15 Practical Apps For Every Travel Addict

15 Practical Apps For Every Travel Addict.

If you are the kind that travels for the sake of travelling, here are 15 practical apps to make your smartphone more travel efficient.


Need the cheapest flight from Hyderabad to Istanbul. Skyscanner scours all available airlines to get you the best deal and displays fares for the rest of the month. Simple interface and quick flight fares make this a sensible app.

Word Lens:

You’re in Hamburg, Germany and the signboard in front of you says ‘Werstchen’. Wait, what? You open Word Lens on your smartphone and point it at the sign. It translates to English and displays ‘Hot Dogs’. Ah! I’ll have one please.

Trip Advisor:

What’s Beirut like in the Summer? Is it Summer or even safe there right now? Trip Advisor will tell your everything about Beirut. Find out about history, culture, transport, tourist spots etc. about way too many cities in the world.

Hostel World / We Hostels:

Need a hostel in Sydney for next Tuesday night! Swipe open one of these apps. Enter the city and dates of stay and you get many options of hostels in the said city. Finding accommodation is no more such a hassle.

Oanda Currency Converter:

Wonder how much 1000 Thai Baht is in Indian Rupees. Don’t look for exchange rate and then calculate with the said amount. Oanda converts currency at the latest rates so you don’t have to calculate it in your head each time. You’d rather be looking at things you can buy instead of doing Math on the go.

Google Maps:

In Berlin for a holiday and you got separated from the rest of the group somewhere near Checkpoint Charlie. Th easiest way to maneuver through unknown roads in an alien city is (and thank God for it) Google Maps.

Trip It:

Travelling to Shanghai for the first time and the packing, flight details and itineraries all get overwhelming. Consult TripIt immediately! It instantly acquires all your flight emails and hotel bookings to make the perfect itinerary for your perfect trip. You want all your important travel details in one place? This is it.

Red Bus (India):

When is the next bus from Pune to Hyderabad? Get verified information about this and any other bus in India on the Red Bus app. You can even book a seat using your credit card in the app itself.

Ixigo trains (India):

Use this app to get detailed information of the various trains travelling in India. You may not be able to book tickets per se but it’s a great app to plan trips and later book on IRCTC.


You’re alone outside a bar in Bucharest and you don’t even know Romanian. Ask Uber for a ride and a premium car shows up within minutes. After the ride, your (pre registered) credit card pays automatically through the app so you don’t have to haggle about the fare with the driver.


On long flights, train journeys or roadtrips between travel destinations, your mind starts to slip. It would be great if you could carry a library with a gazillion books right? This is it!


A messenger app with an extremely simple interface that relies on minimal data roaming, Whatsapp is perfect to keep in touch with anyone anywhere in the world on the go. It may not be specially for them but it is a lifesaver for travellers of all kinds.


Miss your Mum? Just get yourself into a Wifi Zone (like most coffee shops in the world) and Skype her. She will find solace in seeing your face once in a while albeit on the screen of a smartphone.


Finally, what’s better than Instagram to flaunt your selfie walking down a beach in Cyprus! The many simple and creative filters will make your pictures look awesome and your friends jealous all at the same time.