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11 Best Yoga Mats for Your Kind of Yoga Practice

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Looking for the Best Yoga Mat for your specific needs? Our list of the 11 Best Yoga Mats has you covered!

Choosing the best yoga mat for your practice today is like a kid lost in the Candy store. For starters, you have a ton of great yoga mats that come in various materials. Sustainability is a big consideration among yogis, so there’s that to consider. Depending on the type of your yoga practice, you also need to pay attention to the grip, cushion, hygiene, and portability. And finally, the yoga mat design and price also play an important role.

The best mats for your yoga practice should check the most boxes to arrive at the yoga mat that’s perfect for your needs. TPE, Natural Rubber, Sustainable Cork, Jute, and Organic Cotton go into making eco-friendly yoga mats. You can rest assured that they are free of harmful PVC, Chloride, and Synthetic Chemicals. You still want to pay close attention to any other toxins that may go into making non-toxic yoga mats, particularly in TPE and Natural Rubber mats.

After examining over 50 yoga mats, we’ve rounded up the 11 best yoga mats that should be the best fit no matter your specific requirement. We hope that you can find your perfect yoga mat with the help of our top 11 picks.

Best Yoga Mats to Buy in 2021

1. Gaiam Yoga Mat (Best Budget)

Gaiam Premium Yoga Mat, Best Budget Yoga Mat

Alignment is key to any yoga session. And this mat will help you stay aligned with an alignment system that is printed on the mat. Moreover, the Gaiam yoga mat features a textured sticky non-slip surface. It imparts a firm grip and great traction to the mat, making it one of the best yoga mats for hot yoga sessions.

Free of harmful toxic chemicals, this is an eco-friendly yoga mat good for you and the environment too. Measuring 68″L x 24″W, this 6 mm thick premium yoga mat is also the best budget mat.

Among the top-selling yoga mats on Amazon, this yoga mat is available in many interesting printed patterns and colors. And the free bonus downloadable yoga workout that comes with it is like icing on the cake. Buy this Now.

2. Lululemon Yoga Mat (Best Reversible)

Lululemon Reversible Yoga Mat

This grippy Lululemon yoga mat can handle any form of yoga practice from Hot to Hatha with ease. Even during the sweatiest of yoga sessions, you’ll get a firm grip as the top layer is made from polyurethane. And that helps absorb moisture effectively.

A natural rubber base gives you the required cushioning for use on hard surfaces. It is also an antimicrobial mat immune to mold and mildew.

Slightly on the heavier side, it weighs 5.24 lbs. It measures 26″ x 71″ with 5 mm thickness. It is available in many aesthetic designs for you to choose from. Buy this Now.

3. Manduka Begin Yoga Mat (Best Beginner)

Manduka Begin Yoga Mat, Best Yoga Mat for Beginners

As the name suggests, The Begin Mat, from Manduka Yoga Mat, is designed with a beginner yogi in mind. One of the best yoga mats for beginners, it includes an alignment stripe to help guide poses for the right balance.

This lightweight mat has a 5mm thickness for support and cushioning. You get the flexibility to use either side of this reversible mat. The closed-cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the mat making it easy to clean too.

If you’re looking for the best eco-friendly mats, this one is for you. Not only is it manufactured in an eco-friendly way, but the company also encourages its customers to recycle their old mats. They have partnered with The Renewal Workshop for recycling their customers’ old mats of any brand. At an extra cost of just $10, you can recycle your old mat, instead of it ending up in a landfill. Buy this Now.

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4. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat (Best Eco-friendly)

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat, Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mat

These eco-friendly yoga mats are made from premium quality open-celled natural rubber. No PVC, EVA, or other synthetic rubbers go into the process of making this Jade yoga mat. One of the best non-toxic yoga mats, it offers great traction and grip even through perspiration.

Jade Harmony natural rubber yoga mats are available in more than 10 cool colors. The mat weighs 5 pounds and you can choose from two lengths – 68″ and 74”.

A brand that believes in giving back through its “Color Cause” program, donates to different causes. Also, Jade plants a tree through their partners, Trees for the Future every time you buy a yoga mat. They’ve planted over 1.5 million trees so far! Buy this Now.

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5. Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat (Best Multipurpose)

Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat, Best Multipurpose Yoga Mat

Handmade in Germany, this mat is built to last you a lifetime. It is also highly recommended by yoga teachers worldwide for the support it provides.

You can flow between postures without sticking to the mat thanks to the textured top layer. And the ultra-dense cushioning offers excellent support, stability, and joint protection. Moreover, the mat is held in place on the floor by a proprietary dot pattern.

The mat’s closed-cell material seals out the moisture and bacteria making it easy to clean and disinfect. So checking all boxes, this is the best multipurpose yoga mat whether you’re into Vinyasa Flow or Sweaty Hot Yoga.

It comes in two sizes. The standard length mat is 4.7 mm thick with 71″ x 24″ dimensions and weighs 4 lbs. You can also opt for a 79″ x 24″ mat with 4.7 mm thickness weighing 4.5 lbs, making it the best yoga mat for tall men. Buy this Now.

