Sevag 67″ Arched Floor Lamp


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While not a complex item, a floor lamp is often the exact fixture you need in a room. It can add extra light to a space that’s crowded with your closest friends. This arched floor lamp can lend a soft glow as you snuggle close to a loved one on a romantic evening. Or, it can simply give just the right light to read by on a rainy Sunday afternoon. But for all the functions, a standing lamp can provide, shouldn’t it provide your space with some beauty as well? The modern floor lamp is a great upgrade to a home furnishing staple. The graceful curve of the metal tall lamp stand allows the light to extend over your furniture, providing direct, downward illumination on any surface. The large, dome shape of the lamp head, provides high-class style while casting a wide, soft glow. The lamp’s floor switch allows you to turn the lamp on and off with just a tap of your toe, giving it supreme functionality along with its postmodern beauty and making it the ideal arc floor lamp for a modern home. Shade Color: Chrome

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Orren Ellis