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10 Best Contemporary Beds for Your Modern Bedroom

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Photo Credit: Toa Heftiba
Cool Modern Beds that’ll Complement Your Unique Style.

Contemporary beds for modern settings come in various avatars to suit the varying design aesthetic. From minimalist beds to metal platform beds, mid-century modern beds to canopy beds, storage beds to four-poster beds, there’s an endless choice.

With clean design and no-frills, a contemporary bed frame can add a modern, elegant touch to your bedroom. The only thing that’s left to do is pick a modern bed frame that suits your personal style and of course, the one that is comfortable.

Here’s a list of 10 Best Contemporary Beds that should help you make your decision a breeze.

Best Contemporary Beds

1. Upholstered Mid-century Modern Bed

Mid-century Modern Platform Beds, Cool Modern Bed Frames, Platform Bed Frames

Sophistication is what this mid-century modern bed aims to exude. The defining character of this cool modern bed frame is the tufting done on the oval-shaped, foam-filled headboard.

The bed stands on gently slanting legs giving it an air of elegance. There are two support bars attached to the back of the headboard which allows you to adjust the height. Buy this Now.

2. Low Profile Upholstered Modern Bed Frame

Low Upholstered Platform Beds, Cool Modern Bed Frames, Platform Bed Frames

With clean lines and a button-tufted headboard, this modern platform bed with headboard from Hashtag Home exudes chic elegance. The straightforward design is complemented by a headboard upholstered in soft polyester fabric. You get to choose from the five available color options.

To offer lasting durability it sports a sturdy wood frame. A sleek, sophisticated, and durable centerpiece, this cheap platform bed frame is a great option for a contemporary bedroom! Buy this Now.

3. Grey Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Contemporary Beds, Modern Platform Bed Frames with Headboard, Cool Modern Beds
Photo Courtesy: Classic Brands

Perfect for modern bedrooms, this Upholstered Platform Bed Frame is not only stylish but functional as well. Trendy design with sturdy wooden slats and a center support system allows for use of any type of mattress even without a box spring.

The base of this contemporary bed frame is constructed from metal tubing that is not only strong but lightweight and long-lasting. The headboard comes upholstered with a button-tufted fabric that is soft to the touch. The headboard reaches a height of 3 1/4-feet. Available in grey and beige. Buy this Now.

4. Sloane Floating Contemporary Bed

Cool Modern Beds, Platform Bed Frames, Modern Bed Frames, Modern Platform Beds

This cool modern bed sports a fusion of industrial, modern, and minimalist styles. Crafted from solid wood, the sturdy bed frame from Copeland Furniture has hand-applied finishes. The plush upholstered headboard lends comfort, class, and contemporary style.

Available in various finishes and upholsteries, you get to pick your own combination. Best bed frame for you, if you want to have a unique statement bed.

Further, team it with modern table lamps and an area rug for that cozy feel! Buy this Now.

5. Zen Inspired Modern Bed Frame

Cool Modern Beds, Modern Platform Bed Frames, Japanese Platform Beds. Low Platform Bed

Unique modern platform beds from Allmodern can add a touch of class to your bedroom like no other. This Japanese-inspired modern bed frame has an upholstered headboard and comes with two matching nightstands.

Place a set of modern lamps on the nightstands of this cool contemporary bed for a cozy feel. Buy this Now.

6. Modern Faux Leather Tufted Bed Frame

Contemporary Beds, Modern Platform Beds, Cool Modern Bed Frames, Modern Bedroom Sets

The faux leather in a light tan color and the gently curved rails make this a luxury contemporary bed with a sophisticated vibe. This cool modern bed is set on a wooden construction and finished off with a stylishly tufted headboard.

Top it with a memory foam mattress for that ultra-luxurious feel. Buy this Now.

7. Spohn Mid-century Modern Bed Frame

Cool Modern Beds, Modern Platform Bed Frames, Mid-century Modern Beds

This mid-century modern platform bed is eco-friendly as it uses renewable bamboo wood to make the frame of the bed as well as the paneled wood slats. The sturdy bamboo gives a rich sable color with a slightly distressed look on the headboard.

The mid-century modern bed design is in sync with the current hottest trend of modern bed frames with a vintage finish. A mid-century dresser and a mid-century modern desk can help complete the vibe. Buy this Now.

