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Best Crystal Chandeliers for That Opulent Vibe

How about a touch of Luxury to your Home Decor?



Best Crystal Chandeliers Ftr

Crystal Chandeliers are the best way to bring that elegant opulence to any space. But if you think that a crystal chandelier is not for your home decor, think again. Crystal chandeliers have gone through an evolution of their own and there are enough styles to go around.

From Modern Minimalistic to Classic Vintage, Mid-century to Bohemian, crystal chandeliers can add charm to any setting.

We’ve handpicked the 10 best crystal chandeliers in unique styles to inspire you. So, go on and liven up your modern home for that luxurious feel with a crystal chandelier.

Best Crystal Chandeliers for Home

1. Tripod Crystal Chandelier

Showing off its brass frame, a chain holds this statement tripod crystal chandelier. And the clear glass accents fall elegantly complementing the antique brass frame.

You can choose from the Vibrant Bronze or Chrome Colored frame depending on your home decor. Further, this modern crystal chandelier from All Modern is a good addition to brighten your kitchen island or the dining room. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.9 Out Of 5 From 218 Customers.

this light fixture is located in the tray ceiling of my master bedroom…love how it draws your focus right to it…a true showstopper!!! It does take some patience to assemble all the little jewels but so worth it once complete!!!

2. Traditional Candle-style Inspired Chandelier

Best Crystal Chandeliers Louann 5 Light Candle Style

Taking inspiration from the traditional European style, this chandelier sports vintage silhouettes. Due to its glass base and authentic glass crystals, it will make any space look grand. Moreover, the scrolled arms of this 5 light candle-style chandelier add to its vintage vibe.

In fact, it will look good in a vintage or a traditional setting to disperse ambient light throughout the room. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.7 Out Of 5 From 265 Customers.

This is such a beautiful chandelier. See how it reflects the lights above in the room. Makes a statement in any room. Great purchase at a great price. Came well packaged. All glass except for the small beads and the candle arms, but looks like glass. Awesome!

3. Silver Tiered Droplets Crystal Chandelier

Switched on or off, this modern crystal chandelier from House of Hampton adds charm to your decor. It is a 6-light unique rectangular chandelier that qualifies as a statement piece. In fact, this is one of the best crystal chandeliers for the dining area or kitchen island. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.8 Out Of 5 From 159 Customers.

I put this over my dining room table. I love it, but I wanted gold frame and it came in antique brown. I just sprayed it the gold color I wanted then put the crystals on it. It is not easy to do, very time consuming but worth it.

4. Tiered Tapering Light Crystal Chandelier

This is one of the best crystal chandeliers for chic compact spaces because of its tapering design. Victorian-inspired, this cone-shaped crystal chandelier has various sizes of glistening teardrop crystals.

Hanging from six different tiers, the cascading finest crystals hide four lights inside. Suspended from a chain, this antique silver finish crystal chandelier exudes classic charm. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.7 Out Of 5 From 150 Customers.

LOVE!!! Took a little time to assemble, but totally worth it. Hangs over my master bath, a perfect size. My daughter loved it so much, she had to order one)

5. Square Crystal Chandelier

Art and function go hand in hand in this unique square crystal chandelier. A refreshing take on a modern chandelier, this statement piece gives out brilliant light. One of the best crystal chandeliers that can help you enhance your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen island. In fact, this 5-light crystal chandelier is no less than a piece of art. Buy this Now.

6. Statement Empire Crystal Chandelier

This statement empire chandelier has a unique combination of antique bronze and finest crystals. The simple construction gives it a modern vibe whereas the antique bronze finish gives it a vintage feel. Because of its classic silhouette and sparkling glass crystals, it will light up your entire room in a good way  Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.8 Out Of 5 From 157 Customers.

I love this beautiful chandelier. It didn’t take long, with the help of my son and his gf. We strung the beads and got it up. I think it’s coming together great !!

7. Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier

This flush mount raindrop crystal chandelier is a gorgeous ceiling light fixture. And that is because of its high-quality real crystals. Moreover, 9 LED lights and the finest crystals make it one of the best crystal chandeliers to light up a large room.

For instance, it can go well with a living room set in a large living area or even with a contemporary bed in the master bedroom. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.7 Out Of 5 From 1066 Customers.

The item is a hassle to assemble. I was in the ladder for about 2 hours putting all the crystals around it. They are not easy to put but look into the outcome once done. It’s really really pretty. Do take time in putting the crystals it’s worth it. Plus the value is half the price on one I found in Wayfair.

8. Geometric Round Chandelier

Add glam to any space of your house with this real crystal chandelier in the brushed champagne finish. Because of different-sized crystal accents on a geometric shape, it creates unique ambient lighting. Hanging from a chain, this 3-light modern chandelier can make any room look luxe. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.9 Out Of 5 From 292 Customers.

