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10 Best Round Wooden Coffee Tables for Living Room

Best Round Wooden Coffee Tables
10 Ways to Add a Touch of Cozy to Your Living Room.

One of the furniture pieces that can cozy up your living room is a wooden coffee table. And if it’s a round wooden coffee table, it further helps in saving space and getting people together around the table.

They are safer for the kids and the pets in the house considering they have no sharp edges. They also work well with most seating arrangements and add style to the decor. From contemporary to the rustic, farmhouse to mid-century, you can find one to match your taste.

We’ve hand-picked 10 unique round wooden coffee tables for some living room decor inspiration. So the next time you wanna cozy up your living room, one of these round wooden coffee tables may be just what you need.

Best Round Wood Coffee Tables for Living Room

1. Contemporary Round Wood Coffee Table

Best Round Wooden Coffee Tables Wayfair Bernhardt Drum

Placed on top of a metal base with a gold finish, this table has a sturdy, contemporary look that stands out. The top part in warm taupe contrasts well with the base of this statement round wood coffee table. A perfect addition to a contemporary home! Buy this Now.

2. Round Wood Coffee Table with Storage

Round Wooden Coffee Tables Wayfair Red Barrel Wide Tufted

This ottoman round wood coffee table with a storage shelf is so well-designed that we had to pick it for our selection.

The shelf and the space underneath the upholstered lid offer plenty of space to store things like books, blankets, remotes, and more. This casual ottoman coffee table is available in two colors, grey and chocolate. Buy this Now.

3. Retro Round Wooden Coffee Table Set

Round Wooden Coffee Tables, Coffee Table Set

What makes this retro-style coffee table special is that it is a coffee table set. The round surfaces, one smaller than the other are supported by black legs made of metal.

Besides using it as an extra table, the smaller table can also be used as a small chair to sit on. When not in use, you can push the smaller table under the bigger one and save space. Buy this Now.

4. Round Dark Wood Coffee Table

Round Wooden Coffee Tables, Dark Round Wooden Coffee Table

This dark round wood coffee table with a hand-applied multi-step finish has elements of modern design. The broad tail pin legs, however, lend it the mid-century modern vibe.

The multiple legs give it the additional support too. Made of steel frame and a solid maple hardwood top, this is one sturdy coffee table you’ll be proud to own. Buy this Now.

5. Mid Century Round Wooden Coffee Table

Best Round Wooden Coffee Tables Wayfair Corrigan Giovani

This classy and small round wooden coffee table sports a lovely two-tone wood and metal design. Sitting on top of burnished gold metal legs this coffee table is an eclectic mix of old and new. The wooden top finished in a warm walnut brown complements the metal trims and legs.

This can qualify as a mid-century coffee table which can go well with a contemporary setting as well. Buy this Now.

6. Round Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Best Round Wood Coffee Tables, Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Table

Modern and grounded, this coffee table features narrow slats that wrap around the curved base. Sanded down and stained to a rich tobacco shade, it shows off the natural grain for a stunning finish.

The modern design of this round wood coffee table lets it gel with any style of furniture with ease. Buy this Now.

7. Bohemian Rattan Round Coffee Table

Best Round Wooden Coffee Tables, Bohemian Round Wooden Coffee Table with Storage

Perfect for a chic boho home, this woven drum-shaped coffee table has a modern appeal. Add more character to a boho-themed home by teaming it with interesting boho wall accents or other boho furniture. Available in summer gray and brown options, these can also look good in a transitional or modern home. Buy this Now.

8. Japandi Minimalist Coffee Table

Best Round Wooden Coffee Tables Allmodern Dark Brown

If you love the minimalism of Japanese and Scandinavian design, then you must be itching to explore the Japadi trend. This round coffee table is a perfect place to start. With a curved table top on a drum base this is a simplistic yet classy coffee table. Available in natural and dark brown finishes, this will stand out in a minimalist setting. Buy this Now.

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9. GLASS Driftwood round Coffee Table

Best Round Wood Coffee Tables, Cindi Driftwood Round Wooden Glass Coffee Table

The wooden base of this table is what makes it one of our top picks. It is a collection of driftwood pieces put together giving it this rugged natural look that we so love.

