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Cool Gardening Gifts for Urban Gardeners

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Picking gardening gifts is a daunting task, especially if you’re not so much of a green thumb yourself. And if you’re a green thumb, you know there’s no stopping you from gardening, rain or shine!

You can turn your gift into more than just a gift when you add ‘thoughtfulness’ to the mix. With that in mind, we went around searching for the best gifts for gardeners and came up with our list of best gardening gifts that everyone will love.

1. Gardening Gifts: Yellow Rubber Boots

Best Gardening Gifts, Best Gifts for Urban Gardeners, Yellow Rubber Boots

These waterproof rubber boots in bright yellow make for a cool gardening gift. A top strap and buckle make it easy to fasten. And fabric lining makes them comfortable to roam about in the mud. Buy this Now.

2. Gardening Gifts: Colorful Watering Can

Best Gardening Gifts, Watering Can

For irrigating the plants, or rinsing feet and hands after a great day in the garden, this can is a great gardening gift. The all-metal watering can from Wayfair also acts as an accent piece. Buy this Now.

3. Gardening gifts: Stainless Steel Compost Bucket

Best Gardening Gifts, Best Gifts for Gardeners, Compost Bucket

This compost bucket is perfect for converting kitchen waste into compost. Made from stainless steel this bucket has an inner plastic bucket and can hold up to 1 gallon. With zero-waste, this is one of the best gardening gifts for the eco-friendly gardener! Buy this Now.

4. Gardening Gifts: Cultivator Claw

Best Gardening Gifts, Cool Gardening Gifts, Cultivator Claw

A great gardening gift, this cultivating claw is ideal for breaking up the soil and weeding. Its design also reduces hand and arm fatigue while picking debris and planting. Buy this Now.

5. Gardening Gifts: Gorgeous Rain Saver

Best Gardening Gifts, Rain Harvester, Garden Accents

This is not your regular rain-harvester but an accent piece on its own. The natural-looking finish will blend seamlessly into any garden decor. This 50-gallon rain saver also has a small planter on top for a floral arrangement. Buy this Now.

6. Gardening Gifts: Cotton Hammock

Best Gardening Gifts, Best Gifts for Urban Gardeners, Backyard Hammock

Taking a break from all the hard work and admiring the results of it, is priceless. This charming cotton hammock makes for a great gardening gift for relaxing in the garden. It will also add a breezy appeal to the garden or porch decor. Buy this Now.

7. Gardening Gifts: Gloves with Built-in Claws

Best Gardening Gifts, Buit-in Claws Gloves

Built-in claws of these hand gloves are great to dig and plant without tools. Durable, waterproof and puncture-resistant, they fit perfectly. Breathable technology ensures protection against dirt, sweat, and injuries too. One of the best gardening gifts for that hard-working gardener buddy! Buy this Now.

8. Gardening Gifts: Vertical Tool Shed

Best Gardening Gifts, Vertical Tool Shed, All Weather Patio Furniture

This good-looking vertical plastic shed is the best way to organize garden tools. It can accommodate large garden tools like rakes and store the garden supplies too. Made from a durable all-weather material, it doesn’t take much space either. Buy this Now.

9. Wood Garden Bench

Best Gardening Gifts, Wooden Garden Bench

This eco-friendly renewable eucalyptus wooden garden bench lends a rustic touch. Contoured seat with armrests and the warm brown finish make it perfect for patio and garden furniture. One of the best gardening gifts for someone conscious about sustainability. Buy this Now.

10. Gnome Troll Statue

Best Gardening Gifts, Garden Accents, Gnome Troll Statue

This little garden ornament can bring life to any garden space. Gift this to your gardener friend and he’ll be inspired to create a theme around this little guy. Buy this Now.

11. Tricycle Plant Stand

Best Gardening Gifts, Cool Gardening Gifts, Tricycle Plant Stand

This cute pot holder has a nostalgic feel to it and will go with most settings. It uses premium quality iron ensuring that it lasts for years. Designed for indoor use, this gardening gift can be placed on the porch, window sills, or the patio. Buy this Now.

12. 3-in-1 Blower Vacuum and Mulcher

Best Gardening Gifts, Gardening Gifts Ideas, Blower Vacuum and Mulcher

This Black + Decker high-performance 3-in-one blower, vacuum, and mulcher is a practical gardening gift. Featuring a 250 mph blower, it blows through leaves and debris with ease. The vacuum can suck in leaves, grass clippings, twigs, pine needles, and other lawn debris.

And it can grind up to 16 bags of mulch down to one. So clearing driveways and beautifying the lawn will be a breeze with this one! Buy this Now.

13. Wall and Railing Planters

Best Gardening Gifts, Gardening Gifts, Wall Planters, Hanging Planters

Made from wicker-like weather-resistant PVC, this railing and wall planter is a perfect gardening gift. The rounded design that extends from the flat side of a wall is stylish.

This hanging planter has handwoven resin on a sturdy powder-coated metal frame. This gives it extra stability. Buy this Now.

14. GARDENING GIFTS: Patio Shield Mosquito Repeller

Best Gardening Gifts, Cool Gardening Gifts, Best Gifts for Gardeners

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you get a 15-foot mosquito protection zone? This Thermacell Patio Shield Repeller creates a 15-foot shield around you. A perfect way to spend an evening on your patio or garden without the fear of mosquito bites. And yes, a perfect gift for a gardener. Buy this Now.

15. GARDENING GIFTS: 3-in-1 Soil Tester

Best Gardening Gifts, Soil Tester

Maintaining a healthy garden becomes a breeze with this 3-in-one tester. It measures the moisture content and PH level of the soil. It also helps determine if the plant is getting adequate light. Buy this Now.



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