Love! So beautiful in person! Easy to install but does take approximately 30 minutes to put the crystals onto the chandelier. Everything pictured was purchased from Wayfair.

9. Brass Crystal Globe Chandelier

A brass frame with the finest crystals on the entire canopy, this round crystal chandelier is a visual treat. This statement chandelier by Kate Spade New York is an eclectic mix of brass, marble, and crystal.

Moreover, it uses whopping 17 bulbs! It is a good chandelier to add a modern luxurious feel to a large room. It can be teamed with floor lamps and table lamps to create a layered lighting effect. Buy this Now.

10. Geometric Small Crystal Chandelier

This dainty drum-shaped small crystal chandelier is perfect for compact spaces. This semi-flush mount crystal chandelier stands out with its two different styles of finest crystals that adorn it. In addition, the rectangular crystals surrounding the big drop crystals give it that rich feel. Buy this Now.

Reviews/Ratings: 4.7 Out Of 5 From 116 Customers.

These are absolutely beautiful.. A must for any home. I bought two for my home one for my upstairs and one for my entry way. When I unboxed them I was blown away at how beautiful they are. I can’t wait to get them mounted.


What Are Accent Chairs? All You Need To Know.

Explore the world of accent chairs with our guide and find the perfect one for your home.




what are accent chairs

We all know that a well-designed living space is key to making our homes comfortable and inviting. Accent chairs are a wonderful way to elevate any room and bring a touch of style and personality. But what exactly are accent chairs, and how can they transform your space?

In this article, we will explore the world of accent chairs, delving into their many types, styles, and uses. We’ll also offer guidance on selecting the perfect chair to suit your taste and needs.

The Many Types of Accent Chairs

Accent chairs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Here are some popular types you might encounter:

1. Wingback Chairs

A classic choice for a traditional or contemporary setting, wingback chairs boast high backrests and ‘wings’ on either side. These elegant chairs originated in England in the late 17th century and were designed to protect occupants from drafts or the heat of a fireplace. Today, they make a sophisticated statement in any living room, study, or bedroom.

2. Slipper Chairs

As the name suggests, slipper chairs were originally designed for ladies to sit comfortably while putting on or taking off their shoes. With a low, armless profile and sleek lines, these chairs suit modern and minimalist spaces. Their compact design makes them perfect for small apartments or as additional seating in larger rooms.

3. Club Chairs

Club chairs exude a sense of luxury and comfort, featuring deep seats, plush cushions, and rolled arms. These chairs, reminiscent of old gentlemen’s clubs, work well in cozy living rooms, dens, or offices. Available in a variety of materials, from leather to fabric, club chairs can be tailored to suit your personal style and preferences.

4. Barrel Chairs

Barrel chairs get their name from their distinct shape, resembling a barrel with the sides cut out. These chairs have a semi-circular back and often come with arms that form a continuous line with the backrest. They provide a comfortable, enveloping feel and are suitable for both casual and formal settings.

5. Armchairs

A staple in many homes, armchairs feature sturdy arms and a comfortable seat, perfect for relaxing after a long day. These chairs come in a multitude of styles and materials, making them a versatile choice for any décor. From the classic upholstered armchair to the modern, sleek design, there is an armchair for every taste.

6. Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs offer a practical and stylish seating solution, allowing users to rotate 360 degrees. These chairs are perfect for multitasking or socializing in open-concept living spaces. Available in various styles, from contemporary to traditional, swivel chairs can be seamlessly incorporated into any design scheme.

7. Rocking Chairs

A timeless favorite, rocking chairs have a unique charm and soothing motion that makes them perfect for relaxation. Traditionally used in nurseries or on porches, they can also be an eye-catching addition to living rooms or bedrooms. Modern interpretations of the rocking chair come in a variety of styles and materials, from the iconic Eames molded plastic rocker to elegant upholstered options.

Choosing the Perfect Accent Chair

How do you choose the right accent chair for your space?

Choosing the perfect accent chair can be a daunting task, given the vast array of styles, materials, and colors available. However, by considering a few key factors, you can effortlessly find the ideal piece to enhance your living space.

1. Assess the Space

Before purchasing an accent chair, evaluate the room where it will be placed. Consider the dimensions of the available space, ensuring the chair will not overcrowd the area or impede traffic flow. Measure the area to guarantee the chair’s proportions are suitable and maintain a harmonious balance with other furnishings.

2. Determine the Function

Identify the primary purpose of the accent chair—whether it is for relaxation, additional seating, or purely decorative. This will help you choose the most appropriate style and features, such as a high-back chair for comfortable reading or a swivel chair for increased functionality in a social setting.

3. Complement Your Style

Choose a chair that complements the existing décor and overall theme of your space. Consider the architectural features, color schemes, and furniture styles in the room to ensure a cohesive look. A modern accent chair can create a striking contrast in a traditional setting, while a classic piece can add warmth to a contemporary space.

