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10 Best Travel Yoga Mats for the Nomad Yogi

Travel Yoga Mats Yogo Ultralite Ftr

Thank God for the travel yoga mat, nomad yogis can now take their yoga practice wherever they go. But, is it really such a big deal?

If yoga is a part of your daily routine, you’ll know how upsetting it can be to miss your yoga routine. Thanks to the foldable yoga mats for travel, you can now take your yoga practice with you anywhere.

When you’re choosing your travel yoga mat, here are a few things you need to keep in mind. The weight of the mat, grip, cushion, foldability, and hygiene. Our selection of yoga travel mats has taken into consideration each of the above factors.

Here’s our carefully handpicked list of the 10 best travel yoga mats. We hope that you’ll surely find your perfect travel yoga mat no matter where your yoga practice takes you.

Best Travel Yoga Mats

1. Jade Travel Yoga Mat

The Jade Voyager is the most portable travel yoga mat Jade offers – ready to go with you everywhere and anywhere. With an incredible grip and great comfort, it weighs only 1.5 pounds.

Jade travel yoga mat folds up to the size of a yoga block to fit into any luggage or backpack. Like other Jade yoga mats, these are made with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees.

This is the best travel yoga mat if you have a limited amount of storage space and need a durable yoga mat that’ll last. Buy this Now.

2. Yoloha Cork Travel Yoga Mat

If you’re looking for the best eco-friendly yoga mat that is travel-friendly, then the Yoloha cork travel yoga mat is your top bet. Extra light and ultra-versatile, this cork yoga mat is made with a premium layer of eco-friendly cork on top and a dense foam base free of PVCs and latex.

The non-slip and antimicrobial surface makes it easy to care for and maintain while the base offers solid comfort and grip. Measuring at 72″ x 24″, just 1mm thick and weighing just around 2.5lbs., it rolls tight to a 2.5″ diameter and even folds!

For larger people, you have an option of an 80″x26″ version of this travel yoga mat. For an additional $30, you can pick from some cool prints as well. Buy this Now.

3. Sugarmat Travel Yoga Mat

If you’re a nomad and like all things pretty, then this travel yoga mat is for you. Available in 5 cool designs, your yoga mat will look as beautiful as your yoga practice. This eco-friendly yoga mat features an ultra-absorbent synthetic suede top and a reversible grippy natural rubber base.

Unlike most yoga mats, the bottom of this travel yoga mat is pink in color. Measuring 68″x24″ at just 1 mm thickness and weighing only 2.4 lbs., you can even fold this mat to the size of a notebook. Buy this Now.

4. Yoga Mat for Travel – Manduka PRO

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If you need that extra cushion for your joints and pro-level features like grip, hygiene, and longevity while being travel friendly, you’ve found your perfect mat. Safe and sustainable, this travel yoga mat is 100% latex-free, while its proprietary dot pattern offers superior grip.

The 2.5mm thickness of the supportive cushion takes care of comfort and protects your joints. The closed-cell construction ensures moisture and bacteria are kept at bay and makes cleaning a breeze. Measuring 71″x24″ and weighing just 2.4 lbs, this is the best cushy yet foldable travel yoga mat you’ll find. Buy this Now.

5. Cork Travel Yoga Mat – Urbivore Wander

Another great eco-friendly yoga mat that’s made of cork and also best suited for travel is the Urbivore cork travel yoga mat. At 72″ x 24″, 2 mm thickness and weighing less than 2 lbs., this is one of the best cork yoga mats for travel.

The company makes sure that no trees are cut in harvesting cork. You can also earn some good karma by buying this mat as you help plant a tree with every purchase. Buy this Now.

6. Yoga Mat for Travel – Yogo Ultralite

Folding up in a super-compact tiny rectangle, this yoga mat will easily fit in your travel bag or backpack! The YOGO Ultralight travel yoga mat’s integrated straps with handle make for convenient carrying.

Also, the folding origami keeps the top clean because it never touches the bottom. The hanging system helps you hang it in your shower for quick drying. The YOGO Mat uses a super grippy natural rubber with a cotton mesh to keep the mat from stretching. The slim rubber profile gives you both cushion and sticky traction.

This Eco-friendly company lets you earn some good karma along the way. With every mat sold, you give back to society and help YOGO plant a tree in Africa as part of a sustainable agriculture program. With a solid grip, decent cushion, and 1 lb weight, this travel yoga mat is a hot favorite of many traveling yogis. Buy this Now.

7. Yoga Design Lab Travel Yoga Mat

This premium mat-towel combo travel yoga mat gives you both stability and cushion. Super lightweight and foldable, it is one of the best yoga mats for travel. Weighing at just 1.76lbs, it’s one of those must-have travel accessories for any nomad yogi.

It may feel a little soft when you start your practice. But as you sweat, it gives you the firmest grip. Some people use water spray over the mat to get that grip right from the start.

Being a quick-dry Yoga Mat it works best for sweaty yoga sessions. And that also makes it suitable for any kind of Yoga practice be it Hot Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa or Power Yoga. Buy this Now.

8. Yoga Mat for Travel – Gaiam

Folding into a 10″x12″ square, the Gaiam travel yoga mat weighs only 1 lb. It will fit into your carry-on or overnight bag without being bulky or adding too much weight. The texture of this yoga mat is sticky to give you the stability to hold your yoga poses.

The creases of the fold make sure that the side that touches the floor never touches the cleaner side. It is an ideal yoga mat for travel be it those weekend getaways, trips across town, or beach-hopping in Thailand. This is one of the best yoga mats for international travel to consider as each pound counts. Buy this Now.

9. Travel Yoga Mat – Manduka Eko Superlite

Super light yoga mat with an excellent grip, the Manduka eKO SuperLite is the best yoga mat for yogis on the go! Easily foldable it will fit in your travel bag, purse, or even backpack.

It is also tear-resistant, thanks to the tightly woven scrim. Made of biodegradable rubber, it also repels dust and dirt and is super easy to clean. So go on, take this great quality travel yoga mat to the beach and get sweating! Buy this Now.

10. Cork Travel Yoga Mat – Yoga Design Lab

At 1.5mm thickness, the Yoga Design Lab cork travel yoga mat weighs 3.5lbs and is a versatile yoga mat for travel. This cork yoga mat offers an ideal balance of comfort and support, thanks to the eco-friendly dense natural rubber base and a non-slip cork top.

This yoga mat is best suited for Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, or Iyengar Yoga forms. The natural cork top surface is anti-microbial eliminating the need for regular cleaning. This yoga mat for travel comes with a carrying strap. Buy this Now.

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