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The Best Red Wines for Sangria

Best Red Wines Sangria Ftr
Perfect Red Wine for Perfect Sangria.

The Spanish are known for their relaxed lifestyle, and the refreshing Sangria is their blessing to the world. It’s fruity, fun, easy to make and a crowd-pleaser. The moment you get down to making your Sangria, one question stops you in your footsteps! What are the best red wines for Sangria?

And that’s a very important question, as red wine makes up the majority of the drink. Using the right red wine makes all the difference. A good Sangria bursts with fruity flavors, just the right balance of sugars and acidity and finish off with a lingering pleasant aftertaste. That’s why it’s important to know about the red wine that’s ideal for making a good Sangria.

The key ingredient you should pay attention to in picking the red wines for sangria is tannins. You want to pick wines that are low in tannins for Sangria. Tannins are the substance that gives the astringent nature to the wine and the resultant dryness in the mouth at the end of your wine drinking experience. Tannins make their way into the wine from stems, skins of grapes and the seeds during the winemaking process.

The ideal red wine for Sangria tends to be a light to medium-bodied wine. furthermore, fruity flavors and short oak-aging, of course, with some exceptions.

These criteria allow for a variety of red wines to qualify for making a good Sangria. We’ve handpicked 10 of the best red wines for Sangria offering you plenty of choice and variety.

Best Red Wine for Authentic Sangria Recipes

1. Garnacha or Grenache

Grown extensively in Spain and Southern France, these grapes have rich, spicy berry flavors and have thin skin. As a result of growing in hot environments, these wines tend to have high alcohol levels with medium oak-aging. With acidity and tannins on the low-medium end of the spectrum, it makes for one of the best red wines for Sangria.

The quality of the grapes used for this Garnacha gives it the aromas of dark cherry and plum around a dark chocolate essence. It has a great finish and is one of the perfect red wines for Sangria. Buy this Now.

2. Merlot

Merlot is one of the most popular red wines considering its soft, ripe and elegant nature. That’s why most first time wine drinkers find it easy to drink. This fact also makes it the most popular red wines in the market. Merlot has a plummy taste with notes of chocolate.

With medium alcohol levels and fresh red fruit flavors, it has earthy notes offering a medium-full bodied wine. The supple medium tannin levels and its ability to add softness and a fruity flavor make it a favorite for Sangria.

Earths Draw Merlot Red Wine for Sangria by First Leaf Wine Club

This Merlot is full of flavors of plum and blackberry with notes of eucalyptus, mint, and nutmeg. While it is a little on the fuller side, you can still use it for making Sangria owing to its versatility. Buy this Now.

3. Tempranillo

One of the 9 noble red wine grapes, Tempranillo grows in Spain. The thick skin of this grape protects it from the scorching sun and the cold nights. This grape ripens earlier than other grapes. And that’s how it derives its name from the Spanish word ‘Temprano’ which means ‘early’. No wonder then it is Spain’s number 1 red wine grape.

It’s a fruity wine with medium tannins and balanced warmth and tanginess. Recommended to be one of the best red wines for Sangria.

Ye Ye Tempranillo Red Wine for Sangria by Winc

This Tempranillo has rich fruit flavors that are balanced with herb and a touch of oak. It has great quality and ripe tannins that complement the fruity flavors. Buy this Now.

4. Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is grown nearly in every country that produces wine. It is the most widely planted red grape in the world. With a deep red color, this full-bodied wine has aromas of black cherry, blackcurrant, tomato leaf, cedarwood and dark spices.

You can also find subtle notes of green peppercorn, dark chocolate, and graphite. With tannins on the higher end and noticeable acidity, you want to pick an aged Cab so the tannins are softened.

Best Red Wines for Sangria, Terra Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon

Fresh cherries and dark berry flavors on the palate with some juicy acidity define this 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon. Leaves a sweetness after every sip and has a strong finish. Buy this Now.

