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15 Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats Right Now

Eco-friendly yoga mats are available in various avatars today. Each one designed to suit a specific yoga practice. If some yoga mats are well suited for vinyasa, others are better suited for sweaty hot yoga.

TPE, Natural Rubber, Organic Cork, Jute, and Cotton go into making these natural yoga mats. You can rest assured that they are free of harmful PVC, Chloride and Synthetic Chemicals.

These yoga mats are not only non-toxic but also recyclable. So they are good for your body, mind, soul and the environment. We’ve rounded up the best eco-friendly yoga mats that will meet your specific yoga practice needs.

Go on and make that switch to non-toxic yoga mats with the help of our best eco-friendly yoga mats list.

1. Eco-friendly Yoga Mats – Jade Harmony

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Non-toxic Yoga Mats, Jade Yoga Mats, Jade Harmony Yoga Mat

These eco-friendly yoga mats are made from premium quality open-celled natural rubber. No PVC, EVA or other synthetic rubbers go into the production process of these Jade yoga mats. One of the best non-toxic yoga mats, it offers great traction and grip even through perspiration.

Jade Harmony natural rubber yoga mats are available in 17 cool colors. Jade plants a tree through their partners, Trees for the Future every time you buy a yoga mat. They’ve planted over 1.5 million trees so far! Buy this Now.

2. Natural Cork Yoga Mats – Yoloha Unity

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Non-toxic Yoga Mats, Yoloha Cork Yoga Mats, Cork Yoga Mats

The top surface of this eco-friendly yoga mat features a blend of two recycled materials – cork and rubber. That’s how you get a mat with serious grip performance dry or wet, optimum durability and less weight. This is one of the best cork yoga mats for pretty much any yoga practice.

No PVC or harsh chemicals in this yoga mat ensure that it is also easy on your body. The closed-cell construction allows for easy cleaning and no trapped odors. At 6.5mm thickness and weighing 6 pounds, this yoga mat is available in 3 generous sizes accommodating even large tall men.

If you’re a nomad yogi, the Yoloha travel cork yoga mat may be one of the most important travel accessories you want to pack. Measuring at 72″ x 24″, just 1mm thickness and weighing in at 2.5 lbs., it rolls tight to a 2.5″ diameter. You can even fold it, making it one of the best yoga mats for travel whether you’re heading to the beach or out of town. Use Coupon Code “cluburb” for 10% Off. Buy this Now.

3. Eco-friendly Yoga Mats – Manduka eKO Lite

Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats, Non-toxic Yoga Mats, Manduka Yoga Mats, Eko Lite

Part of the Manduka eKO series, the eKo Lite yoga mats are light and portable. These yoga mats sport a wet grip surface with a pleasant rippled water pattern available in a variety of hues.

The top surface is made of proprietary closed-cell natural rubber that is harvested under regulations and is not the product of Amazonian trees. The mat uses a unique softening process free of oil-based products, toxic materials, and foaming agents. Buy this Now.

4. Eco-friendly Cork Yoga Mats – Urbivore

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Urbivore Natural Cork Yoga Mat, Non-toxic Yoga Mats

This natural cork yoga mat sports natural cork on top and natural rubber at the bottom. The result is a non-slip, odor-free, and eco-friendly yoga mat. This cork yoga mat is 6ft X 2ft and 4mm in thickness offering great grip and cushion for your yoga practice.

If it’s a travel yoga mat you’re looking for, then the Wander travel cork yoga mat is what you need. At 72″ x 24″, 2mm thickness and weighing less than 2lbs., this is one of the best cork yoga mats for travel. You also give back when you buy their yoga mats as your purchase results in the planting of a tree. Buy this Now.

5. Non-toxic Yoga Mats – Prana E.C.O TPE

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Non-toxic Yoga Mats, Prana Eco

The Prana E.C.O eco-friendly yoga mats are constructed from 100% Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). These mats are recyclable, UV resistant, lightweight, PVC and Chloride free. Their closed-cell construction prevents germs from absorbing into the mat.

The two-sided textured surface on these yoga mats provides superior cushioning and excellent grip on hard surfaces. Buy this Now.

6. Natural Cork Yoga Mats – Gaiam

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Cork Yoga Mat, Gaiam Yoga Mats

These cork yoga mats are constructed from sustainable cork on one side, and eco-friendly, lightweight TPE on the other. The closed-cell design seals out germs, odor, and bacteria.

With dimensions of 68″ by 24″, tall people might find it a bit small. At 5mm thickness, Gaiam Cork Yoga Mats offer superior cushion and support. Buy this Now.

7. Organic Cotton Yoga Mats – Yogasana

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Non-toxic Yoga Mats, Yogasana Cotton Mat

Handwoven in India, these 100% cotton yoga mats provide a firmer grip while sweating, unlike the rubber or PVC plastic mats. The natural fiber absorbs moisture and provides it a superior grip. These are well suited for most surfaces like grass, sand, textured tiles, and carpets.

