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Stylish Platform Beds with Storage We’re Loving Right Now

Platform Bed with Storage, Storage Platform Beds, Modern Platform Beds with Drawers
We can all use some extra space. These Storage Platform Beds might just be what you need.

A storage platform bed is a great idea when you’re constrained for space in your bedroom. While modern platform beds are slowly replacing the box spring setup, the storage versions are taking convenience a step further.

For instance, you can pull out a warm blanket from the drawer of your bed on a cold night without getting out of the bed. Such conveniences sometimes are lifesavers.

But platform beds with storage drawers are not all about convenience alone. Besides the utility, they also offer great comfort and style. From minimalist to mid-century, contemporary to farmhouse, you can find one that suits your style.

Here are 10 of the best platform beds with storage that will inspire your next bedroom makeover.

Best Platform Beds with Storage

1. Chehalis Platform Bed

Best Platform Beds with Storage, Modern Farmhouse Storage Bed

What we love about this platform bed is the rustic feel that it exudes. With two spacious drawers in French dovetail construction, this bed is elegant too.

Additionally, the utility that comes with it makes it one of the best storage beds. This platform bed with storage and headboard is great for bedtime reading or watching TV. While the drawers of this bed are spacious, the attached headboard is solid.

With a manufactured wood make, this storage platform bed is in two sizes – king and queen. Also, you can choose from an array of colors – Black, White, Green, Red, Grey, and Oak. Buy this Now.

2. Distressed Platform Storage Bed

Best Storage Beds, white platform beds with storage

This traditional yet stylish platform bed is crafted from solid manufactured wood and carries a distressed look. The lightly wire-brushed finish on the birch veneer blends with the style of the bed. You’ll find that the color complements most decorating styles and adds a serene feel to the room.

With a durable frame and 2 spacious drawers, this is one of the best platform beds with storage. Buy this Now.

3. Blu Dot Lid Full Platform Bed

Blu Dot Lid Full Platform Bed with Storage, beds with storage underneath

If you’re looking for a platform bed with storage that does not look like a storage bed, this one from Wayfair is for you. This is an all-out modern platform bed. Aesthetics apart, a piston-driven mechanism lifts the entire mattress to reveal the storage space.

The lining of the storage compartment keeps the dust off your stored items. It comes in three sizes – Full, Queen, and King. Buy this Now.

4. Sarter Platform Bed with Storage

Tufted Fabric Storage Platform Bed with Drawers, platform bed with storage and headboard

This rubberwood-made, classy platform bed has a drawer on each side of the bed. The grey fabric upholstery and the grid tufted headboard stand out in a minimalist way.

Blending this masterpiece with the rest of the decor in your room should be fairly simple, given its minimalist feel. This sturdy bed is affordable, user-friendly, and durable. Available in King and Queen sizes. Buy this Now.

5. Rustic Platform Bed with Storage

Best Platform Beds with Storage, Rustic Platform Bed with Storage

Finished in an Espresso Pine finish with little distressed details gives this bed has a rustic feel. The weathered look of this bed is achieved by treating the naturally rough-hewn surface to accentuate the wood grain. Unique bullnose edging is then used to soften the surface.

The blend of the rustic surface with clean lines makes this platform bed a flawless fit for any bedroom. A platform bed with storage underneath, this bed is an urban, on-trend buy. Buy it in Full, Queen, California King, or King size. Buy this Now.

6. Modu-licious Platform Bed with Drawers

Best Platform Beds with Storage, Wood Storage Platform Bed with Drawers

A simple bed that is made elegant with its tailored design, this bed is a perfect combo of comfort and storage. The classic maple/white and white/walnut colors accentuate the sleek wooden frame.

What we like about this modern bed frame are its adjustable feet for leveling and its 6 full extension drawers. Though it comes only in the queen size, the style and functionality it provides, make up for it. Buy this Now.

7. Morrilton Upholstered Storage Platform Bed

Best Platform Bed Storage Wayfair three Posts Morrilton, queen platform bed with storage

This grey chic platform bed will make the aesthetics of your room shoot right through the roof. With a dapper finish and a padded headboard, it is the perfect combination of style and comfort.

The 4 drawer feature appends functionality to this combination. Team it with an area rug and a side table lamp to further enhance its stylish appeal. Buy this Now.

8. Vintage White Platform Bed with Storage

Best Platform Beds with Storage, Classic White Storage Platform Bed, Vintage Platform Bed

This storage platform bed gives a vintage feel because of its classic white color. Its manufactured wood make and the sturdy headboard reminds us of our grand mom’s bed.