The tabletop of this unique table is made of tempered glass and is scratch resistant. Bring this round wooden glass coffee table home to add that coastal feel to your room. Buy this Now.

10. Farmhouse Round Wooden Coffee Table

Best Wooden Round Coffee Tables, Coffee Tables with Storage, Farmhouse Wooden Coffee Tables

You’ll love the antique feel of this rustic wood coffee table from Wayfair. With an antique white finish on the base, brown/gray finish on the top, and vintage knobs, it can bring the old world charm to a modern space.

With a spacious drawer and a bottom shelf, this round wooden coffee table with storage is a real space saver. What’s more? Moving it around is also a breeze with the attached wheels. Buy this Now.

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Coffee Tables 101

Coffee Tables: Significance

When you think of a coffee table, the utility may be the first thing that comes to mind. A place to store things like books and remote controls, and serving refreshments. But a coffee table is much more than that.

An important accessory to the living room setup, a coffee table helps the seating area come together, lend coziness and character. It can be a great balancer be it for structure, aesthetics, or utility.

The availability and use of various materials in making the coffee tables offer a wide choice no matter what look you’re going for. From Boho to Mid-century, Contemporary to Industrial, you’re spoilt for choice today.

Coffee Tables: Features, Types, and Use

While the most popular being wooden coffee tables, today you can find coffee tables made of metals, driftwood, stone, concrete, and a variety of other materials. In the utility department, coffee tables with storage, coffee table sets, and nesting tables are great options to consider should you have a specific need.

Types of Coffee Tables 

Mid-Century Coffee Tables:

A style rather popular today originating in the 1950s and 1960s, these coffee tables have clean, simple lines and fuss-free designs. More often than usual, the beauty of this furniture lies in its simplicity where the design is such that it lets the natural charm of the wood take over.

Parsons Coffee Table:

With four thick square legs and a flat square or rectangular top, this variety, again, is simple yet stunning. A style developed in the 1930s, this coffee table is typically simple and has plenty of room for the upholstery to do its magic.

Contemporary Coffee Tables:

True to the name, these tables have designs that are modern minimalistic appealing to the younger generation. Glass tops and metal bases are some of the key features of this kind.

Industrial Coffee Tables:

Metal and Wood come together in textured finishes to lend a sturdy industrial feel to the coffee table. These coffee tables can go well even in a contemporary setting to add contrast and break the monotony.

Farmhouse Coffee Tables:

Also known as country coffee tables, these tables have straight lines in a distressed finish, oftentimes with rustic metallic accents.

Coffee Tables FAQs 

What to look for when buying a coffee table


Take charge of the space you’re decorating. An ideal coffee table should be between 14-18 inches from any seating (sofas/couches/chairs). If you have more space, limit the distance to 24 inches. Once you have an idea of the area that you want to decorate, you will be able to decide what size of coffee table you should buy. For very large living rooms, you can also consider using two coffee tables next to each other.


Depending on the space available, you may have to pick from the square, oval, round, or even rectangular coffee table surfaces. If you have a closed-off space, square or rectangular works perfectly. If your living room is a pass-through (which means you’ll be frequently walking around the room) then the round one works best.
If most of your furniture is square, a round coffee table adds balance. If you have rounded furniture (like curvy chair/sofa arms) a square coffee table would work better. 

Overall aesthetic: 

A coffee table is an accessory that brings balance to the final look of the room. It’s all about bringing something new to the space – so make sure that the finish on the coffee table is not the same as other furniture in the room.

How to take care of your coffee table?

  1. Dust regularly with a lint-free cloth. 
  2. Wash it with a wet cloth once a month. Soak the cloth in a bowl of warm water & 1 tbsp vinegar.
  3. Polish the coffee table twice a year. If you don’t wish to use hard wax, combine one part lemon juice with three parts olive oil, dab a little bit onto a soft lint-free cloth, and wipe the surface of the coffee table. 
  4. Use coasters to avoid water rings. In the case of water rings, use a lint-free cloth to gently wipe the spot. Massage in oil soap or petroleum jelly to remove the stain completely. 
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