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10 Yoga Brands That Give Back

Top Yoga Brands that Give Back to Society
These Yoga Brands are not only Eco-friendly, they go an Extra Mile.

Yoga brings out the best in us. Connecting us with ourselves, it also connects us to our environment. As a yogi connected to nature, you want to give back to the community. And luckily for us, some of the yoga brands believe in giving back too.

There are yoga brands that manufacture eco-friendly yoga mats and sustainable yoga clothing. Many of them also give back every time you buy a product from them.

So, the next time you need to buy a yoga mat, yoga pants or any other yoga product, keep these best yoga brands in mind and earn some good karma in return.

Yoga Brands that Give Back

1. Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga produces eco-friendly yoga mats, foldable yoga mats for travel, and other yoga accessories. It has also been a leader in creating a positive impact on the environment in many ways.

They’ve planted over a whopping 1 Million trees through their “Buy a mat, plant a tree” program. In collaboration with Trees for the Future, they plant a tree for every product that they sell.

Through their “Color Cause” program, they donate to different causes. For every Teal mat that gets sold they donate $5 to Ovarian cancer causes. And for every Pink and Saffron mat that goes out, $5 goes to breast cancer and autism causes. And so far they have managed to raise a total of $83,000!

One of the best yoga brands, it also supports organizations that work against human trafficking, and alcohol and drug abuse. They provide 50 mats every month to them with the intention to promote yoga.

In addition, they make specific contributions on specific days. Environmental programs receive 10% of their online sales profit on Earth day. Donations also go out on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday. Shop Jade Yoga.

2. Manduka

Manduka makes some of the best yoga mats, stylish yoga clothes and a wide variety of yoga accessories. The brand also gives back by donating funds, time and products to support the development of people.

They donate 1% of their global sales to organizations that align with this mission of theirs.

Through their “Project OM” program, they donate yoga products and clothes.

“Project OM” also holds fundraiser yoga sessions to donate to specific causes. This year they worked in collaboration with Susan G Komen to fight breast cancer. They’ve given all their proceedings to this cause and have a target of hitting $400,000 by the end of the year. Shop Manduka.

3. Prana Yoga Brand

Prana is probably one of the most eco-conscious yoga brands. It also prides itself on being the first fair trade compliant apparel brand. Prana makes a variety of products besides eco-friendly yoga mats, yoga apparel, and accessories. Activewear suited for climbing, swimming, and surfing being some of them.

Prana works round the year in giving back to the community in some form or the other. Be it cleaning up the oceans or helping people affected by natural disasters, Prana is there to serve.

They’ve also partnered up with several charities to help make a difference. One such Partnership is with “Outdoor Outreach”. An organization that helps in using outdoors as a means to bring out the best in the youth.

Any Fair Trade Compliant product bought, helps the workers bridge the gap between minimum wage and a living wage. And Prana has given back $400,000 to more than 33,000 workers worldwide after the certification. Shop Prana.

4. Urbivore Yoga Brand

Run by two eco-loving sisters, Urbivore is on the road to improve the health and wellness of the world. Known for its plant-based cork yoga mats, the brand aims to provide quality eco products.

Urbivore is also working towards making it a greener world by tying up with “One Tree Planted“. One Tree Planted is an organization that plants one tree for every dollar that it receives. And Urbivore donates $1 for every sale on their website. Shop Urbivore.

5. Yoloha Yoga Brand

Yoloha is known for its cork yoga mats and yoga accessories. The brand supports many local youths empowering programs by meeting their yoga mats’ needs.

Through their “Empowered Minds” program they reach out to children. They enlighten them about yoga and subsequently, create compassionate classroom environments.

Warrior Surf is another integrated program supported by Yoloha. It focuses on empowering veterans and their families both physically and psychologically.

Yoloha donates a mat to every veteran that completes the 12-week surfing and yoga course. Shop Yoloha Yoga.

6. Yoga Design Lab

Yoga Design Lab has a market all over the world for its biodegradable products. They want to change the world and create a generation that is powered by yoga. With that in mind, every sale that happens on their website, $1 goes to different Urban Youth Yoga Programs.

Their focus is also to create a space for children to practice true yoga. One program they contribute to is the EarthChild Project. It offers free weekly yoga classes to 3500 children in South Africa.

They have also supported similar causes in the US and the UK. Shop Yoga Design Lab.

7. Gurus Yoga Brand

With sustainability at the heart of what they do, two Indian born US citizens founded Gurus. Eco-friendly products apart, Gurus is involved in other ways to make Earth a greener planet.

Gurus also contribute to “Trees for the Future”. Besides planting trees, it also educates the farmers in understanding sustainable farming practices. Shop Gurus.

8. Dragonfly Yoga Brand

Dragonfly in one of the best Yoga Brands that has a wide range of high-quality yoga products. These products are eco-themed to reduce the carbon footprint.

Dragonfly supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It funds institutes that research on breast cancer, its prevention, and cure.

They also sponsor YoKid, an organisation that teaches kids yoga and meditation. Their agenda here is to help children to be more self aware.

Their focus is also on environmental issues. With this intention, they plant a tree for every order made on their website. They make it possible through their tie-up with “Trees for the Future”. Shop Dragon Fly Yoga.

9. Ajna Wellbeing Yoga Brand

Ajna wellbeing aims to create an impact on the world by providing sustainable yoga products. And one way they are making it happen is by aligning with One Tree Planted.

For every product that they sell, OTP plants a tree. The brand believes that planting trees stabilizes our habitat and creates sustainable jobs. Shop Ajna Wellbeing.

10. Liforme

With buyers in over 85+ countries, Liforme makes super grippy marked yoga mats. Yoga has helped Liforme and the team realize how interconnected all beings are. Hence, being eco-friendly, socially just and ethical is what they stand for.

Improving the outlook of the environment is one of their agendas. And partnering up with Friends of the Earth has fulfilled it. Liforme donates 5% of the profits from their Purple Hue yoga mat to this Organization.

They’ve also partnered up with the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. From the sales profit of the Zodiac Animal yoga mat, 5% goes to RSPCA. Shop Liforme.

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