Best Mid Century Oval Coffee Tables for Living Room

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Mid-century modern furniture has a distinct style that makes it very popular. Many options are available when you’re shopping for a mid-century modern coffee table. Oval-shaped coffee tables are popular due to their look and functionality. It’s always important to consider the size of a coffee table as well as the aesthetics when you’re shopping.

A stylish oval coffee table in the mid-century modern style can also be a functional piece of furniture that adds beauty to your space. Consider the following list of the 10 best mid-century modern oval coffee tables. This list was compiled using consumer reviews, product information from the manufacturer, and other information.

Best Mid-century Oval Coffee Tables

1. Lippa Mid-Century Oval Coffee Table

Faux Marble Top Mid Century Modern Coffee Table Amazon Modway Lippa

If you’re looking for an oval mid-century coffee table for a contemporary setting, the Modway Lippa coffee table can fit right in. The chemistry between the faux marble top and the gold base adds an element of luxury. For lovers of a neutral color palette, this coffee table also comes in white and wood tones. 

The chip-resistant finish will look stylish for years of use. Also, it makes the table easy to clean. The wide table base keeps it balanced on any type of flooring. Since it comes in several size options you can incorporate it into small rooms or large spaces. Buy this Now.

2. Griffiths Oval Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Oval Coffee Table Wayfair Griffiths

This is a beautiful mid-century modern oval coffee table from Brayden Studio with simple lines and a stylish finish. The sunburst design on top of the table along with the bead accents on the bottom edge add elements of interest making the table truly unique.

The natural wood grain coloring gives this table an authentic look. It has a thick top and thick bottom shelf made of solid manufactured wood for sturdiness. Buy this Now.

3. The Floyd Coffee Table

Small Mid Century Modern Coffee Table Floyd

Inspired by mid-century aesthetics, this low-profile oval coffee table is sleek. The Floyd coffee table is small in size which makes it perfect for use in a smaller space. It’s lightweight with a slim profile which means it won’t overpower a small room.

A polyurethane finish protects the tabletop surface giving it a timeless look. And that also makes it easy to clean. Wobble-free steel legs with a powder coat finish attach in seconds to a surface large enough to hold everything you need within your reach.

You can choose between two available surface finishes in birch and walnut with two color options of white and black legs. Buy this Now.

4. Solana Mid-century Oval Coffee Table

All Wood Sculpted Mid Century Modern Coffee Table All Modern Solana

This all-wood sculpted oval coffee table merges traditional mid-century style with the relaxed mood of the 1970s.
The tabletop’s organic curves atop geometric legs produce a charming contrast. And it is elegantly balanced by the warmth of the smooth wood grain. Seamless wedged tenon joints in the top and finger joint details in the legs lend it added sophistication.

Each table has a unique grain pattern and coloration, imparting every table a distinct design. Buy this Now.

5. Gweneth Oval Coffee Table

Raised Rim Oval Coffee Table Luluandgeorgia Gweneth

The Gweneth oval coffee table from Lulu and Georgia is a statement piece. A raised rim of the wood grain finished tabletop makes it both unique and functional. 

The asymmetrical black steel legs add an industrial element to the overall look of the table. It is this amalgamation of two different styles that makes this stunning oval coffee table stand out. Buy this Now.

6. G-Plan 48″ Coffee Table

Mid Century Modern Oval Coffee Table Kardiel G Plan 48

The combination of wood and glass in the Kardiel G-Plan coffee table makes for a versatile piece that can be incorporated with other furniture styles. This 48″ coffee table is ideal for use in small, medium, or larger-sized rooms. It weighs just under 55 pounds.

With a tempered glass top, this coffee table is easy to wipe clean of spills or smudges. It has curved lines which make it aesthetically pleasing. The five coats of polyurethane on the wood finish make it durable and designed to last. Buy this Now.

7. Moment Mid-century Oval Coffee Table

Oval Coffee Table 2modern Huppe Moment

With several finishes to choose from, the Huppe Moment coffee table gives you options. You can pick from light natural walnut, natural walnut, smoky walnut, blackened walnut, and tobacco walnut finishes. All options have a durable finishing coat for protection.

Built to last, this oval coffee table features a slim and sturdy silhouette. It’s easy to assemble and is made of quality materials, including QS walnut. It is not only durable over time but also holds up to everyday use as a functional piece of furniture. Buy this Now.

8. Serif Coffee Table

Large Oval Coffee Table with shelf Burrow Serif

The Serif coffee table from Burrow has a generously sized tabletop along with a smaller shelf below for storage or displaying your favorite decorative items. This oval mid-century coffee table is available in a walnut or oak finish.

With sleek lines and modern curves, this coffee table makes a beautiful addition to any mid-century-styled space. It has a length of 50″ and a height of 16″. The assembly process is quite easy and takes little time. Buy this Now.

9. Atisha Oval Coffee Table with Storage

Solid Wood Mid Century Oval Coffee Table with Storage Shelf Wayfair Atisha

If you’re looking for a coffee table that has extra storage, the Atisha solid wood table is an excellent choice. The table is made of walnut with steel legs to add style to the piece.

Underneath the main tabletop, there are two partially enclosed shelves with wooden bars lending this piece its unique character.

This oval-shaped coffee table with storage is sturdy and weighs 57 pounds. The 47″ length and 20″ width mean that it can work well in most rooms, no matter the size. It comes in brown or natural finishes. Buy this Now.

10. Okemos Frame Oval Coffee Table

Large Mid Century Oval Coffee Table Wayfair Okemos Frame

This Okemos frame mid-century oval coffee table is perfect for the on-trend mid-century modern + boho look. It has a beautiful wire pedestal base with a solid top made from MDF. This table comes in golden bronze/antique bronze or black/black.

With a simple yet aesthetically pleasing design, this coffee table can be the centerpiece of your living room or family room. The wide base makes the coffee table durable and sturdy, while the lines of the pedestal look sleek and stylish. Tools are included for quick and easy assembly. Buy this Now.


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