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Illuminate Your Home: Best Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamps

Best Mid-century Modern Floor Lamps
11 of the Best Mid-century Modern Floor Lamps You’ll absolutely Fall in Love with.

Mid-century Modern design is all about clean lines, minimalist furniture, and clever storage solutions. It’s a throwback to the 1950s and 60s when designers sought to remove unnecessary embellishments and make objects that were as functional as they were beautiful.

Whether you’ve got an entire room with Mid-century Modern features or just one piece here and there, adding MCM touches can lend your modern home a classic appeal.

Floor lamps are excellent places to start bringing in some MCM elements. These lighting fixtures don’t take up much visual space – which is ideal for smaller spaces – but they have a big impact on the feel of a room.

Not only practical but also stylish, a mid-century modern table lamp can stand its ground, even in a room full of beautiful furniture. Here are our top 10 picks of the best mid-century modern table lamps.

Best Mid-century Modern Floor Lamps

1. Antique Brass Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp

Best Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps Amazon 3 Globe

This elegant 3-light mid-century floor lamp is the perfect blend of class and functionality. It makes for a perfect addition to your bedroom or living room by giving off a soft, mellow glow.

Its sleek gold body in antique brass and frosted glass lamps creates a minimalistic silhouette that can easily complement any decor. The lamp supports voice-activated commands via Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. It is also environment-friendly and promotes energy saving. Buy this Now.

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2. Skyler Tripod Floor Lamp

Skyler Tripod Floor Lamp, Modern Floor Lamps Wayfair

This tripod floor lamp is easily one of the best mid-century modern floor lamps for achieving the mid-century style in any room. Standing on 3 metal legs with rubberwood tips at the bottom, it can boast a sleek and sophisticated silhouette.

This affordable lamp is about 60 inches tall with a black fabric drum shade finishing it off seamlessly. This gorgeous floor lamp also comes in a white/natural finish. Buy this Now.

3. Maxime Task Floor Lamp

Best Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps, Lumens Maxime Task Floor Lamp

Effortlessly luxe, the Maxime Task Floor Lamp by Jonathan Adler is a classy fusion of mid-century practicality and design. It creates a sharp silhouette and is easily adjustable to task-specific positions.

Its soft, diffused and ambient lighting styles are dimmable and easy on the eyes. The body is made in polished brass and the shade comes in an antique white metal finish. You can also adjust the lamp’s height between 46” and 62”. Buy this Now.

4. Perimeter Floor Lamp

Best Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps, Bludot Perimeter Floor Lamp

The Perimeter floor lamp is a great addition to your home decor, seamlessly complementing a wide range of colours. The lamp comes in a cloth-covered lampshade and a gorgeous powder-coated steel base.

Its cloth-covered cord also makes it safe to use around children. The lamp is 68” tall and 18 inches wide and comes with a standard A19-shaped LED bulb. It’s available in six colours – black, blush, ochre, olive, white and white/grey. Buy this Now.

5. Retro Tripod Floor Lamp

Arhaus Retro Tripod Floor Lamp

This Retro Tripod mid-century floor lamp is a premium vintage addition to your home. Its svelte silhouette crafted by Indian artisans can beautifully balance out contemporary decor. Its bold shade and sleek body are accented by oil-rubbed bronze and antique brass finishes.

The shade is a semi-orb that can be adjusted based on your needs. It’s 75.5” tall, dry UL listed and comes with a black fabric-wrapped cord. This gorgeous lamp is also available in a white/brass shade. Buy this Now.

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6. Shany Floor Lamp

Lulu and Georgia Shany Floor Lamp

This affordable mid-century style floor lamp can gracefully amp up your living room decor. Its sleek silhouette is built entirely in steel that is available in two variants – black and matte black/brass.

The lamp is designed to add a warm, ambient glow to any room and is not recommended for bathroom or outdoor use. It is not adjustable and can be ideally used to create a stationary workspace or reading nook. Buy this Now.

7. Multi-lite Floor Lamp

Shophorne Multi Lite Floor Lamp

Inspired by the golden era of Danish design, the Multi-Line floor lamp comes with individually rotating shades, multiple lighting values and an elegant metal body. It can make for a very chic and futuristic addition to your bedroom or living room.

The lamp has a characteristic shape of two opposing outsides and a medium base halogen bulb. Its mobile shades can direct light upwards, downwards or asymmetrically. The base is available in two shades – brass and chrome which can be paired with four variants in the shade – brass, black, chrome and white. Buy this Now.

8. Colosimo Floor Lamp

Best Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps, Memoky Colosimo Floor Lamp Sputnik

This affordable floor lamp with its asymmetrical shade design offers a futuristic burst of light to any room. It’s affordable and functional, helping create both festive and mellow atmospheres with a simple switch of bulbs.

The lamp is built in a steel-coated black body and doesn’t come with a shade. It can hold up to 12 bulbs, is not adjustable and is UL listed and approved. The lamp can be a chic addition to your living room or bedroom. Buy this Now.

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9. Birdy Floor Lamp

2Modern Birdy Floor Lamp

A willowy silhouette and classy finish make this Birdy floor lamp an ultra-luxe addition to any home. It was designed in 1952 by Birdy Dahl to efficiently incorporate the mid-century modern style and was awarded the Golden Medal at the Milan Triennale.

The lamp comes in off-white or matte grey with a satin nickel finish and matte black with a brass metal finish. It is 52.25” high and effortlessly adjustable. Buy this Now.

10. Emmett Floor Lamp

Gold Mid century modern floor lamp

The Emmett floor lamp is a minimalistic piece that can elegantly accent your favourite living spaces. Sporting a contemporary take on mid-century modern aesthetics, it combines graceful curves with geometric angles for an eye-catching appeal. Available in either a warm brass or timeless blackened bronze finish, it can enhance any space. Buy this Now.

11. Cane Floor Lamp

Industrywest Cane Floor Lamp

This chic and luxurious cane floor lamp is a versatile lighting solution fit for any style. It comes with a delicately woven can shade and a solid ash wood base. The base is available in four vibrant colours – natural, black, green and ocean blue.

It comes in a tripod stand that is 63” high and non-adjustable. This gorgeous floor lamp creates ambient lighting that can easily blend into the decor and enhance it gracefully. Buy this Now.

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