6. Suga Recycled Wetsuit Mat (Best Lightweight)

Sugamat Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mats, Best Lightweight Yoga Mat

If you love yoga as much as you love oceans, then these yoga mats made from recycled wetsuits will have you falling in love all over again. Born out of love for Surfing and Yoga (Suga), these yoga mats have undergone some rigorous quality standards of sustainability and utility.

These recycled wetsuit yoga mats are grippier than conventional yoga mats owing to their unique composition. Very easy to clean, the closed-cell foam makes these mats excellent in repelling dirt, dust, and bacteria.

This 5mm yoga mat offers just the right amount of cushion and grip for most yoga practices. For nomad yogis, Suga offers a 3mm travel yoga mat. SugaMats is also a proud member of 1% for the Planet, giving 1% of gross revenues to environmental non-profits. Buy this Now.

7. Yoloha Unity Yoga Mat (Best Non-Slip)

Yoloha Unity Cork Yoga Mat, Best Non-Slip Yoga Mat

The top surface of this eco-friendly yoga mat features a blend of two recycled materials – cork and rubber. That’s how you get a mat with the best non-slip grip performance dry or wet, optimum durability, and less weight. This is one of the best cork yoga mats for pretty much any yoga practice.

No PVC or harsh chemicals in this yoga mat ensure that it is also easy on your body. The closed-cell construction allows for easy cleaning and no trapped odors. At 6.5mm thickness and weighing 6 pounds, this is one of the best thick yoga mats. It is available in 3 generous sizes accommodating even large tall men.

If you’re a nomad yogi, the Yoloha travel cork yoga mat may be one of the most important travel accessories you want to pack. Measuring at 72″ x 24″, just 1mm thickness and weighing in at 2.5 lbs., it rolls tight to a 2.5″ diameter. Buy this Now.

8. Yoloha Aura Yoga Mat (Best Cushion)

Yoloha Aura Cork Yoga Mat, Yoga Mat with Best Cushion

Created for comfort, the Aura is Yoloha’s most cushioned yoga mat that provides added support for joints. A fine-grain cork surface lends it a soft feel, and the grip of the mat increases with moisture. Since it is a great non-slip yoga mat when wet, it is recommended to spray water on it before the practice.

Even with 6 mm thickness, it weighs only 2.8 lbs. which makes it one of the best thick mats that are lightweight too.

Since cork is a naturally antimicrobial surface that eliminates bacteria, it is a no-fuss mat when it comes to disinfecting it. And a closed-cell foam bottom doesn’t absorb any moisture or smells. Buy this Now.

9. Yogo Ultralight Mat (Best for Travel)

Yogo Ultralight Foldable Yoga Mat, Best Travel Yoga Mat

With a solid grip, decent cushion, and 1 lb weight, this travel yoga mat is a hot favorite of many traveling yogis. Folding up in a super-compact tiny rectangle, this yoga mat will easily fit in your travel bag or backpack! The YOGO Ultralight travel yoga mat’s integrated straps with a handle make for convenient carrying.

Also, the folding origami keeps the top surface clean because it never touches the bottom. The hanging system helps you hang it in your shower for quick drying. The YOGO Mat uses a super grippy natural rubber with a cotton mesh to keep the mat from stretching. The slim rubber profile gives you both cushion and sticky traction.

This Eco-friendly company lets you earn some good karma along the way. With every mat sold, you give back to society and help YOGO plant a tree in Africa as part of a sustainable agriculture program. Buy this Now.

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10. Urbivore Alignment Yoga Mat (Best Cork)

Urbivore alignment yoga mat, Best Cork Yoga Mat

Universe Within yoga mat from Urbivore is a natural cork yoga mat. With natural cork on top and natural rubber at the bottom, it gives you a grip suitable for any form of yoga. In fact, this cork-rubber combo gives you a non-slip, odor-free, and non-toxic yoga mat.

Measuring 6ft X 2ft and 4mm in thickness it also offers a comfy cushion for your yoga practice. Moreover, the alignment marks on the mat aid in guiding the poses for the right balance. As cork is antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial, it inhibits bacteria, mold & fungal growth.

Cork mats are also a great sustainable choice as no trees are harmed. Cork is extracted from the regenerating bark of cork oak trees every 8-9 years. This means they are never trimmed down and can live for 200 years or more! Buy this Now.

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11. Yogasana Fire Yoga Mat (Best Organic Cotton)

Yogasana Fire Yoga Mat, Best Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

Handwoven in India, these 100% cotton yoga mats provide a firmer grip while sweating, unlike the rubber or PVC plastic mats. The natural fiber absorbs moisture and provides a superior grip. These are well suited for most surfaces like grass, sand, textured tiles, and carpets.

These lightweight yoga mats come in 72″ X 25″ size. They come with 15 years warranty and a part of the sale goes towards a child’s education in India. Buy this Now.

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