4. Focus on Comfort

A comfortable accent chair can make a world of difference in your living area. Look for features such as deep cushioning, ergonomic design, and supportive armrests to ensure maximum comfort. Test the chair in-person if possible, or read reviews from other customers to get a sense of its comfort level.

5. Choose the Right Material

Accent chairs come in various materials, including fabric, leather, and wood. Choose a material that suits your lifestyle and preferences, taking into account factors such as durability, maintenance, and comfort. For example, if you have pets or children, opt for a stain-resistant fabric or easy-to-clean leather.

6. Pick the Perfect Color

The color of your accent chair can either blend in with the existing palette or serve as a bold statement piece. For a harmonious look, choose a color that complements your room’s primary shades. Alternatively, select a contrasting hue to create a striking focal point and add a touch of visual interest.

7. Consider the Budget

Lastly, establish a budget for your accent chair, taking into account factors such as quality, material, and craftsmanship. While it is crucial to find a chair that fits your budget, don’t compromise on comfort and durability. Research various brands, read reviews, and explore sales or discounts to find the best deal.

Materials and Textures

Accent chairs can be found in a variety of materials and textures. Each one of the materials offers its unique touch in helping you achieve the desired look.

Leather: Timelessly sophisticated, leather accent chairs exude luxury and offer exceptional durability, making them an ideal choice for both modern and traditional settings.

Fabric: Versatile and cozy, fabric accent chairs provide endless color and pattern options, allowing for a personalized touch in any interior design.

Velvet: Opulent and plush, velvet accent chairs create an air of elegance and refinement while offering a soft, comfortable seating experience.

Microfiber: Combining the best of practicality and comfort, microfiber accent chairs are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and boast a soft, inviting texture.

Rattan: Evoking a natural and organic charm, rattan accent chairs introduce a relaxed, bohemian vibe, perfect for creating a casual, laid-back atmosphere.

Metal: Sleek and modern, metal accent chairs provide a minimalist, industrial aesthetic, offering both durability and unique design possibilities.

Wood: With timeless appeal, wooden accent chairs showcase the beauty of natural materials, blending seamlessly into various styles and offering sturdy, long-lasting construction.

Accent Chairs and Room Design

When incorporating an accent chair into your room design, think about how it will interact with other elements in the space. To seamlessly incorporate an accent chair into your living space, it’s essential to consider factors such as color, pattern, and placement.


The color of your accent chair can play a significant role in setting the tone and mood of your living space. You can either choose a hue that complements the existing color palette, creating a harmonious look, or opt for a contrasting shade to make a bold statement. When selecting a color, consider the room’s primary shades, as well as the desired impact on the overall atmosphere.


Patterns can add visual interest to your room design, and accent chairs are an excellent opportunity to introduce them. You can use patterns to create a focal point, establish a theme, or add depth to the room. When selecting a pattern, consider the scale and style of other patterns in the space, ensuring they don’t clash or overwhelm the design. To maintain balance, combine bold patterns with more subdued, neutral elements in the room.


The placement of your accent chair is crucial in achieving a cohesive and functional room layout. Consider the following tips when deciding on the perfect spot for your chair:

  1. Create a conversational area by placing the accent chair opposite or adjacent to a sofa, with a coffee table in between.
  2. Position the chair in a corner to create a cozy reading nook, complete with a floor lamp and side table.
  3. Use the chair to fill an empty space or a room’s architectural nook, adding visual interest and functionality.
  4. Place the chair near a window to create a serene spot for relaxation while enjoying natural light and views.
  5. In open-concept living spaces, use an accent chair to define separate areas, such as a seating zone or a reading corner.

Popular Accent Chair Styles

Accent chairs come in various styles, no matter what look you’re going for. Here are the various styles of accent chairs for design inspiration.

Mid-century Modern

Mid-century Modern

Characterized by clean lines and organic shapes, mid-century modern accent chairs effortlessly combine form and function, exuding a timeless appeal suitable for various interiors.



Emphasizing simplicity, functionality, and natural materials, Scandinavian accent chairs showcase a minimalist design aesthetic, often featuring light wood frames and neutral tones.



Eclectic and free-spirited, bohemian accent chairs infuse spaces with a relaxed, unconventional charm, often incorporating bold patterns, vivid colors, and a mix of textures.



Raw and edgy, industrial accent chairs often feature exposed metal and distressed materials, creating a rugged, utilitarian look that evokes a sense of urban sophistication.


Cozy and inviting, farmhouse accent chairs blend rustic elements with modern simplicity, often incorporating distressed wood, neutral colors, and understated patterns.



Classic and elegant, traditional accent chairs showcase intricate details, plush upholstery, and timeless design elements, offering a sense of warmth and familiarity.