These lightweight yoga mats come in 72″ X 25″ size. They come with 15 years warranty and a part of the sale goes towards a child’s education in India. So buying these eco-friendly yoga mats is an investment in good karma too! Buy this Now.

8. Natural Cork Yoga Mats – Gurus Roots

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Cork Yoga Mats, Gurus Natural Cork

Guru’s bestselling Roots Cork Yoga Mats are among the top-rated eco-friendly yoga mats. This yoga mat is made from natural and sustainably sourced cork layer on top and natural rubber layer on the bottom. Cork being naturally antimicrobial, keeps your mat odor-free without the use of sprays or cleaners. It’s waterproof and non-slip surface can handle your sweatiest of the practices.

72″ by 25″ in size, this cork yoga mat is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Both surfaces being natural and grippy, you use either side depending on your mood and setup. Gurus also plant a tree with every mat they sell through their partners, Trees for the Future. Buy this Now.

9. Non-toxic Yoga Mats – Sugarmat

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Non-toxic Yoga Mats, Barefoot Yoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mats

If you’re one of those who surround themselves with all things pretty, then this eco-friendly yoga mat is for you. It features beautiful artwork by British Columbia’s prominent artist Dana Mooney, who’s inspired by the landscape of Canada’s West Coast.

Made of TPE, this yoga mat is both biodegradable and eco-friendly. It’s also absolutely lightweight while providing great cushioning at 5mm thickness.

If you’re looking for a travel version of this mat, be sure to check out the West Coast Travel Yoga Mat. Sugarmat makes some of the best yoga mats for travel we’ve seen. Besides being pretty, these travel yoga mats are just 1mm thick and are foldable. Buy this Now.

10. Eco-friendly Cork Yoga Mats – Repose

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Non-toxic Yoga Mats, Cork Yoga Mat,  Repose Organic Cork Yoga Mat

Made from organic cork and natural rubber, these eco-friendly yoga mats use no harmful chemicals. No glues, TPEs, or PVCs. Furthermore, the cork and rubber trees are not harmed due to their sustainable harvesting practices. No plastics in the production process and packaging means these non-toxic yoga mats are both biodegradable and recyclable.

This non-slip mat with natural rubber bottom is good for hot yoga sessions too. These easy to clean cork yoga mats are also portable, thanks to the yoga mat strap that comes with it. Beginner or a pro, aerobics or pilates, this is your go-to natural yoga mat. Buy this Now.

11. Eco-friendly Yoga Mats – Yoga Design Lab

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Non-toxic Yoga Mats, Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat

This eco-friendly yoga mat is made with natural rubber at its base and the top is made of microfibers from recycled bottles. Its unique design improves grip with sweat, making it ideal for sweaty yoga sessions, like hot yoga.

The Yoga Design Studio Combo Yoga Mats come in beautiful designs printed with water-based colors. These mats are machine washable – just hang ’em to dry with no fear of fading prints. Buy this Now.

12. Ajna Eco-friendly Jute Yoga Mats

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Ajna Natural Jute Yoga Mat

These non-toxic yoga mats are made from organic jute fiber and PER. The dual-layer technology of this natural yoga mat also makes it a luxurious mat. The top layer has a textured high-performance grip and the bottom has a non-slip finish. When combined, the thickness of this eco-friendly mat is 5mm. It is not only thicker but also longer and wider than the other mats in the market.

This organic yoga mat comes with 100% cotton carrier strap making it easy to take your yoga mat wherever you go. It is going to last you for years and will keep getting softer. This is the nature of jute, one of nature’s most sustainable forms of fiber. Buy this Now.

13. Non-toxic Yoga Mats – Liforme

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Non-toxic Yoga Mats, Liforme Yoga Mats

Get this yoga mat if balance and alignment are key in your Yoga practice. Made from naturally sourced sustainable rubber, these eco-friendly yoga mats have alignment markers. They give you an absolute sense of balance and alignment during your yoga session.

Made with planet-friendly materials, these Liforme yoga mats are also one of the grippiest yoga mats. While it takes care of the grip, it also gives you more space than other yoga mats with 72.8″ length and 26.8″ width. Free from PVC and toxic glues, this is your sustainable, firm, grippy and spacious natural yoga mat. Buy this Now.

14. Yoga Design Lab Cork Yoga Mats

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Non-toxic Yoga Mats, Yoga Design Lab Cork Yoga Mat

Suitable for yoga, pilates, and exercise, this is one versatile eco-friendly yoga mat. This cork yoga mat is made with environmentally friendly recycled cork and natural rubber.

Measuring at 70″ x 24″ and available in two variants of 3.5mm and 1.5mm thickness, this yoga mat comes with a complimentary yoga mat strap. Buy this Now.

15. Organic Jute Yoga Mats – Affirmats

Best Eco-friendly Yoga Mats, Non-toxic Yoga Mats, Affirmats

One of the best non-toxic yoga mats, this mat is made from a blend of biodegradable jute and Eco-PVC. Free of Latex, Metal & Phthalates, these mats help reduce the carbon footprint caused by the chemical-based products. Jute also makes it slip-resistant. Buy this Now.



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