Simple in design and classic in its look, you can never go wrong with a bed like this. Two drawers towards the footboard make it as functional as it is elegant. If you want more synced in storage space, pairing it with a vintage-style cabinet will be a good idea. Buy this Now.

9. Mizuno Upholstered Platform Bed

beds with storage underneath, best storage beds, best platform beds

This 100% polyester upholstered platform bed delivers high value while giving a contemporary look. In other words, a cheap platform bed that gives bang for your buck. Moreover, the practicality of four drawers is perfect for storing those occasional items.

It has a subtle and refined feel which is accentuated by the grid-tufting on the headboard and footboard. Distinguished by simple and elegant design, this platform bed can mix and match any decor. It is available in king and queen sizes and comes in dark blue and grey colors. Buy this Now.

10. Nitta Solid Wood Platform Bed

Best Platform Beds with Storage, Solid Wood Modern Platform Bed With Drawers

This modern platform bed with storage is for those who like all things fashionable. Made from solid wood, the stacked “Railroad Tie” design gives it a unique character.

The slats of this modern platform bed can accommodate a fitting mattress of your choice. You can lay on top of it a memory foam mattress with or without the box spring. And the spacious drawers are perfect for storing clean linens, warm clothes, towels, and more. Also, check out Nitta Platform Configurable Bedroom Set with matching chests for a complete bedroom makeover. Buy this Now.

Platform Beds with Storage : 101

Platform Beds: Significance

Your bedroom is a place to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. So a little bit of inspiration goes a long way in achieving that goal. A platform bed delivers both in function and style no matter the setup you have in mind.

Mattress technology has been evolving over the years. Manufacturers are incorporating more layers of coils, foams, latexes, and natural fillings to achieve the perfect blend of comfort and longevity.

What makes platform beds the most popular choice of beds is that they are suitable for almost all kinds of mattresses. These beds and their solid or slatted surfaces provide the right amount of support required for any mattress you want to pick.

Add to that the variety of styles in which you can choose a platform bed, making it the best choice to achieve any desired look.

Platform Beds: Features, Types, and Use

Typically most platform beds are made of wood and come in Single, Queen, and King sizes. Some platform beds may even feature upholstered finish, storage drawers, headboards, and side shelves.

Whether you’re looking for a mid-century bed or a storage bed, you’re spoilt for choice today. Following are some of the various types of beds you can choose from.

1. Panel Beds:

A panel bed features a flat panel headboard and sometimes even a matching flat panel footboard. These beds lend a minimalistic modern look to the setup.

2. Wingback Beds:

A wingback bed features a headboard that curves into side panels on either side. While this may seem like a simple headboard variation, it lends a luxury feel to the setup.

3. Sleight Beds:

Similar to an old-fashioned sleigh, a sleigh bed features an outward-arching headboard and footboard. These headboards and footboards can come in minimalistic to ornate finishes, such as a button-tufted upholstered finish. These beds are ideal if you’re looking to add some drama to the bedroom setup.

4. Slat Beds:

A slat bed features a headboard and footboard made of vertical or horizontal slats/rails. While a wooden slat bed can look clean and modern, the same bed in metal lends it a vintage or a farmhouse feel.

5. Storage Beds:

A storage bed offers under-bed storage, usually in the form of deep and wide drawers. Some beds also feature storage in the headboard. These beds are perfect for small bedrooms where storage space is a constraint.

6. Four Poster Beds:

A four-poster bed is characterized by the decorative posts that rise up from each corner of the bed frame. These posts can vary in height, some protruding just a little above the mattress while others can go as high as 6 ft.

7. Canopy Beds:

A canopy bed features tall posts rising from each corner of the bed that are joined by crossbeams at the top. The canopy beds look the best in bedrooms with tall ceilings.

What to look for when buying a platform bed?

The basic feature of a platform bed is that it is ready to use, as a mattress may be placed directly on it without the need for additional foundation. However, if you’re placing a mattress foundation on a platform bed to increase your bed’s height, be mindful of available space. A platform bed with a headboard may not leave enough room for a tall mattress with a foundation.

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting bed, be sure to pick a platform bed that is made of solid wood such as oak, maple, walnut, or mahogany.

Also, if you suffer from joint pains or arthritis, be sure to pick a platform bed that’s an ideal height for you to easily get in and out of the bed.

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