5. Bonarda

also known as Charbono or Douce Noir, Bonarda is Argentina’s 2nd most widely planted grape. Bonarda wines are fruity at the start with black cherry compote, plum and blueberry flavors bursting out. They eventually give off aromas of peonies and violets.

If they’re oaked then chocolate, cigar box, and sweet figs are what you’re going to smell. With alcohol levels close to 13.5%, this medium-bodied wine has a juicy acidity. Its smooth medium tannin finish makes it an ideal red wine for a Sangria.

Zuccardi Bonarda Red Wine for Sangria

With strawberry, black cherry and blackberry flavors dominant in this Bonarda, it is juicy and has good volume. Soft tannins with a long finish make it a great red wine for Sangria. Buy this Now.

6. Malbec

Argentina’s most popular wine, Malbec, has grown in popularity in other regions too in the last 100 years. Its roots were in France where it was simply used to add to a blend. But when people started growing it in Argentina, the wine thrived and became popular.

Malbec is an easy to drink wine with rich dark fruit flavors and a smooth chocolatey finish. With tannins and acidity on a medium level, this is a drink that is very versatile. It usually is a medium-to-full bodied wine and its versatility makes it perfect for Sangria.

Malbec Paso Robles Red Wine for Sangria

The first sip gives you the flavor of blackberry, boysenberry, and vanilla. A soft acidity that complements notes of cherry and cayenne spice gives it a smooth finish. Buy this Now.

7. Primitivo or Zinfandel

Primitivo, popularly known as Zinfandel is a large grape with its roots in Croatia. However, it only gained popularity once it made its way to Italy and then the US.

Primitivo wines are usually fruity in flavor with cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and raisins. High in alcohol, these are medium-body wines. With low content of tannins and its fruity flavors, this red wine can be excellent for Sangria.

Gran Maestoso Primitivo, Best Red Wines for Sangria

With soft tannins, this Primitivo is a subtle and well balanced full-bodied wine. the jammy, blueberry, plum flavor gives you a wine that is elegant with a lingering finish. Buy this Now.

8. Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is a classic red wine with origins in Burgundy and is a favorite all over the world. With the flavors of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry, this is one easy to drink light-bodied wine.

It has a medium alcohol content and medium-high acidity which makes it a wine for varied occasions. Its low tannin body and its slightly sweet taste give out aromas of clove, mushrooms, and hibiscus.

Endgame Pinot Noir from Winc Wine Club

This Endgame Pinot Noir has tasting notes of strawberry, sage, rose petals and rhubarb. This medium-bodied wine with an earthiness that fits the package, features rich texture and balanced acidity. Buy this Now.

9. Beaujolais Nouveau

From Beaujolais region of France, the wine from this grape is not allowed to ferment for more than a few weeks. It is an easy to drink light-bodied red wine with a fruity flavor. It is a wine that is served to bring out the fruit forward and is to be consumed immediately.

Since it is virtually tannin free, it does not have the structure to be aged. It tastes more like a grape juice, just a little better though and is great to drink with or without food.

Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau

Flavorful berry with strawberry notes hit your palate as you take a sip of this wine. The floral accent and the youthful aromas give this cherry-colored wine a great finish. Buy this Now.

10. Nero d’Avola

Named after the city of Avola, Nero d’Avola is one of the most important red wine grapes of Italy. This grape gives you elegant wines with medium acidity and medium tannins. These wines are rich in fruit flavors of cherries and plums, along with notes of tobacco and chili pepper.

As it becomes complex, it gets a dark raspberry flavor with notes of chocolate. The high alcohol content that in these wines makes it a bold companion for your food.

Tenuta Fenice Nero d'Avola fro Sicily at Drizly

This fruity and light wine delivers the satisfaction that only old wines can. With its dark cherry and blackberry fruit flavor with notes of sweet spices and licorice, this wine gets better with every sip. Buy this Now.

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