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History, Culture, and the Atlantic Sunshine: Lisbon Portugal

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Travel to Lisbon, Portugal!
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On the verge of the Atlantic high seas, the seat of the erstwhile Portuguese Empire, is drowned in history and culture while staying sunny all year long. The best part is that most Eurotrippers give Lisbon Portugal a miss. And that’s why you can soak in impeccable Atlantic Sunshine in cobblestone streets entirely by yourself.

Take a week off and walk through Lisbon Portugal to experience a beautiful and laid-back culture.

Getting There:

Lisbon Portugal is well connected with the rest of Europe, North Africa, and North America. Land at Aeroporto de Lisboa and break out your walking shoes! To experience the best of this city, you have to walk. A lot!


Fado in Alfama: Take a tram (yes, a tram) to Alfama, a district speckled with Fado bars and restaurants. Enjoy Fado, the melancholic traditional folk music played on a Portuguese styled guitar. Take in this unique musical experience while having a drink at any of the streetside bars in Alfama. Get lost in the alleys of Alfama while staring into 19th-century buildings in this medieval district. Also, a must-see is the ancient Castle of Sao Jorge.

Belem: Head to Belem and walk into Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga to see 19th-century European paintings and ancient Portuguese artifacts. If you’re not into museums though, see the Belem Tower or go on a walking tour of the beautiful area flooded with light.

Bairro Alto: If you’re wondering where the young go to let their hair down and empty some bottles, it’s Bairro Alto! With many bars; everything from small Bohemian holes to streetside bars to modern pubs, you find them all here. Sit at any streetside bar, get your drink on and watch people all day while munching on your fresh char-grilled sardines.


The culture of the sun and light defines Lisbon Portugal and its beaches as well. Colour bounces from all over the place making Lisbon ‘A Photographer’s Dream’.

Head to Costa da Caparica, south of the river Tagus that has the Waikiki Bar with its sunbeds and umbrellas. Get your Pina Colada and lie down for a day in the Portuguese sun.


Traditional Portuguese restaurants with fresh seafood are scattered all over the district of Bairro Alto among its many narrow lanes.

Sacramento: Have the best of lobster tail, giant prawns and mussels at this inviting restaurant while the attentive staff gives you the best service. The Bacalhau (dried & salted cod) is a must-try here!

Imperio dos Sentidos Restaurante: Try the duck confit with truffle mash, tuna steak with mango salsa and Iberian pork at this popular restaurant and sit back to thank yourself.

Pois Cafe: Back in Alfama kick back at this toned down cafe to read a book before a late breakfast (the Portuguese way). Savor the traditional dishes served alongside toasts, pasta, quiches, and salads.


Se Guesthouse in Alfama is a charming little lodging in a scenic location with views of the riverfront.

If you’re on a budget, ‘Poets Hostel’ is a great place to stay in the old town of Chiado and you can cover everything in the area the next day.

Back in Bairro Alto, Oasis Backpackers’ Mansion offers a fun vibe with large rooms and big dinners. It’s a great place to meet other backpackers who might be on the same trail as you.

If you’re in the mood for splurging though, Mercy Boutique Hotel and Tiara Park Atlantic Lisboa offer luxury and charm at the same time.

Dive into the idea of antique tramways, cobbled streets and Atlantic sunshine in Lisbon, Portugal.

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