Art Deco

Art Deco

Glamorous and bold, Art Deco accent chairs feature geometric shapes, luxurious materials, and striking color combinations, reflecting the opulence of the 1920s and 1930s.



Inspired by the sea and sand, coastal accent chairs often incorporate light, airy colors, natural materials, and nautical-themed patterns, creating a breezy, relaxed atmosphere.



Defined by clean lines and subtle curves, contemporary accent chairs prioritize comfort and functionality, often featuring streamlined designs and a mix of materials.



Boasting a “less is more” approach, minimalist accent chairs emphasize clean lines, uncluttered design, and a neutral color palette, creating a serene and calming atmosphere.

How to Place an Accent Chair

Strategic placement of accent chairs can enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of various areas in your home. By considering factors such as purpose, available space, and overall design, you can seamlessly incorporate accent chairs into your home decor.

Living Room

  1. Conversation Area: Position your accent chair opposite or adjacent to your sofa, creating a cozy seating arrangement that encourages conversation. Include a coffee table or side table for added functionality.
  2. Reading Nook: Place your accent chair in a quiet corner of the living room, near a window or a bookshelf, to create a serene reading nook. Add a floor lamp and side table for extra comfort.
  3. Focal Point: Use a bold accent chair to establish a focal point in the living room, drawing the eye and adding visual interest. This works best when the chair contrasts with the room’s existing color palette or features a striking pattern.


  1. Seating Area: Position your accent chair near a window or in an unused corner, creating a dedicated spot for relaxation, reading, or enjoying a morning cup of coffee.
  2. Dressing Area: Place an accent chair near your closet, vanity, or dressing table, providing a comfortable seat while getting dressed or applying makeup.
  3. Foot of the Bed: Position a small accent chair or a pair of chairs at the foot of your bed, creating an inviting seating area and adding visual balance to the room.


  1. Welcoming Touch: Place an accent chair in your entryway to provide a spot for guests to sit and remove their shoes, or as a convenient place to rest bags and belongings when entering or exiting your home.
  2. Fill an Empty Corner: Use an accent chair to occupy an empty corner in your entryway, adding style and function to an often-overlooked space.

Home Office

  1. Guest Seating: Position an accent chair across from your desk, providing a comfortable seat for clients or guests during meetings and consultations.
  2. Break Area: Place your accent chair near a window or in a designated relaxation zone, offering a comfortable spot for taking breaks, reading, or enjoying a moment of peace during the workday.

Accent Chairs: Budget Considerations

Accent chairs can range in price from affordable to high-end designer pieces. To find the perfect chair within your budget, consider the following:

  1. Set a Budget: Determine how much you’re willing to spend before shopping.
  2. Shop Around: Compare prices from various retailers and online marketplaces.
  3. Look for Sales: Keep an eye out for discounts, promotions, and clearance items.
  4. Consider Secondhand: Explore thrift stores, consignment shops, and online classifieds for pre-owned options.

Caring for Your Accent Chair

Proper care and maintenance will help ensure your accent chair remains in excellent condition. Here are some tips for preserving your chair:

  1. Cleaning: Vacuum or dust regularly, and spot clean stains as needed.
  2. Fabric Protection: Apply a fabric protector to prevent stains and prolong the life of your chair.
  3. Sunlight: Keep your chair away from direct sunlight to prevent fading and damage.
  4. Rotate Cushions: If your chair has removable cushions, rotate and flip them regularly to maintain their shape and even wear.

DIY Accent Chair Ideas

If you’re feeling creative, consider transforming an existing chair into a one-of-a-kind accent piece:

  1. Reupholster: Change the fabric on your chair to give it a fresh, new look.
  2. Paint: Add a pop of color by painting the chair’s frame.
  3. Add Accessories: Customize your chair with decorative pillows, throws, or a cozy blanket.
  4. Distress: Give your chair a vintage, weathered appearance by distressing the finish.

Benefits of Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are more than just functional pieces of furniture; they serve various purposes, significantly contributing to the overall atmosphere and functionality of your living space.

1. Enhancing Room Aesthetics

Accent chairs effortlessly elevate the visual appeal of a room by introducing new colors, textures, and design elements. They can serve as statement pieces, creating a focal point that draws the eye and adds depth to your space. With a wide range of styles available, accent chairs can complement and accentuate your existing décor, tying the room together.

2. Providing Additional Seating

One of the most practical benefits of accent chairs is their ability to provide extra seating options in various areas of your home. Be it the living room, bedroom, or entryway, accent chairs ensure your guests have a comfortable place to sit, making your home more inviting and accommodating.

3. Creating a Cozy Nook for Relaxation

Accent chairs can be strategically placed to create a dedicated spot for relaxation, reading, or simply enjoying some quiet time. Position your chair near a window, in a corner, or by a bookshelf to establish a cozy nook that invites you to unwind and escape the day’s stresses.

