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Gorgeous Hanging Planters to Adorn Your Home

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A little bit of Green is always a great idea.

The first thing you want to see in the morning is a little bit of nature outside your window – trees, leaves, flowers, birds & butterflies. Living in a city may not give you all those things but you can create some of nature’s magic with indoor plants. Hanging Planters are a great way to green up your indoor and outdoor spaces while adding a touch of creativity along with the green appeal.

Here’s our hand-picked list of the 10 best hanging planters to help you pick your favorite. And for all you know, you just might have a visitor in the form of a butterfly or a hummingbird.

Best Hanging Planter Ideas that are Space Savers

1. Rustic Metal Hanging Planter

Hanging from a rope this galvanized metal hanging planter with rustic charm comes in a solid grey finish. It offers the charm of modern farmhouse-inspired decor to your home. You’ll need to install a plastic liner inside the metal pot to ensure the water does not drip through. Buy this Now.

2. Bohemian Chic Hanging Planter Set

Hanging from a drapery rod, this set of three hanging pots from Wayfair is perfect for display in the window. And that too without taking any space on the window sill.

Highly customizable, you can change the length of ropes and slide them anywhere on the metal rod. You can also replace the pots with the pots of your choice.

This gorgeous hanging planter set inside a metallic ring has a bohemian vibe to it. A mid-century inspired home can also make use of these hanging planters. Buy this Now.

3. Wicker Style Hanging Planter Set

This set of two eye-catching wicker-style planters is made of polypropylene resin. The resin ensures that they won’t peel, fade, stain, unravel, dent, or rust. The espresso brown color lends it a contemporary feel. This is one of the best hanging planters that you can use both indoor or outdoor. Buy this Now.

4. Ceramic 4 Pot Hanging Planters

Add a splash of color to any monochrome decor with this set of 4 mini planters. The blue, green, orange and brown colors lend a casual southwestern touch.

A brown jute rope connecting the 4 pots features a top loop designed to hang from a wall or ceiling. Each pot has a drainage hole at the bottom allowing excess water to drain from the pot. Buy this Now.

5. Concrete Looking Resin Hanging Planters

Modern concrete look hanging planters sport marble patterns in a unique texture. These planters are versatile and will make perfect companions for any style of patio furniture.

Not only are they going to last you a long time but are also fade-proof and rustproof. The special drain design makes them perfect for both indoor & outdoor. Buy this Now.

6. Woven Resin Hanging Planter

A great companion for wicker patio or porch furniture, this resin woven planter can add warmth to any space. To make it more durable, it has a metal boning and electrostatic powder coat. Its plastic lining retains water effectively. Buy this Now.

7. Copper-Tone Ceramic Hanging Planter

Add a beautiful modern touch to your home with these delightfully charming, yet modest hanging wall planters. This ceiling-mounted plant pot set comes with 4 glossy copper ceramic plant containers suspended between 2 lines of sturdy dark rope. Buy this Now.

8. Ceramic Modern Hanging Planters

Suspended by thin ropes, these modern hanging planters are no less than accent decorative pieces. These simple and chic ceramic planters are perfect for sunroom or patio. Buy this Now.

9. Hanging Round Terrarium

These round terrarium planters from Terrain are the best hanging planters for Succulents. Go creative with your succulents as they sit pretty in these delicate planters. Or you can also use them for growing ferns. Buy this Now.

10. Canvas Indoor Hanging Planters

One of the best indoor hanging planters, this retro-looking canvas planter is as cool as it gets. The canvas holder is suspended with a rope adding to the design aesthetics. Perfect for smaller plants, this washable planter can add texture to any space. All you have to do is place your pot and drip tray inside the canvas holder and get creative! Buy this Now.

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