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20 Best Subscription Boxes for Women Right Now

Best Subscription Boxes for Women
For the Women Who Deserve all The Pampering – 20 of the Best Subscription Boxes!

Wanna spoil a woman silly? Think of anything, and there are exclusively designed subscription boxes for women. And there can be no better way to show a woman that you care, than how her face lights up when she opens her subscription box, month-on-month.

When it comes to subscription boxes for women, it’s an ocean of a choice out there. There are fashion subscription boxes, beauty subscription boxes, wine subscription boxes, fitness subscription boxes, and the list goes on.

So what sets a subscription box apart from the rest is the quality of their offering, the customer service and the ease of managing your subscription.

With these criteria in mind, we set out to handpick the very best subscription boxes. And the result is our list of the 20 best subscription boxes, specially designed for women.

Best Subscription Boxes for Women

1. Beauty Subscription Box

Glossybox Beauty Subscription Box, Subscription Boxes for Beauty / Skincare.

GlossyBox is a subscription box that is meant to be a surprise. Once you sign up, you will have 5 premium beauty products delivered to your doorstep every month. These products are picked by experts based on your preference and sent in a luxury gift box. For a subscription rate as low as $21/month you get products worth $60. You can also opt for 3, 6, or 12-month plans with this beauty subscription box. Join GlossyBox.

If you’re looking for vegan, cruelty-free beauty products, LoveGoodly is one of the best subscription boxes for women. Based on your subscription type, you get either 4-5 or 5-6 beauty and/or skincare products at your doorstep. Occasionally, they also include an eco-friendly style accessory, a wellness product, or a healthy snack. Their bi-monthly subscription starts at $34.95 for this skincare beauty subscription box. Join LoveGoodly.

2. Fashion Subscription Box

Box of Style Fashion Subscription Box for Women

Rachel Zoe puts together the Box of Style with the latest luxury fashion and beauty products. You get her handpicked products worth over $400 delivered to your doorstep each quarter for just $99.99. This beauty subscription box offers a quarterly plan for $99.99. You could also save $50 by paying $349.99 for the yearly plan. Plus you get other cool perks as a member of Box of Style. Join Box of Style.

3. Shoe Subscription Box

Shoedazzle Subscription Box for Women

How would you feel if you could log on to a virtual showroom of shoes that knows your personal style, month-on-month? We’d say, a bit like a kid in a candy store. That’s what you get for being a VIP member at Shoedazzle. From Flat Slip-on Sneakers to High Heel Platform Shoes, they’ve got it all.

For just $39.95 a month, you get to pick from your personalized showroom between the 1st and 5th of every month. With free shipping and returns, skip a month or as many, and cancel at any time options, you’re in complete control.

Curious? You can get your first pair of Boots for just $10 for becoming a VIP member. Join Shoedazzle.

4. Snack Subscription Box

Love with Food Snack Subscription Box

If you’re into snacking, rather clean snacking, you’ll love this subscription box for snacks. Lovewithfood helps you discover delicious, junk-free snacks every month by delivering them right to your door starting at just $7.99. With each one of the subscription boxes they ship, they donate meals to various US food banks.

They offer 3 subscription options, Tasting, Deluxe, and Gluten-free with free shipping within the US. They also ship worldwide for an additional fee of $3.99 per month (available only on Deluxe and Gluten-free plans). If you love a particular snack and want to order more of it, you can order them from their snack shop. Join Love With Food.

5. Meal Subscription Box

Best Subscription Boxes for Women,  Freshly Gourmet Meals Subscription Box, Food, Snacks, Foodies.

Freshly subscription box is perfect for the busy bee who’s always on the go and has no time to cook. This box delivers chef-cooked, healthy meals right to your door every week. The meals are ready to eat in 3 minutes, perfect for 1 person for 1 sitting.

You can choose from 4, 6, 9, or 12 meals per week and change the number of meals for each order. The weekly plans range from $49.99 for 4 meals ($12.50 per meal) to $107.99 for 12 meals ($8.99 per meal). Join Freshly.

6. Wine Subscription Box

Winc Wine Subscription Box, 
Subscription Boxes for Foodies, VineOh Wine Subscription Box

Winc is one of the best wine clubs known for its high-quality curation. They deliver 3 hand-picked bottles every month based on your palate. For just $39 a month, you get 3 top-grade, handcrafted wines right to your doorstep. Join Winc.

The VineOh Box is another great wine+surprises quarterly subscription box designed exclusively for women. The VineOh! Box delivers 2 wines plus 5-6 full-size fun, rejuvenating, and delicious products every quarter for just $59.99 ( a value of over $120). Get VineOh! Box.

7. Cheese Subscription Box

Murrays Cheese Subscription Box, 
Subscription Boxes for Foodies, Food, Snacks

Get the best from the cheese world through Murray’s Cheese of the Month Club. The subscription box delivers 3-4 great varieties of cheese perfect for snacking or serving up at a party for $63 a month. An add-on is a manual they send that mentions the origin and the best beverage pairings for the cheese. Join Murray’s Cheese of the Month Club.

8. Candy Subscription Box

Candy Club Monthly Subscription Box, Subscription Boxes for Food,  Snacks, Foodies.

This subscription box is a dream come true for candy lovers! A curated selection of delicious candy every month is what it delivers. It gets even better as the candies are made by small artisans and famed candy producers.

This box gives two subscription options. For $30 you get six 6 oz candy cups and for $40 a month, you get six 13 oz candy cups. Join CandyClub.

9. Coffee Subscription Box

Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription Box

The love for coffee beats the love of anything and Blue Bottle Coffee is tapping into just that. Once you subscribe to their box, you get to choose from Blends, Single Origin or Espresso Coffee Beans.

