach them easily by swiveling the lid open. The 3 slender legs provide sturdiness and a minimalistic look.

A circular coffee table like this one is ideal for smaller rooms. Available in oak or walnut, this table has no sharp edges, which makes it a great option for homes with small children. Buy this Now.

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7. Burrow Bento Box Carta Coffee Table

Burrow Carta Japanese Bento Box Design Mid Century Modern Coffee Table

Inspired by the compartmentalized Japanese bento serving set, this is for you if you like things organized. The interior area of this table has a bento box design with compartments to keep smaller items in their place and easy to reach. 

Three removable and rearrangeable trays comprise the tabletop. Adding to the functionality aspect of the table, these trays can be put to multiple uses too. For instance, you can use them on the sofa or ottoman to hold drinks, plates, or laptops. 

However, this mid-century modern coffee table with storage is not all about functionality. With the minimalist MCM design and hairpin legs in powder-coated steel, it excels in the style department too. Buy this Now.

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8. Telles Mid-century Coffee Table with Storage

Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables With Storage Wayfair Telles

If you’re on a budget, the Telles coffee table may be the perfect option for your mid-century modern room. It has open storage on both ends with a double L-shaped divider in the center.

The lightweight and simple design make this coffee table quick and easy to put together. It’s made of manufactured wood with 4 sturdy metal legs. The compact size makes it a good option for smaller rooms. Buy this Now.

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9. Round Mid-Century Storage Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables With Storage West Elm Art Around

This beautiful round coffee table is available in 34″ diameter or a 42″ diameter. You can also choose from two different finishes. The glass top and shelf underneath give you plenty of space to store and display things.

A round table like this one works well in smaller rooms. The clean lines and beautiful finishes can add an element of interest to any mid-century modern room. Plus, the glass top is easy to clean. Buy this Now.

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10. Atisha Solid Wood Coffee Table with Storage

Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables With Storage Wayfair Atisha

If you’re looking for a coffee table that has extra storage, the Atisha solid wood table is an excellent choice. The table is made of walnut with steel legs to add style to the piece. Underneath the main tabletop, there are two partially enclosed shelves with wooden bars lending this piece its unique character.

This oval-shaped coffee table with storage is sturdy and weighs 57 pounds. The 47″ length and 20″ width mean that it can work well in most rooms, no matter the size. It comes in brown or natural finishes. Buy this Now.

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Coffee Tables 101

Coffee Tables: Significance

When you think of a coffee table, the utility may be the first thing that comes to mind. A place to store things like books and remote controls, and serving refreshments. But a coffee table is much more than that.

An important accessory to the living room setup, a coffee table helps the seating area come together, lend coziness and character. It can be a great balancer be it for structure, aesthetics, or utility.

The availability and use of various materials in making the coffee tables offer a wide choice no matter what look you’re going for. From Boho to Mid-century, Contemporary to Industrial, you’re spoilt for choice today.

Coffee Tables: Features, Types, and Use

While the most popular being wooden coffee tables, today you can find coffee tables made of metals, driftwood, stone, concrete, and a variety of other materials. In the utility department, coffee tables with storage, coffee table sets, and nesting tables are great options to consider should you have a specific need.

Types of Coffee Tables 

Mid-Century Coffee Tables:

A style rather popular today originating in the 1950s and 1960s, these coffee tables have clean, simple lines and fuss-free designs. More often than usual, the beauty of this furniture lies in its simplicity where the design is such that it lets the natural charm of the wood take over.

Parsons Coffee Table:

With four thick square legs and a flat square or rectangular top, this variety, again, is simple yet stunning. A style developed in the 1930s, this coffee table is typically simple and has plenty of room for the upholstery to do its magic.

Contemporary Coffee Tables:

True to the name, these tables have designs that are modern minimalistic appealing to the younger generation. Glass tops and metal bases are some of the key features of this kind.

Industrial Coffee Tables:

Metal and Wood come together in textured finishes to lend a sturdy industrial feel to the coffee table. These coffee tables can go well even in a contemporary setting to add contrast and break the monotony.

Farmhouse Coffee Tables:

Also known as country coffee tables, these tables have straight lines in a distressed finish, oftentimes with rustic metallic accents.

Coffee Tables FAQs 

What to look for when buying a coffee table


Take charge of the space you’re decorating. An ideal coffee table should be between 14-18 inches from any seating (sofas/couches/chairs). If you have more space, limit the distance to 24 inches. Once you have an idea of the area that you want to decorate, you will be able to decide what size of coffee table you should buy. For very large living rooms, you can also consider using two coffee tables next to each other.


Depending on the space available, you may have to pick from the square, oval, round, or even rectangular coffee table surfaces. If you have a closed-off space, square or rectangular works perfectly. If your living room is a pass-through (which means you’ll be frequently walking around the room) then the round one works best.
If most of your furniture is square, a round coffee table adds balance. If you have rounded furniture (like curvy chair/sofa arms) a square coffee table would work better. 

Overall aesthetic: 

A coffee table is an accessory that brings balance to the final look of the room. It’s all about bringing something new to the space – so make sure that the finish on the coffee table is not the same as other furniture in the room.

How to take care of your coffee table?

  1. Dust regularly with a lint-free cloth. 
  2. Wash it with a wet cloth once a month. Soak the cloth in a bowl of warm water & 1 tbsp vinegar.
  3. Polish the coffee table twice a year. If you don’t wish to use hard wax, combine one part lemon juice with three parts olive oil, dab a little bit onto a soft lint-free cloth, and wipe the surface of the coffee table. 
  4. Use coasters to avoid water rings. In the case of water rings, use a lint-free cloth to gently wipe the spot. Massage in oil soap or petroleum jelly to remove the stain completely.

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