4. Showcasing Personal Style and Taste

With countless styles, colors, and materials to choose from, accent chairs offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your personal style and taste. Whether you opt for a bold pattern, an eye-catching color, or a unique design, your accent chair can reflect your personality and make a statement about your design preferences.

5. Encouraging Conversation and Social Interaction

When placed strategically in a living room or entertaining space, accent chairs can encourage conversation and social interaction among guests. Position your chair opposite or adjacent to a sofa, creating an inviting seating arrangement that promotes easy communication and connection.

Where to Buy Accent Chairs

Depending on what you’re looking for, there are a variety of avenues you can explore. Here’s are some ideas to help you find your perfect accent chair whether you’re looking for a budget accent chair, or a one-of-a-kind piece.

Furniture Stores: A one-stop destination for all home furnishing needs, furniture stores offer a wide variety of accent chairs in numerous styles, materials, and price points to suit your preferences.

Online Marketplaces: Convenient and accessible, online marketplaces like Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock provide extensive selections of accent chairs, allowing you to compare prices, read reviews, and find the perfect piece from the comfort of your home.

Discount Retailers: Ideal for budget-conscious shoppers, discount retailers such as HomeGoods and TJ Maxx often carry accent chairs at reduced prices, offering stylish options without breaking the bank.

Specialty Boutiques: For unique, artisan, or high-end accent chairs, specialty boutiques provide carefully curated selections that cater to specific tastes and styles, ensuring you find a truly distinctive piece.

Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops: A treasure trove of hidden gems, thrift stores and consignment shops offer pre-loved accent chairs at affordable prices, perfect for those seeking vintage, eclectic, or one-of-a-kind finds.

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Home Decor

11 Best Mid-century Modern Floor Lamps

11 of the Best Mid-century Modern Floor Lamps You’ll absolutely Fall in Love with.




Best Mid-century Modern Floor Lamps

Mid-century Modern design is all about clean lines, minimalist furniture, and clever storage solutions. It’s a throwback to the 1950s and 60s when designers sought to remove unnecessary embellishments and make objects that were as functional as they were beautiful.

Whether you’ve got an entire room with Mid-century Modern features or just one piece here and there, adding MCM touches can lend your modern home a classic appeal.

Floor lamps are excellent places to start bringing in some MCM elements. These lighting fixtures don’t take up much visual space – which is ideal for smaller spaces – but they have a big impact on the feel of a room.

Not only practical but also stylish, a mid-century modern table lamp can stand its ground, even in a room full of beautiful furniture. Here are our top 10 picks of the best mid-century modern table lamps.

Best Mid-century Modern Floor Lamps

1. Antique Brass Mid-Century Modern Floor Lamp

Best Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps Amazon 3 Globe

This elegant 3-light mid-century floor lamp is the perfect blend of class and functionality. It makes for a perfect addition to your bedroom or living room by giving off a soft, mellow glow.

Its sleek gold body in antique brass and frosted glass lamps creates a minimalistic silhouette that can easily complement any decor. The lamp supports voice-activated commands via Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa. It is also environment-friendly and promotes energy saving. Buy this Now.

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2. Skyler Tripod Floor Lamp

Skyler Tripod Floor Lamp, Modern Floor Lamps Wayfair

This tripod floor lamp is easily one of the best mid-century modern floor lamps for achieving the mid-century style in any room. Standing on 3 metal legs with rubberwood tips at the bottom, it can boast a sleek and sophisticated silhouette.

This affordable lamp is about 60 inches tall with a black fabric drum shade finishing it off seamlessly. This gorgeous floor lamp also comes in a white/natural finish. Buy this Now.

3. Maxime Task Floor Lamp

Best Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps, Lumens Maxime Task Floor Lamp

Effortlessly luxe, the Maxime Task Floor Lamp by Jonathan Adler is a classy fusion of mid-century practicality and design. It creates a sharp silhouette and is easily adjustable to task-specific positions.

Its soft, diffused and ambient lighting styles are dimmable and easy on the eyes. The body is made in polished brass and the shade comes in an antique white metal finish. You can also adjust the lamp’s height between 46” and 62”. Buy this Now.

4. Perimeter Floor Lamp

Best Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps, Bludot Perimeter Floor Lamp

The Perimeter floor lamp is a great addition to your home decor, seamlessly complementing a wide range of colours. The lamp comes in a cloth-covered lampshade and a gorgeous powder-coated steel base.

Its cloth-covered cord also makes it safe to use around children. The lamp is 68” tall and 18 inches wide and comes with a standard A19-shaped LED bulb. It’s available in six colours – black, blush, ochre, olive, white and white/grey. Buy this Now.

