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The Best Wine Clubs to Join Right Now

Best Wine Clubs
A monthly Wine Club Subscription is the best Gift to give yourself or others.

Wine Subscription Boxes are a blessing for wine enthusiasts and newbies alike. They provide a unique opportunity to experience the best wine clubs have to offer without breaking the bank.

Passionate wine experts do the searching, tasting, picking, and sourcing of the wines behind the scenes, ensuring you get the very best to your doorstep. If that’s not enough, some of the wine clubs also let you get on the phone with their expert consultants to help you with food pairing tips and discovering new wines.

Each of the wine subscription boxes brings its own unique specialty to the table, spoiling you with the choice. With ordering flexibility and customization options, it couldn’t be any better.

A monthly wine subscription box also makes for a great gift for wine lovers in your life. Here are the 15 best wine clubs to join for that perfect wine subscription to suit your budget, schedule, and palette.

Best Wine Clubs / Subscription Boxes

1. Winc

Winc wine club specializes in sourcing exceptional wines from select independent vineyards and winemakers around the world. They go about understanding your tastes and preferences by asking you a few questions.

Once they gain a fair understanding of your taste, they send you 4 bottles of great wine each month. As you review the shipped wines, their understanding of your preferences gets better and better.

The wines start at $13 apiece including shipping. You can even skip a month anytime you want and cancel the membership whenever you please.

Essentially, what you get with Winc is expertly picked wines, matched to your tastes, at an unbeatable price! Join Winc Now.

2. Firstleaf Wine Club

With over 1000 awards and counting, Firstleaf wine club gets you the best prices on award-winning wines. You end up saving 60% off the retail prices. And that’s because they source their wines directly from the winemakers cutting out the layers of middlemen.

You get to taste newly discovered award-winning wines from around the globe. Prefer red wines, white wines, or a mix of them? It’s up to you what wines you get when you get them, and how often.

They also encourage you to rate the wines they send you. They use this feedback to curate wine selections to better match your tastes.

As a club member, you can also pick any 6 wines a la carte and still pay only $15 a bottle. This is just awesome. Join Firstleaf Wine Club.

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3. The California Wine Club

California is home to thousands of small family wineries handcrafting extraordinary wines. Since the quantities are too limited, they seldom make it to your local wine stores.

For over 25 years, The California Wine Club founders Bruce and Pam Boring have been working passionately with these artisan wineries and introducing their exquisite wines to the world.

Each month, they explore all corners of California’s wine country and select handcrafted, award-winning wines from small family wineries. They share with you these delicious discoveries along with the rich stories of each winery.

The majority of the wineries featured are from Napa Valley and Sonoma County. They also feature wineries from Oregon and Washington, as well as wineries from around the world. Join The California Wine Club.

4. Bright Cellars

Bright Cellars, founded by two MIT graduates relies on their Bright Points algorithm in matching the right wines for you based on your preferences. Your preferences are captured through a quiz and they are compared to various wine attributes in picking the perfect wines for you.

Should you ever feel that you don’t like a particular wine, their wine concierges are ready to help you select a free replacement bottle. Their wines are sourced from all the popular wine regions from around the world as well as from Italy, Spain, Portugal, and South America.

For $80 a month, you get 4 bottles of wine matched to your preferences. This is one of the best wine clubs for beginners. Join Bright Cellars Wine Club.

5. Cellars Wine Club

Exploring new wines or stocking up your cellar has never been easier. Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, this monthly wine club can take care of all your wine needs. New discoveries to timeless classics theirs is a uniquely curated wine selection.

Sourced from the west coast or from around the world, sweet or sparkling, only reds or only organics, you’re surely spoilt for choice.

You can go for a monthly, every other month, or quarterly subscription in most of the 12 wine subscription club options. Free shipping and easy cancellation are a part of the deal. Join Cellars Wine Club.

6. Tour Guide Wines

Tour Guide Wines (formerly Revel Wine Club) is an offshoot of WX Brands that have been in the business of making wine, beer, and spirits for 15 years. They work with eight winemakers worldwide to get the very best of wines. At Tour Guide Wines, you customize your own wine subscription box by choosing your wine, quantity, and frequency.

Club members can also enjoy complimentary tastings at their tasting rooms in Napa Valley and Paso Robles. The plans start from $52 for 4 bottles of wine. Join Tour Guide Wine Club.

7. Gold Medal Wine Club

Established in 1992, the Gold Medal Wine Club is one of the oldest and independent wine clubs in the country. The featured wines have either won top medals in major wine competitions or have high ratings in nationwide publications.

They have 6 different types of wine subscription boxes to choose from. So if you want hard-to-find rare collectibles or the wines sourced from around the globe, they got you covered.

In the past 25 years, they have sent over 2,500,000 wine delivery shipments to wine club members. This wine subscription starts from $43 and goes up to $188 depending on your choice of the wine club. Join Gold Medal Wine Club.

8. Wine of the Month Club

Founded in 1972 by Paul Kalemkiarian Sr., the Wine of the Month Club conceived the whole ‘wine at your doorstep’ idea. This first and original Wine of the Month Club is now run by the founder’s son Paul Kalemkiarian Jr. He worked with his father in the ’70s and brings valuable experience in wine tasting to the table.

