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Cool Wallpaper Ideas to Transform Your Home

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Add some jazz to your home walls with these cool wallpaper ideas.

Wallpapers have been around a long time now. It began with the Chinese gluing rice paper to the walls (B.C). All those centuries later, we have at our disposal unique wallpaper ideas in trendy and chic designs.

Depending on the theme of the space, you can pick from a wide variety available in the market. The range is never-ending – striped, floral, brick finish, glittery, embossed, wooden panel, 3D and much more.

Here are some unique wallpapers ideas to give your home a makeover!

Unique Wallpaper Ideas for Home

1. Unique Wallpapers: Sparkling Glitter

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Creating an accent wall becomes a lot easier with glitter wallpapers. They can add a little sparkle to an otherwise dull space. They come in a variety of hues to go along with other walls or the general decor of the house.

They are also available in modern fun versions. And sometimes they give a modern twist to traditional plain wallpaper. With metallic ink, glitter particles or a highly reflective surface, these unique wallpapers lend a luxurious look to your home. Buy this Now.

2. Unique Wallpaper: Retro or Vintage

Cool Wallpaper Amazon Spoonflower Retro Bikes

A space that reflects the old world charm can’t be complete without a unique wallpaper with a vintage vibe. Retro wallpapers are not only about the weathered antique look they’re also about colors that are reminiscent of the era gone by.

This vintage wallpaper in vintage style and a worn-out look can add that retro touch. Matte finish with a subtle leathered texture this fun vintage bicycle wallpaper can be used to create an accent wall in any room. Buy this Now.

3. Unique Wallpapers: Faux Brick

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The look of exposed bricks can add an element of rustic charm to your home. Even if you want to create an industrial theme space, a faux brick wallpaper can do the trick. Team this Millwood Pines wallpaper with rustic home decor or just create an accent wall in an industrial-themed space.

One of the best unique wallpapers ideas, an accent wall with exposed brick wallpaper can give character to any space. Buy this Now.

4. Unique Wallpaper: Mid-Century Modern

Mid Century Modern Wallpaper Spoonflower

Mid-century modern furniture has seen a recent rise in popularity. This type of furniture has clean lines in a style that is slightly retro. The unique styling also makes for a look that is timeless. Mid-century designs are inspired from the 50s & 60s.

If you want to bring this trend home, mid-century wallpapers would be a great place to start. They feature geometric patterns, near-neutral color tone, neutral base with saturated accent colors.

This unique wallpaper has all the elements of a mid-century vibe – neutral base, saturated accent colors, and geometric design. Buy this Now.

5. Unique Wallpapers: Floral

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Floral Wallpapers have been an all-time favorite for home decor. They come in exotic avatars – Retro, Mid-century, Victorian and more. You can take your pick from the various patterns of floral wallpapers depending on your home decor theme. All-in-all bring a little bit of spring home!

This floral wallpaper looks exotic with stylized flowering magnolia branches. The design gives a hand-painted feel. Use it to create an accent wall behind your bed or in the kitchen. This is a pre-pasted, washable, and strippable floral wallpaper. Buy this Now.

6. Unique Wallpaper: Faux Wood Look

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Creating an illusion of Wood in a concrete space has never been easier. The faux wood wallpapers are plenty in the market and you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. Whether you want a textured look, a worn-out look, colored or plain, you’ll find them all.

This faux wood panel wallpaper from Blooming Wall gives you the feel of real wood. This wallpaper will go best with a vintage themed house or a farmhouse decor. Besides being waterproof and fire-retardant, it is also abrasion-proof and extra scrubbable. Buy this Now.

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