5. Retro Tripod Floor Lamp

Arhaus Retro Tripod Floor Lamp

This Retro Tripod mid-century floor lamp is a premium vintage addition to your home. Its svelte silhouette crafted by Indian artisans can beautifully balance out contemporary decor. Its bold shade and sleek body are accented by oil-rubbed bronze and antique brass finishes.

The shade is a semi-orb that can be adjusted based on your needs. It’s 75.5” tall, dry UL listed and comes with a black fabric-wrapped cord. This gorgeous lamp is also available in a white/brass shade. Buy this Now.

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6. Shany Floor Lamp

Lulu and Georgia Shany Floor Lamp

This affordable mid-century style floor lamp can gracefully amp up your living room decor. Its sleek silhouette is built entirely in steel that is available in two variants – black and matte black/brass.

The lamp is designed to add a warm, ambient glow to any room and is not recommended for bathroom or outdoor use. It is not adjustable and can be ideally used to create a stationary workspace or reading nook. Buy this Now.

7. Multi-lite Floor Lamp

Shophorne Multi Lite Floor Lamp

Inspired by the golden era of Danish design, the Multi-Line floor lamp comes with individually rotating shades, multiple lighting values and an elegant metal body. It can make for a very chic and futuristic addition to your bedroom or living room.

The lamp has a characteristic shape of two opposing outsides and a medium base halogen bulb. Its mobile shades can direct light upwards, downwards or asymmetrically. The base is available in two shades – brass and chrome which can be paired with four variants in the shade – brass, black, chrome and white. Buy this Now.

8. Colosimo Floor Lamp

Best Mid Century Modern Floor Lamps, Memoky Colosimo Floor Lamp Sputnik

This affordable floor lamp with its asymmetrical shade design offers a futuristic burst of light to any room. It’s affordable and functional, helping create both festive and mellow atmospheres with a simple switch of bulbs.

The lamp is built in a steel-coated black body and doesn’t come with a shade. It can hold up to 12 bulbs, is not adjustable and is UL listed and approved. The lamp can be a chic addition to your living room or bedroom. Buy this Now.

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9. Birdy Floor Lamp

2Modern Birdy Floor Lamp

A willowy silhouette and classy finish make this Birdy floor lamp an ultra-luxe addition to any home. It was designed in 1952 by Birdy Dahl to efficiently incorporate the mid-century modern style and was awarded the Golden Medal at the Milan Triennale.

The lamp comes in off-white or matte grey with a satin nickel finish and matte black with a brass metal finish. It is 52.25” high and effortlessly adjustable. Buy this Now.

10. Emmett Floor Lamp

Burrow Adesso Emmett Floor Lamp

The Emmett floor lamp is a minimalistic piece that can elegantly accent your favourite living spaces. It’s 61” tall and comes with a plug-in socket.

Its sleek lines, organic shape and sharp silhouette make it a classic mid-century lamp. The lamp boasts a smooth brass body and an adjustable black shade with a matte finish. Buy this Now.

11. Cane Floor Lamp

Industrywest Cane Floor Lamp

This chic and luxurious cane floor lamp is a versatile lighting solution fit for any style. It comes with a delicately woven can shade and a solid ash wood base. The base is available in four vibrant colours – natural, black, green and ocean blue.

It comes in a tripod stand that is 63” high and non-adjustable. This gorgeous floor lamp creates ambient lighting that can easily blend into the decor and enhance it gracefully. Buy this Now.

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20 Best Mid-Century Modern Rugs We’re Loving Right Now

Need Mid-century Modern Rug inspiration? Here are 20 Top Ideas!




Best Mid-century Modern Rugs *x10 / 9x12 / Vintage / Abstract

When the mid-century modern design is not just a design style but a way of life, even the rug matters. The sleek aesthetics of the mid-century modern rugs translate perfectly to living room decor in adding character.

If your home has a neutral color scheme, mid-century rugs can bring in the element of interest and serve as a focal point. A mid-century modern rug can also be used to balance the color scheme and also infuse coziness to an otherwise bare aesthetic.

When we set out in search of the best mid-century modern rugs, we were pleasantly surprised to find a ton of cool designs that should satisfy a wide variety of decor schemes.

Here are our picks of the 20 best mid-century rugs right now. We hope this list can help you find your dream rug.

Best Mid-century Modern Rugs

1. Well Woven Geometric Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Amazon Woven Ruby Dede Blue

This 8″x10″ mid-century modern rug on Amazon features chunky carved geometric shapes with subtle colorful undertones. It can make for a great statement piece in spacious rooms with minimal furniture. This stylish rug is available in 2 different sizes.

Its machine-woven 100% air twist polypropylene weave makes it extremely durable and easy to clean. You may consider using rug pads to extend the rug’s lifespan and prevent falls due to sliding. Lastly, it has a jute backing that also makes it safe to be used on hardwood floors. Buy this Now.

