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20 Best Mid-Century Modern Rugs We’re Loving Right Now

Best Mid-century Modern Rugs *x10 / 9x12 / Vintage / Abstract
Need Mid-century Modern Rug inspiration? Here are 20 Top Ideas!

When the mid-century modern design is not just a design style but a way of life, even the rug matters. The sleek aesthetics of the mid-century modern rugs translate perfectly to living room decor in adding character.

If your home has a neutral color scheme, mid-century rugs can bring in the element of interest and serve as a focal point. A mid-century modern rug can also be used to balance the color scheme and also infuse coziness to an otherwise bare aesthetic.

When we set out in search of the best mid-century modern rugs, we were pleasantly surprised to find a ton of cool designs that should satisfy a wide variety of decor schemes.

Here are our picks of the 20 best mid-century rugs right now. We hope this list can help you find your dream rug.

Best Mid-century Modern Rugs

1. Minimalist Mid Century Moder Rug

Mid Century Modern Rug Minimalist

This midcentury-inspired rug utilizes geometric circles and linear patterns, also fostering a modern minimalist aesthetic. Neutral cream and gray tones are complemented by a pop of yellow, imbuing any space with stylish flair. It is made of a power-loomed weave of durable synthetic fibers, ensuring a soft and comfortable feel.

With precise design and resilience against wear-and-tear, they’re perfect for high-traffic areas and pet-friendly homes. Easy maintenance guarantees stress-free cleaning, making them ideal for various living spaces like the living room, dining room, kitchen, and hallways. Buy this Now.

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2. Diamond Striped Area Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Wayfair Dimond Striped

If you want to add a splash of color to your living spaces, this diamond-striped area rug is the way to go. Its fluid strokes in gray, beige, rust, muted blue and mustard can seamlessly blend into most contemporary home decor.

This gorgeous piece features a power-loomed polypropylene weave that is stain and fade-resistant and easy to maintain. Manufacturers recommend using a rug pad to prevent falls from skidding. The rug is best suited for lavish dining spaces or living rooms where it can grab everyone’s attention.

That said, the mattress is available in different rectangular sizes to fit your needs and preferences. So, regardless of the size of your room, you can find yourself a chic and affordable rug to add to your home. Buy this Now.

3. Furbo Mid-century Modern Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Industrywest Furbo Rug

The Furbo rug adds a futuristic touch to your home with its geometrically angled lines and abstract solid shapes. This premium handwoven rug contains 90% wool and 10% viscose and can be bought in three different sizes and colors – rose, yellow, and moss.

Its minimalistic design and understated colors can seamlessly blend and highlight any contemporary home decor. The hand-tufted rug is worth investing in to bring a statement piece to your home. It is suitable for spaces with minimalist furnishings to efficiently bring out their colors. Buy this Now.

4. Shay Handwoven Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Interiordefine Geometric Rugs

If you are looking for a handwoven easy-to-clean rug, you should consider the Shay rug. It is made of 100% polyester and features intricate stitching and a braided diamond pattern. Its flatness makes it best suited to spaces with high-traffic areas and yet cozy enough to walk bare feet.

Additionally, the rug has a wool-like softness and feel. Shay’s minimalist design makes it a perfect understated addition to bolder, louder spaces with busier wallpapers or upholstery. Buy this Now.

5. MCM Block Party Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Burrow Block Party

The Block Party Rug is a chic and affordable statement piece for your home’s contemporary furnishing. It is available in an upbeat gray and yellow color and can be purchased in two different sizes. What sets the rug apart is its 100% recycled polyester body made through traditional Indian weaving techniques.

This gives the rug a smooth feel and a functional build for long-lasting use. Furthermore, the rug’s fiber is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and won’t shed. Its low-pile tufting makes it vacuum-friendly and low-maintenance. It is best for homes that are looking to create a modern vibe. Buy this Now.

6. Collet Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Bludot Collet Rug

The luxurious and minimalist Collet rug features distinct geometric patterns in muted, earthy tones. It can make for a perfect addition to your living room or bedroom by complementing and enhancing other furnishings. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, the rug is available in four different sizes and three different colors – haze, grey, and oat.

Additionally, it is handwoven in 100% wool for that soft feel and natural touch to your home. What this also means is that you will have to vacuum it regularly, be careful with spills, and placement of heavy objects over it. Buy this Now.

7. Multicolored Mid Century Modern rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs multicolored

While finding affordable woven rugs might not be easy, the Basil rug seamlessly fits the bill. It features a textured look in either a blue motif or a neutral motif and is available in four different dimensions. Its abstract motifs present a sleek contemporary touch while adding an extra layer of color to your home.

You can utilize this flat-woven polyester rug in the high-traffic areas of your home. You may consider using rug pads to prevent skidding and for floor protection. Spills need to be cleaned immediately and it is advisable to vacuum the rug with the beater bar shut off. Buy this Now.

8. Amberly Hair on Hide Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Arhaus Amberly Hair On Hide Rug

The rustic yet elegant Amberly rug is a rug that balances out the sharp edges of the modern-mid-century design. Its understated nude tones and fluid shapes make it perfect for a traditional touch. To start with, the rug is made from undyed hair on hide, and comes with a protective latex backing. It is available in five different sizes and three different color palettes – brown, grey, and ivory.

However, no two rugs will match in color due to the use of natural hides. That said, this rug is recommended for use in medium-traffic areas such as dining rooms and home offices. It is important to take special care while cleaning the rug which should be kept safe from dirt, food, and other loose debris. Buy this Now.

9. Scion Mid-century Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs, Scion Yellow Shapes Rug

This classy furnishing is reflective of the modern mid-century-influenced geometric patterns in a bright yellow that will add cheer to your home. The high-end rug by Surya is perfect for family rooms, kids’ bedrooms, media rooms, and any other space that could do with some color pop. This quality medium pile, hand-tufted rug made from 100% wool is available in four sizes and one color palette. Buy this Now.

A mid-range quirky option for modern mid-century style decor is this area rug in sequence. What sets it apart is that it is completely customizable for size and design, with more than 10 different choices available. Your preferred design of choice is printed on a Polyester Chenille using dye-sublimation.

This makes the rug vibrant, durable, and fade-proof while retaining the softness of the fabric. Moreover, each rug comes with a coated woven polyester backing to prevent skidding. These rugs are versatile, can be used for any living space, and go with most interior decor. Buy this Now.

10. Bense Patterned Round Area Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs 2Modern Round Contemporary

If you want to add a contemporary burst of color to your home with a mid-century modern rug, the geometric patterned rug by Bense is perfect. Handcrafted from New Zealand wool, the mid-range piece is available in a mix of three colors – grey, blue and black.

Its fine geometric lines and perfectly complemented understated tones can easily settle into neutral home decor. You could use the rug in reading rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and even in dining rooms. Buy this Now.

20. Droplet Hand Tufted Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Jonathanadler Droplet Hand Tufted Rug

The fluid design of the Droplet hand-tufted rug can seamlessly add a vintage touch to contemporary home decor. The classic piece features a luminous wool-viscose blend that is soft and chic with a subtle shimmer. If you were looking to add a touch of trippy to your home, this piece would do the trick.

However, it is recommended that you vacuum-clean it to retain its quality. This piece is available in a medium price range and in four different sizes. Buy this Now.

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