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Thoughtful Gifts for Serious Wine Lovers

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What’s the best gift for a wine lover? More wine!

Picking gifts for wine lovers is a lot like picking gifts for coffee lovers. From the beans to the roasting, from grinding to brewing, it’s part art and part science. You get even one step wrong, it can make or break your coffee drinking experience.

Wine lovers are just as passionate about their wines and go to great lengths to make the most of their wine-drinking experience. If you’re not a wine lover yourself, it can be quite a task to pick a thoughtful wine gift.

We’ve rounded up 10 best thoughtful gifts for wine lovers that’ll make Wining and Dining “an experience” for them.

Best Wine Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

1. Wine Preserving Bottle Stopper

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We all know that even a little oxygen in an opened wine bottle can alter the flavor of the wine. So what you need is a technology that can cut 100% of oxygen from the opened bottle of wine.

One of the best gifts for wine lovers, ZOS Halo comes with an oxygen barrier stopper. ZOS Halo wine stopper absorbs all of the oxygen in the bottle within minutes. This helps preserve the opened bottle for 2 months.

It comes attached with a replaceable cartridge and a tester. The tester lets you know when to replace the cartridge. Simple to use, it will let your friends or family enjoy their favorite bottle of wine for months. Buy this Now.

2. Gift for Wine Lovers: Electric Wine Aerator

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This electric decanter lets you explore different flavors in one bottle of wine. It uses a special magnetized device that delicately opens up all the flavors and aromas.

Unlike the traditional decanters, it aerates the wine to suit the taste buds. One of the best gifts for wine lovers, it gives the favorite level of decanting with the adjustable timer.

Aerating the wine with a gentle whirlpool, it takes only minutes to fully decant the wine.

LED lights on top of the magnetized base of this wine aerator indicate when your wine is ready. Buy this Now.

3. Wine Preservation System

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Here’s a gift that’ll give a wine lover the freedom to keep their favorite wine fresh and accessible. This 2-in-wine rechargeable cordless electric opener also helps to preserve the wine for future use. It can open and vacuum seal bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you want a sip, a glass, or more, the last glass will taste just as amazing as the very first. A perfect bar accessory and one of the best gifts for a wine lover. Buy this Now.

4. Wine Club Subscription Box

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How would you like your friend or family well wined through the year? You can gift them a wine club subscription that will entertain them with the finest of wines.

With a wine club subscription, your loved ones can discover great wines without leaving the comfort of their homes. They can even get some great wine pairing tips and enjoy tours to the partner wineries.

You can choose from a variety of Wine Club subscriptions available these days. The experts here search, taste, pick and source the wines, ensuring you get the very best to your doorstep.

Our guide to the Best Wine Clubs should help you choose the perfect one for your loved ones.

5. Gifts for Wine Lovers: Wine Decanter

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The tight fit of a wine bottle doesn’t allow the wine to breathe and the aromas and flavors are not released. So you need a decanter with a wide base that helps the wine to aerate. The 8.5″ diameter of the bottom of the Le Chateau Wine Decanter ensures maximum aeration.

This hand-blown crystal wine aerator enhances the aroma, purity, and taste in a single step. A merlot, cabernet, pinot noir, port or any other wine – it can decant them all.

The large easy pour slanted spout of this decanter avoids spills or drips. This is a gift that a wine connoisseur will surely appreciate. Buy this Now.

6. Built-in Wine Cooler

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Designed for built-in installation, this wine cooler makes for one of the best gifts for wine lovers. With a front-breathing compressor-based cooling system, it has the capacity to store 7 bottles. Digital thermostat lets you have precise and convenient temperature control with the touch of a button. Illuminating with LED lighting, this electric cooler from Summit Appliance also looks cool. Buy this Now.

7. Gifts for Wine Lovers: Glass Set

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Wine glasses make for one of the most useful gifts for wine lovers. With handmade glass construction, this set of wine glasses is classy. With clear bowls and copper stems, this set of 4 glasses ooze sophistication. The wine glasses are 3.25 inches in diameter and 8.75 inches in height. Buy this Now.

8. Wine Accessories Gift Set

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Here’s a useful gift that will make a wine lover enjoy a fine glass of wine at ease. The foil cutter and wine opener corkscrew will help open the wine bottle. Pouring the wine through the wine aerator will enhance its taste and flavor.

And the wine stopper will preserve the wine for later use. The attractive gift box is not only a cherry on the cake but also makes this set a perfect travel companion for the wine lover. Buy this Now.

9. Hanging Glasses and Wine Rack

Best Gifts For Wine Lovers Wayfair Rebrilliant 6 Bottle Hanging Glass Rack

A wine rack is a jazzy way to store the wine bottles and glasses and makes for a great gift for wine lovers. This hanging wine rack from Wine Enthusiast saves space and adds to the decor too. Displaying up to 10 stems and 6 bottles, this wine rack is what a wine lover will cherish. Buy this Now.

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