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2. Diamond Striped Area Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Wayfair Dimond Striped Mustard Gray Beige

If you want to add a splash of color to your living spaces, this diamond-striped area rug is the way to go. Its fluid strokes of paint in gray, beige, and mustard can seamlessly blend into most contemporary home decor.

This gorgeous piece features a power-loomed polypropylene weave that is stain and fade-resistant and easy to maintain. Manufacturers recommend using a rug pad to prevent falls from skidding. The rug is best suited for lavish dining spaces or living rooms where it can grab everyone’s attention.

That said, the mattress is available in three different sizes to fit your needs and preferences. So, regardless of the size of your room, you can find yourself a chic and affordable rug to add to your home. Buy this Now.

3. Charlotte Modern Abstract Rug

Alexander Home Charlotte Abstract Area Rug Overstock

If you are looking to make a luxe addition to your home, the Charlotte modern abstract area rug is the way to go. It boasts warm beige and rust gold splashes and a pet-friendly design. This luxe area rug has the capacity to subtly enhance the entire look of your home.

Additionally, it is machine-woven from polypropylene/polyester with a jute mesh backing and is available in multiple sizes and colors. It is suitable for use in bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and even living rooms. It isn’t a very high pile so its ideal usage is for spaces with maximum foot traffic. Buy this Now.

4. Furbo Mid-century Modern Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Industrywest Furbo Rug

The Furbo rug adds a futuristic touch to your home with its geometrically angled lines and abstract solid shapes. This premium handwoven rug contains 90% wool and 10% viscose and can be bought in three different sizes and colors – rose, yellow, and moss.

Its minimalistic design and understated colors can seamlessly blend and highlight any contemporary home decor. The hand-tufted rug is worth investing in to bring a statement piece to your home. It is suitable for spaces with minimalist furnishings to efficiently bring out their colors. Buy this Now.

5. Shay Handwoven Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Interiordefine Geometric Rugs

If you are looking for a handwoven easy-to-clean rug, you should consider the Shay rug. It is made of 100% polyester and features intricate stitching and a braided diamond pattern. Its flatness makes it best suited to spaces with high-traffic areas and yet cozy enough to walk bare feet.

Additionally, the rug has a wool-like softness and feel. Shay’s minimalist design makes it a perfect understated addition to bolder, louder spaces with busier wallpapers or upholstery. Buy this Now.

6. Block Party Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Burrow Block Party

The Block Party Rug is a chic and affordable statement piece for your home’s contemporary furnishing. It is available in an upbeat gray and yellow color and can be purchased in two different sizes. What sets the rug apart is its 100% recycled polyester body made through traditional Indian weaving techniques.

This gives the rug a smooth feel and a functional build for long-lasting use. Furthermore, the rug’s fiber is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and won’t shed. Its low-pile tufting makes it vacuum-friendly and low-maintenance. It is best for homes that are looking to create a modern vibe. Buy this Now.

7. Collet Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Bludot Collet Rug

The luxurious and minimalist Collet rug features distinct geometric patterns in muted, earthy tones. It can make for a perfect addition to your living room or bedroom by complementing and enhancing other furnishings. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, the rug is available in four different sizes and three different colors – haze, grey, and oat.

Additionally, it is handwoven in 100% wool for that soft feel and natural touch to your home. What this also means is that you will have to vacuum it regularly, be careful with spills, and placement of heavy objects over it. Buy this Now.

8. Woven Basil Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Anthropologie Woven Basil Rug

While finding affordable woven rugs might not be easy, the Basil rug seamlessly fits the bill. It features a textured look in either a blue motif or a neutral motif and is available in four different dimensions. Its abstract motifs present a sleek contemporary touch while adding an extra layer of color to your home.

You can utilize this flat-woven polyester rug in the high-traffic areas of your home. You may consider using rug pads to prevent skidding and for floor protection. Spills need to be cleaned immediately and it is advisable to vacuum the rug with the beater bar shut off. Buy this Now.

9. Echo Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Apt2b Echo Rug

The luxe Echo rug boasts an abstract texture and color palette that will boldly blend into your home’s aesthetics. Made of 78% polypropylene and 22% polyester, the rug is machine woven and features a medium pile.

Its lustrous sheen gives it a chic look and makes it stand out in your living spaces. The rug is a beautiful yet functional piece that holds its own in high-traffic spaces. Lastly, this rug is perfect for a minimalist modern touch to your home that ties all your rooms together. Buy this Now.

10. Amberly Hair on Hide Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Arhaus Amberly Hair On Hide Rug

The rustic yet elegant Amberly rug is a rug that balances out the sharp edges of the modern-mid-century design. Its understated nude tones and fluid shapes make it perfect for a traditional touch. To start with, the rug is made from undyed hair on hide, and comes with a protective latex backing. It is available in five different sizes and three different color palettes – brown, grey, and ivory.

