Porch Swings: 10 Cool Ideas to Chill Outdoors

It’s springtime baby! Shorts, Check. Shades, Check. Hats, Check. Porch Swings; definitely Check!

What better way to enjoy the warm weather than chilling on a Porch Swing with a cuppa, a book or your partner?

Porch Swings come in a variety of styles, so pick yours carefully depending on whether you’re single, hitched or a family. You can choose from hanging egg chair swings, loveseat porch swings, deep seating porch swings with backrest or porch swing beds.

We carefully gathered some of the best Porch Swings in all kinds of styles in our 10 Best Porch Swings list. We hope that you will like them.

1. Wicker Loveseat Porch Swing

Best Porch Swings, Patio Swing, Outdoor Swing, Garden Swing

This porch swing fuses retro style with a contemporary design. The rich cappuccino finish adds to the design element. This loveseat porch swing for two is a great option to use both indoors and outdoors. The durable resin wicker with UV inhibitors can withstand any weather and resist fading due to sun exposure. Easy to clean, this one is also chip resistant. Buy this Now.

2. Deep Seating 64″ Porch Swing

Best Porch Swings, Garden Swing, Patio Swing, Outdoor Swing, Belham Porch Swing Bed
This porch swing is perfect for a lazy afternoon siesta as you swing away. Its made of sturdy eucalyptus wood and has a removable grey cushion. The swing itself has a driftwood finish in a grey glaze. It has slatted sides and crossing back pattern, giving a traditional look to the swing. Buy this Now.

3. Wide Chair Porch Swing

Best Porch Swing, Outdoor Swing, Patio Swing, Garden Swing, Nantucket Porch Swing
Quaint and rustic, this porch swing seems like the broader version of an armchair. The contoured seat, sloped for comfort can seat two adults comfortably. It’s made of kiln-dried, pressure-treated pine which is not only durable but keeps rot, insects and decay away for 40 years. This outdoor porch swing is available in 33 different colors in pristine or washed options. You can add a pop of color to your porch with the aqua blue or canary yellow. For a more minimal look, you can go with the white and grey. Buy this Now.

4. Deep Seating All-Weather Wicker Porch Swing

Best Porch Swings, Outdoor Swing, Garden Swing, Patio Swing, Bellevue Porch Swing Bed
Upholstered with cushions and mini rollers, this porch swing is a comfy sofa hanging from a chain. This porch swing uses an all-weather wicker, stretched over the metal core made with UV inhibitors. The Olefin fabric cushions are also mildew-resistant. The neutral colors of beige and grey make it suitable for any porch setup. Buy this Now.

5. Vintage Porch Swing

Joshua Porch Swing, Porch Swings, Porch Swing Bed, Patio Swing, Outdoor Swing, Garden Swing
This vintage porch swing bed is made to last for generations. Made of dried pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine lumber, you don’t need to worry about damage due to exposure. The weathered wood finish hanging from thick ropes gives it the true vintage feel. It accommodates a twin size mattress and the height of this porch swing is adjustable. Buy this Now.

6. Avari Porch Swing

Best Porch Swings, Garden Swing, Patio Swing, Outdoor Swing, Avari Porch Swing

Minimally designed with clean lines and vintage finish, this will add style to any porch. This patio swing can seat four people comfortably and hangs by thick ropes that end in tassels. Available in grey, brown and white in color, pick the one that matches your patio decor. This porch swing is made of Kiln Dried pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine lumber wood. And that makes it a long lasting porch swing. Buy this Now.

7. River Run Sleeping Porch Swing

Patio Swing, Best Porch Swings, Porch Swing Bed, Outdoor Swing, Garden Swing

This porch swing from Wayfair tugs at the heartstrings of the outdoor enthusiast in you. The outer body of the swing is made of wicker and rattan, while the arm and backrests, of wood. It is also overstuffed with weather-resistant cushions. The armrests are gently curved outwards, adding to the whimsical look. In a unique fashion, the chain used is a thin forked metal chain. Buy this Now.

8. Hanging Chair Porch Swing

Best Porch Swings, Porch Swing Chair, Garden Swing, Patio Swing

This contemporary porch swing is both style and substance. Though it appears to be an upholstered, circular hanging hammock, it is as comfy as it gets. The deep, circular seat of this outdoor swing is padded with thick foam cushion. And the cushions have durable, polyester cover. Made of weather-proofed spruce this porch swing has a natural finish to it. The globe-like shape, with slim partitions running across the back makes it a stylish addition to any outdoor space. If used with Byer of Maine Globo Stand, this swing chair can become a part of your patio furniture too. Buy this Now.

9. Rattan Hanging Chair Porch Swing

Patio Swing Chair, Porch Swings, Porch Swing Chair, Outdoor Swing, Garden Swing
If you’re looking for an uber modern and all-weather friendly outdoor swing, this one is for you. The long body of the swing extends upwards to create a convex shape giving it the contemporary look. Rattan covers it’s sturdy steel frame, while the plush cushion is made of a UV-resistant material. The bright orange cushion offsets the soft grey color of the rattan weave creating the perfect balance. Buy this Now.

10. Nautical Outdoor Porch Swing

Porch Swings, Patio Swing Bed, Nauticals Outdoor Swing Bed

If “to each, his own” is your motto, this is the porch swing bed option you need to explore. It is the most customizable porch swing bed ever. You get to pick the size of the bed, the wood, and the finish. How cool is that! It uses mortise and tenon construction, coated screws and waterproof glue. All these construction elements make it a more durable and lasting outdoor swing bed. The minimal design of this porch swing can go with any type of decor too! Buy this Now.


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