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10 Best Luxury Home Steam Shower Units

Luxury Shower Enclosure Cluburb
How about a Spa Experience every weekend? Bring home one of these top 10 steam shower units.

Steam shower units to waterfall showerheads, bathing in luxury has come a long way. Today, it’s the steam shower units that take the spotlight, which also doubles up as jacuzzi and spa.

Install one of these 10 best home steam shower units and have spa sessions whenever you please.

Best Steam Shower Enclosures and Units

1. Tinted Glass Steam Shower Enclosure

Steam Shower Units Ariel 300a

For a relaxed spa-like experience this steam shower unit from Mesa features 6 body jets and an overhead rainfall shower. This unit includes a steam sauna and a hand-held shower too in a tinted blue glass enclosure. Push-button LED control panel with built-in FM tuner will keep you entertained too. Buy this Now.

2. Corner Steam Shower Unit

Steam Shower Units Athena Corner

This corner steam shower unit with its curved shape ensures minimal wastage of space. This unit by one of the best steam shower brands has massage jets and aromatherapy for a relaxing bath.

Besides oversized rainfall and chromotherapy lighting, this one comes with a Vitamin C shower. Vitamin C showers neutralize the harmful effects of chlorine present in the water. Also, Vitamin C is known to be a boon for your skin and hair care.

This spacious single person corner shower comes with a fold down oak seat. Buy this Now.

3. Steam Shower Unit with Left Configuration

Steam Shower Units Steam Planet Jupiter Plus

This rectangle-shaped top-quality steam shower unit from Steam Planet has 8 body massage jets. Post the body massage therapy, you can hit the steam sauna bath.

With 8″ wide rainfall showerhead, LED lights and the aroma filled steam, it is one of the best steam showers for a spa-like experience. And if you need a change sometimes, you can go for different water spray patterns with a handheld shower.

FM Radio and phone hook up can also keep you connected to the world if you wish to. Buy this Now.

4. Home Steam Shower Unit Fully Loaded

Ariel Platinum DZ972F8

Having a brushed silver finish to the frame, this home steam shower unit is neat and classy. This unit comes equipped with ceiling and handheld showerheads along with massage jets.

The inclusion of chromotherapy and aromatherapy features help to rejuvenate you. Switch on the built-in radio, sit back and soak in the luxury of one of the best steam shower units. Buy this Now.

5.  Rectangle Hinged Steam Shower Enclosure

Ariel Dz959f8r Steam Shower Enclosure

This fully loaded shower enclosure by Ariel Bath comes with 6 acupressure body jets for massage therapy. Ceiling and handheld showerheads along with steam sauna help you relax further. Aromatherapy, Chromotherapy and built-in radio complete the therapeutic experience. Buy this Now.

6. Right Hand Door Steam Shower Unit

Steam Shower Units Ariel Dz956f8

Sporting 24 directional body jets, this steam shower unit helps you relax after a long day. You also get to use the option of the overhead rainfall shower or handheld shower.

And while you’re deciding that the 3kW steam generator gives out steam in under 5 minutes. So sit back and stretch on the in-built bench, turn on the radio and exhale all the worries out! Buy this Now.

7. Luxury Rectangle Sliding Home Spa Unit

Kokss Gt0531 Steam Shower Enclosure

Would you want to get out of the shower if your steam shower unit has the following? A huge monsoon rain shower, whirlpool tub, pulsating back jets, foot massager, and a headrest!

With the built-in AM/FM radio, you know you’ll be spending a lot of time inside this steam shower. Buy this Now.

8. Corner Round Sliding Steam Shower

Kokss Gt0516 Steam Shower

This corner steam shower enclosure by Kokss with hydro massage jets is pure luxury. The sleek-looking exterior comes loaded with some powerful features. Huge monsoon rain shower head, pulsating back jets, foot massager, and comfortable headrest are a few to start with.

And you control all these features with a modern touch screen control panel. Tons of bells and whistles also include a landline and a stereo hook up. Buy this Now.

9. Luxury Bathtub Steam Shower Unit

Steam Shower Units Siena Computerized

Siena computerized luxury steam shower unit is redefining the bathing experience. A massage bathtub with a built-in heater pump, a waterproof MP3 compatible 8.4″ inch LCD TV is just a tip of the iceberg.

How about a body massage by 16 Whirlpool and 10 Acupuncture Massage Jets? Or a foot massage with aromatherapy? And while you’re at it keep yourself entertained with FM radio or a TV with high-quality speakers.

This Acrylic Steam Shower unit has a durable fiberglass backing and solid stainless steel framing. This is also one of the best steam shower units that are luxurious and space-saving at the same time. Buy this Now.

10. Fully Loaded Steam Shower Enclosure

Maya Bath 100w Steam Shower Unit

This top of the line steam shower enclosure delivers the ultimate luxury experience. This is your personal home spa equipped with 10 acupuncture jets and 16 whirlpool jets. The acupressure massage jets along with chromotherapy and aromatherapy options enhance the experience.

The icing on the cake is the 12″ Digital LCD TV with surround sound speakers. Perfect for couples it has two headrests and two sets of lighting to add romance. With this top of the line steam shower, you now have a valid excuse to avoid going out on weekends. Buy this Now.

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