Each month he tastes over 400 wines. Only 15% make it to the potential club selections of which only 1% make it as selections. It all gets narrowed down to two select bottles for that month. This Wine subscription guarantees you quality wine at the best price.

And the best part; they never charge you for the wine that you don’t like! And if you love any of the featured wines, you can reorder at special discounts of up to 65%.

Wine of the Month Club offers you 11 different types of subscription boxes. You’re sure to find the one that fits the bill for you. Join Wine of the Month Club.

9. Plonk Wine Club

This wine club makes sure that you get natural organic wines, crafted by passionate farmers. Your wine will be free of any pesticides or commercial additives used to enhance its color or taste.

They dig out the hidden gems from traditional and emerging wine regions globally. You get to taste wines made from fascinating indigenous grapes that are native to their place of origin.

This wine club puts you in the driver’s seat with the type of wine, quantity, and frequency options. With 6 types of wine subscription options, the subscription price ranges from $54 to $64. Join Plonk Wine Club.

10. 90+ Cellars

One of the fastest-growing wine brands in America, 90+ Cellars searches the globe for great wines from highly rated wineries and vineyards. After tasting hundreds of wines each year, they select only the best for their wine portfolio.

The wines in the club are all 90+ rated and available at a fraction of the original source price. Another perk for the wine club members – 15% off on most online purchases outside of the monthly wine club. Join 90+ Cellars Wine Club.

11. Wine Awesomeness

Wine Awesomeness operates on the premise that “food and wine are just a natural fit”. Their monthly shipments are based on cool themes ranging from a type of cuisine (Asian, Burgers, Lasagne, etc.) to a particular destination (ex. Born in the USA) or even seasons.

Each wine club delivery includes their custom magazine “theblacklabel”, full of recipes to go along with the wines and the stories behind each of the wines included.

Wine Awesomeness offers two monthly wine subscription options – a 3-bottle delivery for $49 and a 6-bottle delivery for $79. Join Wine Awesomeness Wine Club.

12. Blue Apron Wine Club

Blue Apron’s monthly wine subscription is a natural extension to its meal subscription service. This monthly wine club is well suited for busy couples who like to enjoy some good wine with their dinner. The monthly wine delivery contains 6 bottles of red, white, or mixed wines of your choosing in 500ml bottles (2/3 size of the standard wine bottles).

Blue Apron includes an expansive 50-page booklet that describes each wine available for the month in detail. You get to learn about the tasting notes, stories behind the wines, the wine region, and the recipes to pair with the wines. This is one of the best wine clubs for beginner wine enthusiasts eager to learn about the finer details.

The handy wine pairing information makes it easy to order home a meal delivery on a busy day. With order flexibility to skip a month or even cancel whenever you please, this is one of the best wine clubs to join for couples and wine enthusiasts too. Join Blue Apron Wine Club.

13. HelloFresh Wine Club

Just like Blue Apron, the HelloFresh monthly wine subscription is a natural extension to their meal kit delivery service. While Hello Fresh also ships 6 bottles of wine in their monthly wine delivery, the wine bottles in Hello Fresh Wine Club are standard size (750ml) and the monthly wine club selection is pre-announced on their website for you to see.

HelloFresh also includes a brief write-up about the wines in a double-sided card, such as tasting notes and food pairing info. If you want to know more information such as the region of origin and flavor profile, you’ll need to go to their website.

Again, HelloFresh is one of the best Wine Clubs for beginner wine enthusiasts who don’t like the hassle of selecting the wines themselves. Join Hello Fresh Wine Club.

14. WineSociety

WineSociety is the result of a couple of practical problems with the traditional wine-drinking lifestyle. One is the need to be able to drink good wine every night without the guilt of having to open a $40 bottle. Two is the practicality of carrying your wine around if you’re into an active lifestyle.

The solution is great wine packaged in cans of 500ml each. You can choose from Red, White, Rose or now Rose Bubbles. Each can consist of 4 servings of wine, making it ideal to share with a partner anytime anywhere.

Once you sign up for their Wine Club, you receive a shipment of 9 cans every quarter of your choosing – red, white, rose, or a mixed bag. WineSociety makes it easy for you to change your wine selection, increase your club shipments, or take a break before your next order ships. Join WineSociety Wine Club.

15. VineOh!

VineOh! is a wine subscription club specially designed for women. It offers two monthly wine subscription plans – a 4 bottle plan at $59.99 and a 6 bottle plan at $89.99.

Another great offering from VineOh! is the ‘VineOh! Box‘ that is shipped quarterly for $59.99. The ‘VineOh! Box’ includes 2 wines and 5-6 full-size fun, rejuvenating and delicious surprises. So, if you’re looking to pamper that special lady in your life, the ‘VineOh! Box’ is one of the best subscription boxes for women.

With the monthly wine clubs, you can select from Red, White and Mixed options alongside some Rose and Sweet Wines. You have the flexibility to pause the plan or cancel at any time you want. Join VineOh! Wine Club.

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