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Cool Platform Bed Frames to Inspire Your Next Bedroom Makeover

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Contemporary or Mid-century? Canopy or Sleigh? Here are 10 of the Best Platform Bed Frames.

Platform bed frames are the focal points in any modern bedroom design. Once you narrow down the bed frames you want to consider, you can start planning your bedroom design.

While there are a ton of beds for varied purposes, our focus in this post is purely on style, comfort, and aesthetics. We’ve excluded utility-based beds such as bunk beds, trundle beds, sofa beds, murphy beds, and such beds from consideration.

The following are the styles of modern beds that are most sought after for adding a distinct design aesthetic to the bedroom design.

Check out our picks of the 10 best platform bed frames and get inspired for your next bedroom makeover.

Best Platform Bed Frames

1. Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Best Platform Bed Frames, Upholstered Bed with Headboard

This stylish upholstered dark grey platform bed frame from Zinus is a cheap platform bed frame, only in price! Everything else about this modern platform bed frame is perfection.

The build is sturdy, the materials are high quality, easy assembly and modern to look at. This quality bed frame is available in two popular colors – dark grey and light grey. Buy this Now.

2. Grady Mid-century Platform Bed Frame

Wood Platform Bed, Best Platform Bed Frames, Mid-century Modern Beds and Bed Frames

This wood platform bed frame in a mid-century modern design is all about elegance while being casual and breezy. This platform bed frame is sturdy, easy enough to assemble, and is best suited for a guest room or a kids room.

With no box spring needed, place your favorite memory foam mattress on top and start enjoying nights of sound sleep. This modern platform bed is available in two great color options – slightly darker “Castanho” and an all-white shade. Buy this Now.

3. Upholstered Sleigh Bed

Best Platform Bed Frames, Upholstered Sleigh Bed, Tufted Upholstered Sleigh Bed

If you’re looking for some drama, opulence, and elegance, then you wanna get this upholstered sleigh bed home. Featuring dramatic curves, a scrolled headboard and footboard in a button tufted design, this sleigh bed frame will command attention.

Crafted from solid rubberwood with a manufactured wood frame, this glamorous bed frame is upholstered with Velvet-like and filled with plush foam. A tufted ottoman will make a perfect companion with this platform bed frame that is available in queen and king sizes. Buy this Now.

4. Gemma Canopy Bed Frame

Wood Canopy Bed, Best Platform Bed Frames

Framed in teak and teak veneers, this canopy bed is all about breezy sophistication and casual appeal. This statement-making canopy bed is finished off with a handwoven abaca headboard and bronze accents.

Available in queen, king, and California king sizes, this canopy bed will require a box spring and mattress. Buy this Now.

5. Bushwick Metal Platform Bed Frame

Best Platform Bed Frames, Best Metal Beds

The frame on this beautiful metal platform bed is built from sturdy tubed metal and features a triangular peak to the headboard and footboard. Spindle slats accent the bed, lending a pretty fusion of modern, traditional, and artistic touch to your bedroom decor.

This metal bed frame can complement any room, from a child’s bedroom to a guest bedroom and even your master bedroom. The metal frame includes extra center legs and center metal slats eliminating the need for a box spring. Available in full and king sizes, this metal platform bed frame offers some cool color options like gold, white, and grey. Buy this Now.

6. Azara Mid-century Platform Bed Frame

Mid-century Modern Platform Bed, Beds and Bed Frames, Platform Bed Frames

Made from eco-friendly renewable bamboo wood, this mid-century modern platform bed features clean lines and angled tapered legs. The elegant sweeping headboard shows off a beautiful accent panel crafted in solid exotic Tiger bamboo.

This sturdy mid-century modern bed frame is also available in a beige color with an accent panel in sable color. If you’re looking for matching bedroom furniture with this bed frame, you can pick from the matching mid-century dressers, nightstands, and chests. Buy this Now.

7. Venice Four Poster Bed Frame

White Four Poster Bed, White Platform Bed, Beds and Bed Frames

This four-poster bed frame has a touch of farmhouse rustic, traditional, and modern design, all fused in one. While exuding a casual appeal, this white poster bed frame also makes a statement with its elegance and style.

