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10 Best Luxury Home Steam Shower Units

How about a Spa Experience every weekend? Bring home one of these top 10 steam shower units.



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Steam shower units to waterfall shower heads, bathing in luxury has come a long way. Today, it’s the steam shower units that take the spotlight which double up as a jacuzzi and a spa.

Install one of these top 10 home steam shower units and have spa sessions whenever you please.

1. Steam Shower Unit with Sliding Door and Tub

With this top of the line steam shower, you now have a valid excuse to avoid going out on weekends. This is your personal home spa equipped with steam, sauna and whirlpool massage jets. The acupressure massage jets along with chromotherapy and aromatherapy options enhance the experience. It also features an inbuilt radio and computer control panel with timer. Buy This Now.

2. Corner Steam Shower Unit with Pivot Door

This corner steam shower unit with it’s curved shape ensures minimal wastage of space. This unit by one of the best steam shower brands has massage jets and aromatherapy for a relaxing bath. The pivot mechanism ensures the precision when you open and close the door of the enclosure. It also comes with a wooden floor and a matching wooden seat. Buy This Now.

3. Steam Shower Unit with Left Configuration

This rectangle-shaped top quality steam shower unit has 20 acupressure body jets. Post the acupressure massage therapy, you can hit the steam sauna bath. This unit comes with a cleaning function for disinfection. It has two wooden seats that double up as storage shelves. Buy This Now.

4. Home Steam Shower Unit Fully Loaded

Having a brushed silver finish to the frame, this home steam shower unit is neat and classy. This unit comes equipped with ceiling and hand held shower heads along with massage jets. The inclusion of chromotherapy and aromatherapy features help to rejuvenate you. Switch on the built-in radio, sit back and soak in the luxury of one of the best steam shower units.
Buy This Now.

5. Neo-Angle Door Steam Shower Unit

Having a curved shape, this steam shower has massage and shower jets on both sides of the shower enclosure. The neo-angle traps the steam in the center of the enclosure for a therapeutic experience. This top of the line steam shower unit sports overhead rainfall shower. Acupressure massage jets, chromotherapy and aromatherapy complete the luxury bathing experience. And all this comes with the cool feature of overheating protection. Buy This Now.

6. Luxury KBM Home Spa Unit

This luxury steam shower unit comes with dim LED lights to give a spa-like feel. So sit back, dim the lights and start your spa session. How about a body massage by 6 built-in body massage jets and a foot massage followed by rainfall shower? Buy This Now.

7. Corner Steam Shower Unit by Kokss

Would you want to get out of the shower if your home shower unit has the following? A huge monsoon rain shower, pulsating back jets, foot massages and a headrest. Throw a radio and a telephone fitted in the unit and you know you’ll be spending a lot of time in it. Buy This Now.

8. Sliding Door Home Steam Shower Unit

This home steam shower unit has a sleek structure with a superb mechanism of sliding doors. The shower comes with built-in steam generator and hydro-massage jets for therapeutic experience. Buy This Now.

9. Sliding Door Loaded Steam Shower EnclosureBest Shower Enclosures, Luxury Steam Shower Enclosures Sliding Door Loaded

From one of the best steam shower brands – Eagle Bath, this unit has a design that exudes elegance. The minimalist design of this shower enclosure has faded grey finish and sliding doors. It comes loaded with features like 8 Jets of whirlpool massage and 6 jets of acupressure massage. A steam sauna and aromatherapy steam outlet with a built-in-seat enhance the experience. Buy This Now.

10. Shower Tub Steam Shower Unit

This fully loaded shower enclosure is your best home steam shower unit. It has a luxurious bathtub with a hand-held shower and pulsating back jets. With the padded headrest, a tantalizing foot massage and spa like lights, it’s your very own home spa. To top it all it has two built in towel grab rails, a soap dispenser and a 2 tier glass shelf for the other essentials. Buy This Now.


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