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10 Best Travel Accessories You Should Be Carrying

Travel Accessories
Check out these 10 best travel accessories. Some of them can be lifesavers.

You love #travel #vacation #holiday #roadtrip. Who doesn’t, right? And the last thing you wanna lose when on vacation is precious time. Running around for travel accessories like a power converter or a power bank.

Here are 10 best travel accessories that will offer you peace of mind and let you make the most of your travel time.

Unique Travel Accessories

1. Travel Accessories: Luggage Scale

Travel Accessories Camry Luggage Scale

This digital luggage scale should top your travel accessories list. It will save you time, money and hassles by keeping your luggage weight within limits. The rubber painted handle of this scale gives it a comfortable and sturdy grip. At only 3.2 ounces, this scale is easy to use and convenient to pack along on your trip. Buy this Now.

2. Pill Organizer Pouch

Travel Accessories Deluxe Folding Pill Organizer

This is one of the best travel accessories to organize your medicines. The sixteen individual clear pouches come with blue and red tabs. These tabs help you keep track of whether you’ve taken the pills or not.

You can slip this sleek folding medication holder into your bag. A medical reference card is also included which comes in handy in case of a medical emergency. Buy this Now.

3. Travel Accessories: Power Bank 

Travel Accessories Ravpower Power Bank

Travel without a power bank in our tech-savvy world is considered a sin. Today phones are loaded with features and double up as almost anything from a torch to a map to a camera. So undoubtedly the battery gets drained. And if you don’t have a Power Bank for support, your phone is just going to be a brick in your pocket.

This Power Bank has a 26800 mAh capacity and can power your phone or tab many times over. It can charge in just 14-15 hours with a 2.4a charger. With a mammoth capacity, its power can charge 3 devices simultaneously. Buy this Now.

4. Safety Padlock Set

Best Travel Accessories Master Lock

It’d be a nightmare to find something missing from your house or your garage after coming back from a dreamy vacation. The last thing that you would want, is to keep your possessions vulnerable to theft.

These locks help you in combat just that. These solid steel locks have a dual ball bearing and a 4 pin cylinder. This mechanism alongside the steel body provides maximum resistance to picking and prying. To add to that, the shackle is made of Boron – Carbide which is 50% stronger than hardened steel. Buy this Now.

5. Waterproof Smartphone Pouch

Travel Accessories Travelon Waterproof Smart Phone

This Waterproof Pouch is one of the best travel accessories if you’re headed for an exotic island or a beach vacation. It can fit all sizes of smartphones and pocket digital cameras. The soft outer surface lets you operate the touch smartphones while in the pouch. Buy this Now.

6. Clip-on Lenses for Smartphone

Best Travel Accessories Olloclip Macro Lens

Amateurs that are going on travel tours don’t need a DSLR to click great pictures. Phones today come with cameras that can do a great job. But getting that wide-angle shot on a professional camera is always going to be easier than on your phone camera.

To bridge this gap, we recommend a Clip-on lens for your phone. It has a super wide-angle lens, a Macro Lens, and a fisheye lens which are attached together. Just clip it on your phone camera and shoot away. Buy this Now.

7. Travel Accessories: Universal Power Adapter

Best Travel Accessories Universal Power Adapter

Traveling abroad obviously means different plug points. And there is no way, you’re not going to use and charge your electronic devices. So carrying a universal power adapter is always a smart option.

One of the best travel accessories, this universal power adapter is compatible with sockets across 160 countries. Moreover, it can charge 5 devices at once with its 4 USB ports and its AC socket. It fits the bill for phones, tablets, drones, laptops, and other devices. Buy this Now.

8. Travel Accessories: USB Solar Charger

Travel Accessories Kingsolar Usb Solar Charger

There can be nothing better than to use renewable resources to its fullest. And solar chargers are there to leverage just that.

This 5V USB and 18V DC dual output solar charger is perfect for travel as it is compatible with most devices. It is much lighter and more compact than most chargers out there. But it equals them in power, with the 30W Sunpower panel increasing. One of the best travel accessories if you’re traveling to the sunnier parts of the world. Buy this Now.

9. GoPro Camera Hero 8 Black

Best Travel Accessories Hero8 Black Bundle

If you’re somebody who loves documenting his travels, GoPro Hero 8 is your best partner. With the latest Hero 8, GoPro has loaded features that none can beat. From taking high-quality videos to super sharp photos, a GoPro can do it all.

Additional mods like lights, audio and display have been added to this GoPro. Super convenient to carry, it is compact and can be fixed anywhere to shoot great POV videos. Especially if you’re into outdoor activities, a GoPro is one of the best travel accessories to carry. Buy this Now.

10. Noise Canceling Headphones

Best Travel Accessories Sony Headphones

If you’re like us, then your journey is incomplete without music. What with all the noise around you, music is what brings you back to you. But you hardly get to enjoy the music if the background noise is too overpowering.

These noise-canceling Sony headphones work like a charm in scenarios like these. A smart listening system that adjusts to the ambient sound, gives you the best noise cancellation. Touch controls on one side, with Alexa, enabled, it can last up to 30 hours of playtime. Our favorite feature is, cover the right part of the headphones and the volume just drops. Perfect for a quick conversation with a co-passenger. Buy this Now.

11. Travel Accessories: Nomatic Travel Bag

Best Travel Accessories Nomatic Bag

For frequent travelers, their travel bag becomes their closet. And if you’re one of them, then you would love to have a “closet” that is multipurpose. 

This bag is one of the best travel bags out there. It is compact, it is sturdy, it is waterproof and it is smart. Separate compartments for shoes, clothes, laptops and electronic devices and other useful pockets, the utility is endless. Extremely user-friendly, it also has a separate mesh bag to hold your used clothes. It can also double up like a duffel bag if you’re tired of carrying it on your shoulders. Buy this Now.

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