However, no two rugs will match in color due to the use of natural hides. That said, this rug is recommended for use in medium-traffic areas such as dining rooms and home offices. It is important to take special care while cleaning the rug which should be kept safe from dirt, food, and other loose debris. Buy this Now.

11. Vera Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Luluandgeorgia Vera Rug

The quirky Vera Rug features simple geometric lines typical of mid-century design. It is a mid-level flatweave rug with a neutral palette that seamlessly highlights your home decor. If you are looking for a minimalist statement piece, this is the one to pick.

That said, the rug is made using 60% viscose, 30% wool, and 10% cotton and is handwoven to perfection. Its soft texture and lustrous sheen make it a must-have statement piece. Buy this Now.

12. Hutton Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Onekingslane Hutton Rug

The Hutton rug is a lustrous and luxurious mid-century piece that boasts of hand-loomed viscose made in India. It is available in a neutral palette that creates a roomy effect in your living spaces.

The rug in aqua has an incredible texture, and a chic design lending it a cozy feel. It is available in four different sizes and is perfect for living and dining spaces. Buy this Now.

13. Scion Mid-century Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs, Scion Yellow Shapes Rug

This classy furnishing is reflective of the modern mid-century-influenced geometric patterns in a bright yellow that will add cheer to your home. The high-end rug by Surya is perfect for family rooms, kids’ bedrooms, media rooms, and any other space that could do with some color pop. This quality medium pile, hand-tufted rug made from 100% wool is available in four sizes and one color palette. Buy this Now.

14. 8″x10″ Area Rug in Sequence

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Insideweather Sequence

A mid-range quirky option for modern mid-century style decor is this area rug in sequence. What sets it apart is that it is completely customizable for size and design, with more than 10 different choices available. Your preferred design of choice is printed on a Polyester Chenille using dye-sublimation.

This makes the rug vibrant, durable, and fade-proof while retaining the softness of the fabric. Moreover, each rug comes with a coated woven polyester backing to prevent skidding. These rugs are versatile, can be used for any living space, and go with most interior decor. Buy this Now.

15. Eternal Round Jute Rug

Shophorne Eternal Round Jute Rug

This sustainable handwoven Eternal Round jute rug is for those who want a natural element in their homes. This affordable and classy statement piece is available in two colors – natural and black. Its simple design adds an organic touch and a contemporary character to any living space. Buy this Now.

16. Scion Rectangular Rug

2Modern Scion Rectangular Rug

The Scion rectangular rug aims to add a pop of character to your living spaces with chunky images of foxes on a 100% woolen rug. The luxury piece of furnishing is hand-tufted and comes in a medium pile, perfect for spaces with moderate footfall.

That said, your kids’ bedroom, reading room, or dining room could be perfect for the placement of this rug. Moreover, you also get to choose from three sizes and two colors – ivory and taupe. Buy this Now.

17. Construct Reversible Area Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Lumens Construct Indoor Outdoor Reversible Rug

A classic modern mid-century design, the reversible area rug by Construct functions as a seamless understated addition to your home. The mid-range piece is available in two shades – Versa and Cargo and in two different sizes.

This piece gets its unique touch from its hardy, versatile and sustainable body that is made of recycled plastic bottles. Moreover, the piece is reversible and can work great both indoors and outdoors. Lastly, its flatweave is perfect for spaces with heavy footfall such as the living room or patio. Buy this Now.

18. Brussels Hand-Woven Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Jonathanadler Brussels Hand Woven Rug

The elegant Brussels handwoven rug features fluffy white raised circles on a graphic flatweave backdrop. The rug is a luxurious piece that can add texture and dimension to a minimalist or neutral space. What really adds to the opulence is its 100% handwoven and hand-carved design that creates depth.

It is available in white and black, although it will remain prone to color variations as well. The rug is ideal to be used as a standalone piece in the living room or dining room to really get those heads turning. Buy this Now.

19. Bense Patterned Round Area Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs 2Modern Round Contemporary

If you want to add a contemporary burst of color to your home with a mid-century modern rug, the geometric patterned rug by Bense is perfect. Handcrafted from New Zealand wool, the mid-range piece is available in a mix of three colors – grey, blue and black.

Its fine geometric lines and perfectly complemented understated tones can easily settle into neutral home decor. You could use the rug in reading rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and even in dining rooms. Buy this Now.

20. Droplet Hand Tufted Rug

Best Mid Century Modern Rugs Jonathanadler Droplet Hand Tufted Rug

The fluid design of the Droplet hand-tufted rug can seamlessly add a vintage touch to contemporary home decor. The classic piece features a luminous wool-viscose blend that is soft and chic with a subtle shimmer. If you were looking to add a touch of trippy to your home, this piece would do the trick.

However, it is recommended that you vacuum-clean it to retain its quality. This piece is available in a medium price range and in four different sizes. Buy this Now.

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