Ideal for a traditional, modern, farmhouse or boho setting, this one makes for a versatile addition to your bedroom. This white poster bed also comes in a weathered natural wood finish and black color variations so you can pick one that suits your setting. Buy this Now.

8. Zetta Low Platform Bed Frame

Japanese Platform Bed, Best Low Platform Bed Frames

This Japanese-inspired low platform bed frame features a faux leather upholstered headboard and comes with two matching nightstands. Place a set of modern table lamps, books, or other utilities on these nightstands to complete the look.

These Japanese platform bed frames from World Menagerie also offer plenty of choices with headboard color combinations. Buy this Now.

9. Nitta Storage Platform Bed Frame

Platform Bed with Storage, Best Platform Bed Frames

This platform bed with storage is for those who love the rustic wood finish. The minimalist design in a heavy structure and the natural-tone wood lend it the rustic character.

The slats of this platform bed frame can accommodate a fitting mattress of your choice. And the two drawers at the foot of this storage platform bed are perfect for storing linens, towels, and more. Buy this Now.

10. Artless Modern Platform Bed

Best Platform Bed Frames 2Modern Artless Upholstered

If you’re going for a modern minimalistic look, this contemporary bed will hit the spot. While being minimalistic, the low base reminds you of Japanese-style platform beds. The upholstered headboard lends it a contemporary touch. Available in ash, smoke, and creme linen options, it can suit any modern bedroom. Buy this Now.

Platform Beds : 101

Platform Beds: Significance

Your bedroom is a place to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. So a little bit of inspiration goes a long way in achieving that goal. A platform bed delivers both in function and style no matter the setup you have in mind.

Mattress technology has been evolving over the years. Manufacturers are incorporating more layers of coils, foams, latexes, and natural fillings to achieve the perfect blend of comfort and longevity.

What makes platform beds the most popular choice of beds is that they are suitable for almost all kinds of mattresses. These beds and their solid or slatted surfaces provide the right amount of support required for any mattress you want to pick.

Add to that the variety of styles in which you can choose a platform bed, making it the best choice to achieve any desired look.  

Platform Beds: Features, Types, and Use

Typically most platform beds are made of wood and come in Single, Queen, and King sizes. Some platform beds may even feature upholstered finish, storage drawers, headboards, and side shelves.

Whether you’re looking for a mid-century bed or a storage bed, you’re spoilt for choice today. Following are some of the various types of beds you can choose from.

1. Panel Beds:

A panel bed features a flat panel headboard and sometimes even a matching flat panel footboard. These beds lend a minimalistic modern look to the setup.

2. Wingback Beds:

A wingback bed features a headboard that curves into side panels on either side. While this may seem like a simple headboard variation, it lends a luxury feel to the setup.

3. Sleigh Beds:

Similar to an old-fashioned sleigh, a sleigh bed features an outward-arching headboard and footboard. These headboards and footboards can come in minimalistic to ornate finishes, such as a button-tufted upholstered finish. These beds are ideal if you’re looking to add some drama to the bedroom setup.

4. Slat Beds:

A slat bed features a headboard and footboard made of vertical or horizontal slats/rails. While a wooden slat bed can look clean and modern, the same bed in metal lends it a vintage or a farmhouse feel.

5. Storage Beds:

A storage bed offers under-bed storage, usually in the form of deep and wide drawers. Some beds also feature storage in the headboard. These beds are perfect for small bedrooms where storage space is a constraint.

6. Four Poster Beds:

A four-poster bed is characterized by the decorative posts that rise up from each corner of the bed frame. These posts can vary in height, some protruding just a little above the mattress while others can go as high as 6 ft.

7. Canopy Beds:

A canopy bed features tall posts rising from each corner of the bed that are joined by crossbeams at the top. The canopy beds look the best in bedrooms with tall ceilings.

What to look for when buying a platform bed?

The basic feature of a platform bed is that it is ready to use, as a mattress may be placed directly on it without the need for additional foundation. However, if you’re placing a mattress foundation on a platform bed to increase your bed’s height, be mindful of available space. A platform bed with a headboard may not leave enough room for a tall mattress with a foundation.

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting bed, be sure to pick a platform bed that is made of solid wood such as oak, maple, walnut, or mahogany.

Also, if you suffer from joint pains or arthritis, be sure to pick a platform bed that’s an ideal height for you to easily get in and out of the bed.

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