8. Modern Rustic Wood Bed

Modern Platform Bed Frames, Cool Modern Beds

A rustic take on the modern design this modern bed frame has clean lines and a distressed grey frame. Exuding modernity, this bed is one of the best platform beds if you are looking for a mix of rustic and modern.

This cool modern bed is a perfect blend of classic rustic style with a chic appeal! It will go with most aesthetics – industrial, modern or rustic decor. Buy this Now.

9. Minimalistic Panel Contemporary Bed

Cool Modern Beds, Contemporary Beds, Modern Platform Beds, Modern Bedroom Sets

With a tall clean-lined wingback headboard, this modern bed frame features a minimalistic design. The foam-filled polyester and linen upholstery in a solid color add to the modern appeal.

Compliment this cool modern bed by placing a modern accent chair next to it or a tufted ottoman just near the foot of this bed. Buy this Now.

10. Minimalist Canopy Bed Frame

Modern Platform Beds, Cool Modern Beds, Canopy Bed Frame, Best Contemporary Beds

Light and breezy, this canopy bed is just what you need to laze around during the summers. This bed is made from subdued tones of solid teak and fitted with cast aluminum accents that resemble wood.

This cool modern bed gives a floaty and airy look despite the size of the bed. The clean lines of this canopy bed add to the aesthetics. Buy this Now.

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Platform Beds : 101

Platform Beds: Significance

Your bedroom is a place to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. So a little bit of inspiration goes a long way in achieving that goal. A platform bed delivers both in function and style no matter the setup you have in mind.

Mattress technology has been evolving over the years. Manufacturers are incorporating more layers of coils, foams, latexes, and natural fillings to achieve the perfect blend of comfort and longevity.

What makes platform beds the most popular choice of beds is that they are suitable for almost all kinds of mattresses. These beds and their solid or slatted surfaces provide the right amount of support required for any mattress you want to pick.

Add to that the variety of styles in which you can choose a platform bed, making it the best choice to achieve any desired look.   

Platform Beds: Features, Types, and Use

Typically most platform beds are made of wood and come in Single, Queen, and King sizes. Some platform beds may even feature upholstered finish, storage drawers, headboards, and side shelves.

Whether you’re looking for a mid-century bed or a storage bed, you’re spoilt for choice today. Following are some of the various types of beds you can choose from.

1. Panel Beds:

A panel bed features a flat panel headboard and sometimes even a matching flat panel footboard. These beds lend a minimalistic modern look to the setup.

2. Wingback Beds:

A wingback bed features a headboard that curves into side panels on either side. While this may seem like a simple headboard variation, it lends a luxury feel to the setup.

3. Sleigh Beds:

Similar to an old-fashioned sleigh, a sleigh bed features an outward-arching headboard and footboard. These headboards and footboards can come in minimalistic to ornate finishes, such as a button-tufted upholstered finish. These beds are ideal if you’re looking to add some drama to the bedroom setup.

4. Slat Beds:

A slat bed features a headboard and footboard made of vertical or horizontal slats/rails. While a wooden slat bed can look clean and modern, the same bed in metal lends it a vintage or a farmhouse feel.

5. Storage Beds:

A storage bed offers under-bed storage, usually in the form of deep and wide drawers. Some beds also feature storage in the headboard. These beds are perfect for small bedrooms where storage space is a constraint.

6. Four Poster Beds:

A four-poster bed is characterized by the decorative posts that rise up from each corner of the bed frame. These posts can vary in height, some protruding just a little above the mattress while others can go as high as 6 ft.

7. Canopy Beds:

A canopy bed features tall posts rising from each corner of the bed that are joined by crossbeams at the top. The canopy beds look the best in bedrooms with tall ceilings.

What to look for when buying a platform bed?

The basic feature of a platform bed is that it is ready to use, as a mattress may be placed directly on it without the need for additional foundation. However, if you’re placing a mattress foundation on a platform bed to increase your bed’s height, be mindful of available space. A platform bed with a headboard may not leave enough room for a tall mattress with a foundation.

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting bed, be sure to pick a platform bed that is made of solid wood such as oak, maple, walnut, or mahogany.

Also, if you suffer from joint pains or arthritis, be sure to pick a platform bed that’s an ideal height for you to easily get in and out of the bed.

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