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Cool Bathroom Sinks for Your Bathroom Remodel

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Drop it in or Mount it on top? No matter what, do it in style!

More than functional pieces, bathroom sinks can be stylish additions to space aesthetics. Just like the free-standing bathtubs, they can lend a unique vibe and add character to your bathroom.

Also, in an age of specialization, bathroom sinks have evolved to suit your custom setup. So while choosing the best bathroom sinks for your modern home, you’re bound to get a wee bit overwhelmed.

We’ve rounded up the best bathroom sinks for your bathroom remodel inspiration. Be it vessel sinks, drop-in sinks, pedestal sinks, or undermount sinks, this guide should help you pick the best bathroom sink for your setup.

Best Bathroom Sinks to Buy in 2021

What should I look for when buying a bathroom sink?

The endless options when it comes to choosing a bathroom sink can make be overwhelming. But other than just the style of the bathroom sink, there are more things to consider before you make that buying decision.

Style of the Bathroom Sink

While the new bathroom sink can brighten up your bathroom, it’s important that it plays nice with the rest of the bathroom decor and aesthetics.

If your bathroom has a more traditional design, then you may want to consider a classic white ceramic drop-in sink or an undercount sink for a clean, contemporary look. If your bathroom can afford some drama, then you can consider a vessel sink in metal, glass, stone, or even wood.

Style of the Mount

Depending on the desired aesthetic and the available space, you may determine whether to go for a drop-in sink, wall-mount sink, undercount sink, or a pedestal sink. If space is not a constraint, then you may also go for a bathroom sink with a vanity.

What bathroom sinks are in style?

Predominantly, the preferred bathroom sink styles include the classic white drop-in sinks, the contemporary looking undermount sinks, and the vessel sinks in various materials such as stone, glass, metal, concrete, and even wood. Following is a list of the most searched styles with respect to bathroom sink ideas.

1. Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

A traditional freestanding sink that gets support from the column under the base. Perfect for small bathrooms, you can use it in any space, even outdoors. In the newer versions, they come as one unit – the base and column merged into one.

2. Wall Mounted Bathroom Sinks

Hung on the wall, the wall-mounted sink is ideal as a small bathroom sink. With the saved floor space, the bathroom appears brighter and bigger. And for the smallest of bathrooms, you can use the corner wall mounted bathroom sink.

3. Vessel Sinks

Owing to their versatility, vessel sinks make for some of the best bathroom sink ideas. A vessel sink sits on a countertop or a sink console adding an element of style to any bath space.

They come in stunning designs with materials such as ceramic, tempered glass, stone, metal, and more. Depending on the theme of your bathroom, you can go for the shape and material of your choice.

4. Drop-In Bathroom Sinks

Installed above the countertop, a drop-in sink goes under the countertop. The rim of the drop-in sink sits above the counter for stability. It’s an easy-to-install sink, as you don’t need to make changes to your countertop.

5. Undermount Bathroom Sinks

One of the most popular bathroom sinks, an undermount sink merges seamlessly with the countertop. An exact hole is dug in the countertop to merge the sink with it. There is no rim that hangs out and it is installed from underneath.

6. Console Bathroom Sinks

Console sinks are a fusion of a wall-mounted sink and a pedestal sink. They usually have no counter space and are hung on the wall with 2 or 4 legs for support. An open area beneath the sink base gives a spacious feel and can be used for storage.

Bathroom Sink Ideas for Modern Bathroom Design

Now that you’re familiar with the popular bathroom sinks, it should be much easier a task to zero in on your choices. Other important factors to be taken into consideration are the installation ease, durability of the sink, and the maintenance required.

And when it comes to drawing inspiration, the ideas are aplenty. Here are our picks of the 10 best bathroom sinks to help you get started.

1. Kohler Drop-in Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks Ideas, Drop-In / Vessel Bathroom Sink, Kohler Bathroom Sinks

You can use this rectangular bathroom sink from Kohler as a drop-in bathroom sink or a vessel sink. Classic yet modern, this is one of the best bathroom sinks for your traditional or modern home.