They give 4 different size options that will be delivered anywhere between 1 and 4 times monthly. The smallest size is 6 oz which starts from $8 and goes up to $9.50 according to the coffee type. One of the best subscription boxes for women who love to cozy up to their cuppa. Join Blue Bottle Coffee.

10. Tea Subscription Box

Teabox Monthly Subscription Box, Tea Subscription Boxes, Food and Drink, Foodies

If you’re somebody that starts your day with a cup of tea, then a monthly tea subscription is what you should be looking at. When you sign up with Tea Box, they send monthly themed boxes with 5 different varieties of tea leaves. Along with this they also send instructions, experiences, and other freebies. You can choose from their monthly plan of $39.99 or quarterly at $107.97. Join Tea Box.

11. Multi-vitamin Subscription Box

Subscription boxes for Health, Ritual Multi Vitamin Subscription Box

Ritual delivers multivitamin capsules that contain 12 essential nutrients required for a healthy body. From D3 to Omega-3, the capsules are vegan, gluten-free, allergen-free, and non-GMO with no colorants or synthetic fillers.

Their “Essentials” subscription box for women is available in three variants – 18+, 50+, and Prenatal. The 18+ is priced at $30 per month, while the other two plans come at $35 per month. Join Ritual.

12. Yoga Subscription Box

Yoga Subscription Boxes, Yogi Surprise Subscription Box for Women, Subscription Boxes for Health

Keeping in mind the yogis of the world, Yogi Surprise offers two types of subscription boxes. The first one, the Yoga Box, has products to enhance the experience of yoga. Essential oils, natural skincare, and crystals are some products that this box comes with.

The other one is the Jewelry Box, with handcrafted bead necklaces and diffuser jewelry. These boxes are available in a monthly package of $44.95 and $24.99 respectively. Join Yogi Surprise.

13. Flower Subscription Box

Best Subscription Boxes for Women, Bouqs Flower Subscription Box, Bloomsybox Flower Subscription Box

Bouqs offers you the freedom to choose between three different collections of flowers to be delivered to your doorstep. Also, you can choose the number of stems you would like from your collection. Starting off at $36 for 10-16 stems to $60 for 30-45 stems, get them delivered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly. Join Bouqs.

Bloomsybox is another one of the best subscription boxes for women if you’re looking for premium flowers. They offer a great variety of options with their original, deluxe, and premium plans. If you’re a fan of roses, you’ll love their Martha Stewart Rose Collection. The plans start at $39.99 and upwards with weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly delivery options. Join Bloomsybox.

14. Perfume Subscription Box

Scentbird Perfume Subscription Box

Scentbird has a massive collection of 450+ designer brands of perfumes for women. Through its subscription box, you get access to all these brands for only $15 a month. Choose your preferred perfumes and they’ll deliver them in travel-friendly 8ml packs every month. Join Scentbird.

15. Candle Subscription Box

Brooklyn Candle Studio Subscription Box

Get one handpicked seasonal candle every month delivered to your door through their subscription. Peonies in the spring, warm pumpkin in the fall, and the aroma of woodland pines in the winter.

For $20 a month, receive their recommended seasonal candle of the month along with a matchbox. Add 10$ more to it and you can go for a subscription to a full-size seasonal candle and a candle in a gold travel tin. Join Brooklyn Candle Studio.

16. Fitness Clothing Subscription Box

Ellie Womens Fitness Clothing Subscription Box

Ellie is a monthly activewear clothing subscription box carefully curated by women for women. You can select from the wide range of activewear and choose to make it either a 2, 3, or 5 items monthly plan. The 2-item plan is $39.95 and the 5-item plan is $49.95, while the 3-item plan is $44.95. Join Ellie.

17. Book of the Month Subscription Box

Subscription Boxes for Books, Book of the Month Subscription Box

This one is for you if you want to lay your hands on the best books without going through the grind of reading reviews. Book of the month club does your job of picking from the best of the books.

This Subscription box for books gives you the option of choosing a maximum of 3 books every month from 5 of their best picks. Their subscription also enables you to choose from all their books at $14.99 a month. Join Book of the Month.

18. Bracelet Subscription Box

Subscription Boxes for Jewelry, Pura Vida Bracelet Subscription Box

For the fans of casual jewelry with a boho vibe, this subscription box is pure bliss. Exclusive bracelets, earrings, rings, and cuffs are what the PuraVida subscription box delivers.

Get 3 of the exclusive bracelets every month if that’s what you love about PuraVida. They charge $14.95 for a monthly package and $132 for a yearly one.

Or go for their jewelry subscription box. This one provides you with 2 of their exclusive jewelry styles. Your options – A yearly subscription of $180 or a monthly subscription of $19.95. Join PuraVida Monthly Club.

19. Luxury Jewelry Subscription Box

Switch Jewelry Subscription Box for Women

Jewelry from Luxury brands is out of reach for most of us. But Switch makes it possible to enjoy Designer Jewelry at a very affordable cost. And that makes Switch one of the best subscription boxes for women.

Starting at $29 a month to $49 and $69 they offer 3 subscriptions that let you choose 1,2 or 3 items a month. You get to choose from their curated luxury jewelry items every month.

And if you like a piece and want to keep it for more than a month, you can do that as long as you’re subscribed. Or if you fell in love with a piece, you can also buy it from them at a discounted price as a member. Join Switch.

20. Tights Subscription Box

Rachel Tights Subscription Box, Best Subscription Boxes for Women

Besides shopping at their online store, Rachel offers a subscription plan to get their beautiful tights delivered every month. From glittery to lace to fishnet, these tights are works of art.

For $27.50 per month, Rachel lets you pick any two pairs of quality tights according to your style. These beautiful tights are designed in Montreal and made in Italy. You can pause, skip, fast-forward, or cancel your subscription at any time. Join Rachel.

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