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Best Juicers and Juice Extractors: Top Picks for Healthy Living

Best Juicers Extractors Cold Press Ftr
Cheers to Health and Happiness.

Thanks to the popularity of juicing, there is a variety of juicers available today. So picking the best juicers and juice extractors really depends on your specific need.

Depending on your nutrition goals for yourself and your family, you may go for a manual citrus juicer or an electric citrus press juicer. A small juicer extractor if you’re single or a heavy-duty juicer for a larger family.

The other cool part you should know is that you can kick start your juicing journey for as low as $50 and go up as you get more serious about juicing.

It goes without saying that health is wealth. However, most often we take it for granted prioritizing everything else in life. Right now is the best time to start juicing and the best part is that with today’s best juicers and juice extractors, it’s a breezy chore.

Here are our top picks of the 10 best juicers right now. Pick the one that best suits your needs and indulge in a delicious and healthy world of juicing.

Best Juicers and Juice Extractors to Buy

1. Breville Citrus Press

Best Juicers Breville Citrus Press

If you like to kick-start your mornings with a glass of fresh orange juice, this is the best juicer for you. This citrus juicer has a 1-size-fits-all juicing cone for any type of citrus fruit. It can juice various sizes of oranges, grapefruit, limes, and lemons.

With a simple one-handed operation, it makes juicing a breeze. And to prevent dripping on the countertop, the juicing spout can be flipped upwards. Buy this Now.

2. Manual Citrus and Pomegranate Juicer

Best Juicers and Juice Extractors, Citrus and Pomegranate Press

This manual juicer press is ideal for a quick morning pick me up with an orange juice or pomegranate juice. The Pro MJP-105 XL Professional Manual Slow Masticating & Cold Press Juicer is engineered specifically for extracting juice from pomegranates and an assortment of citrus fruits like oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, and lemons, as well as certain vegetables such as tomatoes.

This versatile juice press finds utility in a range of settings including hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, greengrocers, homes, cafés, and beyond.

One of the best juicers to own if you’re into a regular habit of starting your day with a glass of fresh juice. Buy this Now.

3. Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor

Best Juicers, Hamilton Beach Electic Juice Extractor

Reducing the prep time and taking out the most pulp while juicing is the norm these days. And this one fits in just right. It can juice whole fruits in seconds and is easy to operate too.

It comes with an extra-large pulp bin which lets you juice longer. You can use this pulp in recipes or can compost it for your home garden. Buy this Now.

4. Breville Compact Juice Fountain

Best Juicers, Breville Compact Juice Fountain

It’s easy to be fooled by the small size of this juicer from Breville. It still delivers all the power and performance you’d expect from a Breville juicer.

The unique extraction system ensures that you get optimum juice and nutrition. The 3” extra-wide chute feed allows you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without cutting. It helps in reducing the prep-time too.

It comes with a juice jug that has a built-in froth separator to pour more juice, less froth into the glass. Buy this Now.

5. Fruit and Vegetable Juice Extractor

Best Juicers. Black and Decker Juice Extractor

This is one of the best juicers for a mess-free juicing experience. It separates the pulp and pours the juice in a custom juice container which can be used as a serving pitcher.

A high-quality strainer and stainless steel blades help to get the pure nutrient-rich juice. It has a powerful 400-watt motor to process the toughest of foods. Buy this Now.

6. Omega Vertical Masticating Juicer

Best Juicers and Juice Extractors, Omega Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer.

This Omega Juicer has a vertical design and is compact, contemporary and productive. With its form and function, you get top-notch extraction of nutrient-dense juice. From juicing fruits to making nut milk, this is one of the best cold press juicers for all your needs.

The automatic pulp ejection system helps you juice continuously without having to stop to empty the pulp. The gentle squeezing action of this juicer keeps the healthy enzymes intact. It also delays the oxidation process and increases the shelf life of the juice naturally. Buy this Now.

7. Hurom Cold Press Juicer

Best Juicers and Juice Extractors, Hurom Cold Press Juicer

The good looking Hurom Slow Juicer rotates at 43 RPM squeezing out every drop of juice. It comes with fine and coarse strainers to control the amount of pulp to suit your taste.

One of the best cold press juicers, it can work on vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and beans. This versatile masticating juicer can also make smoothies and ice cream with frozen ingredients. Buy this Now.

8. Kuvings Horizontal Cold Press Juicer

Best Juicers and Juice Extractors, Kuvings Horizontal Cold Press Juicer

This Kuvings juicer is one of the best slow juicers for greens. It can even juice something like cilantro with ease. Featuring 7 different nozzles this is a versatile kitchen gadget.

It can grind coffee beans and spices, mince herbs and garlic, extrude pasta and whip up soy milk – just like that! Probably, the best masticating juicer for those looking for a multi-purpose juicer. Buy this Now.

9. Omega Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer

Best Juicers, Omega Nutrition Center Cold Press Juicer

This low-speed juicer is a masticating type of juicer. It processes at low speed to protect and maintain healthy enzymes. This also prevents oxidation of the juice and helps in storing the juice for up to 72 hours.

Not only one of the best masticating juicers, but it also serves as a multi-purpose kitchen appliance. It doubles up as a food processor or a coffee and spice grinder. You can also turn nuts into nut butter, make baby food from fresh ingredients and whip up soy milk. Buy this Now.

10. Green Star Elite Masticating Juicer

Juicers Green Star Elite Masticating

One of the best slow juicers, it has a 3 step process of cutting, slicing and blending. This versatile juice extractor doubles up as a food processor too. It comes with many screens for multiple functions.

The fine screen is for extracting juice with minimal pulp. And the coarse screen extracts juice with more pulp mixed in the juice. Buy this Now.

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