Spacious at 25.5″ x 20.5″ x 9.8″ dimensions, this is a well-designed bathroom sink. This cool bathroom sink is available in 5 cool colors including ice-gray and black. Buy this Now.

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2. Ceramic Undermount Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks Ideas, Kohler Undermount Bathroom Sink, Small Bathroom Sinks

This rectangular ceramic undermount bathroom sink is versatile and can blend seamlessly with your bathroom theme. Along with versatility, these bathroom sinks are easy to clean, making your countertop looking clean a breeze. This undermount bathroom sink is available in 10 cool colors. Buy this Now.

3. Cast Iron Vessel / Drop-In Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks Ideas, Vessel Bathroom Sink, Drop-In Bathroom Sink, Kohler Bathroom Sinks

Part of the Kohler “Iron Plains”, this metal bathroom sink in a capsule shape lends a vintage touch to your bathroom decor. With a painted underside, this bathroom sink makes for a striking vessel or drop-in installation. If you’re looking for rustic decor ideas for your bathroom, this is one of the best bathroom sinks to consider. Buy this Now.

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4. Round Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks Ideas, Round Ceramic Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

One of the best small bathroom sinks, this pedestal bathroom sink oozes class effortlessly. The high quality and seamless design of this round pedestal sink will give your bathroom the makeover in an instant. Buy this Now.

5. Retro Ceramic Console Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks Ideas, American Standard Console Bathroom Sinks, Retro Console Sinks

Standing on polished chrome legs, this console sink from American Standard is perfect for adding a retro touch to your bathroom. Front and side towel bars as well as the bottom storage shelf further enhance the look. This is another great bathroom sink, best suited for small bathrooms. Buy this Now.

6. Stainless Steel Undermount Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sink Ideas, Stainless Steel Undermount Bathroom Sinks, Metal Bathroom Sinks

The bathroom sink is an ideal choice for compact bathrooms, boasting durable stainless steel construction that ensures longevity and style. Its small size makes it perfectly suited for small spaces, while its lustrous satin finish and compact round shape contribute to a strong contemporary aesthetic.

Available for self-rimming or under-counter installation, this sink offers versatility to fit various bathroom layouts. With options for drop-in, dual mount, or under-mount installation, the Bolero sink offers flexibility and functionality tailored to your bathroom needs. Buy this Now.

7. Concrete Trough Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks Wayfair Trough Concrete

An eco-friendly option from Native Trails, this drop-in trough sink is one of the best bathroom sinks to create an artistic space. The contemporary design and the slate stone finish lend it a modern rustic feel. Combining the functionality of two sinks in one, it is sure to be a bold focal point in your bathroom. Buy this Now.

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8. Modern Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Wall Mount Bathroom Sinks, Bathroom Sink Ideas

A budget-friendly luxe option, this is a modern minimalistic bathroom sink. One of the best modern bathroom sinks for small bathrooms, this rectangular sink in classic white is perfect for a contemporary look. Buy this Now.

9. Ovoid Minimalist Vessel Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Ovoid Minimalist Bathroom Sink

This sleek and contemporary above-counter sink offers a refreshing take on classic ceramic design with its minimalist aesthetic. Its striking yet simple style not only enhances the visual appeal of the bathroom but also maximizes the utilization of precious space, making it a favored choice for powder rooms.

Crafted with a durable non-porous finish and featuring an easy-to-clean polished surface, maintenance is hassle-free, ensuring long-lasting beauty. Additionally, its compatibility with all vessel faucets and Swiss Madison pop-up drains provides versatility in design options, allowing for seamless coordination in any bathroom setting. Buy this Now.

10. Circular Stone Vessel Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Stone Vessel Bathroom Sinks, Bathroom Sink Ideas Wayfair

This 16.5” Off-white/White/Gray Stone Circular Bathroom Sink epitomizes modern elegance and sophistication, offering a fashionable addition to any bathroom space. With its sleek design and polished interior and exterior surfaces, this sink exudes style and charm.

Each sink is meticulously handmade, resulting in possible unique and slight color variations, adding a touch of individuality to your bathroom decor. Whether you choose off-white, white, or gray, this circular stone sink brings both functionality and timeless beauty to your bathroom ensemble. Buy this Now.

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