Fun In The Sun in Dubrovnik Croatia

With these oppressive Hyderabadi summers, it’s easy to start hating the sun.

But don’t forget: the sun can be tremendous amounts of fun.

Let’s tell you about Dubrovnik, a gorgeous beach-town in Croatia, about which George Bernard Shaw said, those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik and find it.


The city is a first rate Adriatic Resort. Stretching from the city is a maze of gorgeous beaches to laze away in the sun. Offshore, in the clear azure seas, lie picturesque wooded islands, which make perfect day trips.

The very intact, impressive walls of the Old City are Dubrovnik’s biggest attraction. The city is steeped in awe-inspiring architecture. Breath-taking monasteries, fountains and museums are seemingly around every corner.

Besides being a gorgeous city, Dubrovnik has historically been an important maritime town – one which held its own culturally and militaristically, against the Venitians and the Ottomans. It was tremendously influential in the development of Croatian language, literature and culture. No wonder, UNESCO named Dubrovnik a World Heritage Site.

If you visit this summer, the famous Dubrovnik Music Festival is absolutely unmissable.


The cuisine of Dubrovnik is not very spicy, and not very imaginative. Freshly caught seafood and fresh vegetables are standard fare. If bland, the food is always high-quality – with everything freshly caught or freshly picked.

If you’re in the mood for something familiar, stop over at iroka Street which seems to have assumed the role of the local pizza street.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to try the Krae chocolate – available at most local stores.


Croatia claims that the necktie was invented right here in Dubrovnik. Consequently, there”s a lot of ties on sale everywhere. Besides the necktie, handmade linen, napkins and tablecloths are worth checking out.

The Franciscan Monastery in the Old City, was built in the fourteenth century, and has operated a pharmacy since its inception. The pharmacy sells a lot of toileteries and creams, using local ingredients, which are particularly popular with tourists.


Beds for all price ranges are on offer. Beds as cheap as Rs.600 per person per night, can be found in private rooms. The downside here is usually that some of these guest houses are far from the city. Make sure you find a house that”s accessible by a busroute. Negotiation seems to be possible.

Of Croatia”s twenty-five most luxurious (read: expensive) hotels, 13 are in Dubrovnik. It”s easy to find a hotel where you will be treated like royalty, and which has rooms with spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea, and with intoxicating sea-salt in the air.