Boho Decor Accents to Brighten Up Your Home

Boho decor is inspired by the free spirit and that’s the reason why no two boho rooms are alike. The eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures in boho decor give you an endless scope to experiment. And the result is an unconventional home unique to your free spirit.

While there are no rules to boho decorating, here are a few basics to get you started on this journey.

On a base of warm earthy colors, you can add brightly colored accents to get that bohemian effect. Any boho material should have a vintage feel or slightly worn-out look. New and shiny is not boho.

Since boho decor is also about representing the global spirit, sourcing interesting ethnic pieces from different parts of the world is a good idea.

Fringes, pom-poms, macrame, and crotchet form an important part of any boho decor theme.

You can go minimalist or the maximalist way with boho decor. Either of the looks can be achieved with ease in a bohemian setting. So go ahead and play with the patterns, colors, and textures and don’t be afraid to break the rules.

Boho accent pieces are a great way to take that first step. Check out these boho accent pieces that can add just the right amount of boho-ness to your home decor.

1. Macrame Boho Tassel Wall Mirror

Macrame Boho Decor Round Tassel Mirror

This handmade macrame hanging mirror is a perfect way to bring a  bohemian vibe to your home decor. This round boho decor mirror is 13 inches in size with intricate macrame work all around it. The beautiful tassels finish lends adds the boho charm.

2.  Boho Accent Pillows

Boho Decor Anthropologie Accent Pillows

These boho accent pillows can easily add a pop of color to a monotone modern or boho decor. It also gels well with a maximalist colorful boho room. The complementing colors of this pillow can enhance any bohemian space.

3.  Patterned Planters Set

Boho Decor Small Cement Planters

No boho decor is complete without a little bit of greenery. And bringing this set of concrete planters home would be a great place to start your boho decor journey.

With interesting patterns on monotone background, these succulent planters will bring harmony to any space. Place it on your coffee table, on the kitchen counter or next to an accent mirror in the foyer for a boho style decor.

4. String Lights – 20 Bulbs

Boho Decor - Outdoor Patio String Bulbs

Add these string light bulbs garland to your decor to bring in a rustic bohemian vibe. The vintage-looking bulbs are glued to the black cable with replaceable LEDs.

Hang them in your bedroom or in the patio seating area, this classic garland design is sure to add the boho charm.

5. Southwest Runner Bath Mat

Boho Decor Ideas - Southwest Runner Bath Mat

This rust southwest bath mat in an extended, runner silhouette is for a chic boho bathroom. The rust color and the tufted weave finished with braided fringe trim along the edges lends it the boho vibe.

6. Boho Macrame Wall Shelf

Boho Decor Ideas - Macrame Hanging Shelf

Any macrame art piece can complement a boho space. This macramé wall hanging acts both as a bohemian centerpiece and a functional shelf.

It features macramé knotted back and three-tiered mango wood shelves. The two rings on a wooden stick make it easy to hang this shelf.

7. Boho Tassel Charm Belts

Boho Decor Ideas - Tassel Mirror Hangings

These colorful swag charms used in the desert region of India are handmade by the local gypsy tribes.

Use this mirror tassel belt as a wall decoration for adding a boho touch to your home. You can also go creative and use different available colors to create a boho accent wall.

Dating back to the 15th century, this art form is preserved by each mother passing the art down to the daughters. Buying these also means you’re helping keep an art form alive.

8. Cotton Rope Low Slung Hammock

Cotton Macrame Boho Hammock

This 100% cotton rope hammock chair sure adds a boho touch to any space. Low-Slung seat design is comfortable and will inspire you to kick back and relax. A weather-resistant hammock it is suited for both indoor and outdoor spaces. So whether you want a boho patio or a boho living room, this one will do the trick.

9. Boho Accent Wall Hangings

Boho Decor Macrame Tassels Wall Hanging

Add a bohemian chic touch to a modern decor or add more character to your boho decor with these boho decor wall hangings. The cotton texture is accentuated by the metallic thread and wool. The right knots, tassels, and the textures make these a boho decor favorite.

10. Furry Llama Boho Accent Pillow

Llama Pillow for Boho Accents

This super soft little llama boho accent pillow made from faux fur and cotton is a beautiful accent piece for your bed. Add it to other boho pillows set to maximize the boho appeal. A cozy addition to your boho space.