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10 Cool Table Lamps for a Mid-Century Vibe

Transform your room’s vibe with these 10 cool mid-century table lamps.



Best Mid-Century Table Lamps, Mid-Century Modern Table Lamps

Mid-century table lamps make a great addition for a home sporting the mid-century modern theme. While the clean lines and understated colors of the mid-century modern furniture set up the theme, it’s the table lamps that add the charm.

So as the mid-century furniture defines your room, let the mid-century table lamps set up the mood and create an ambiance of your choice.

Here are 10 Cool Mid-Century Table Lamps that combine timeless charm, modern allure, and smart functionality.

1. Painted Glass Mid Century Modern Table Lamp

The wooden accents of this beautiful blue painted glass give it the mid-century vibe. The clean lines of the white drum shade further add to the mid-century modern style. This lamp comes with an incandescent bulb so you can use your lamp right out of the box. Buy this Now.

2. Brown Oval Mid-century Lamp

The thick oval-shaped base made of solid wood and metal is what lends it the mid century look. Topped with an oval hardback shade in a beautiful linen fabric, this lamp is classy. The dark brown base paired with light brown shade accentuates the mid-century style. This mid-century modern lamp comes with an LED bulb for instant usage. Buy this Now.

3. Arched Mid-century Modern Table Lamp

This arched lamp is ideal for your mid-century modern writing table. The sleek metal design with a curved neck and shade is a fusion of mid-century and modern designs. The gold accents on the inside of the shade and the top of the neck give it the stylish edge. Available in both black and white colors, it can make any space look stylish. Buy this Now.

4. Metallic Mid Century Table Lamp

A midcentury modern take on a classic task lamp, this table is crafted out of metal. A classic brushed antique brass finish and simplistic tubular body make it elegant. The adjustable joint on the top of the lamp allows you to tilt the shade. So you can place it either on your work desk or on a mid-century modern bed‘s side table. The exposed finial bulb in an amber-tinted glass bowl shade adds a twist to this tale. Buy this Now.

5. Ceramic Mid Century Modern Table Lamp

Wood-inspired resin accents and the ceramic center give this lamp the mid-century character. This table lamp has a curved silhouette that will look good on an entryway console. A gently tapered fabric shade will give out an even warmer glow. Buy this Now.

6. Tripod Mid Century Modern Table Lamp

This lamp takes its mid-century cue from the tripod base. Perfect for a mid-century modern setting, you can keep this lamp in a reading nook or at your bedside. You can go for a monochromatic look by choosing the same color shade. Or you can go for other available options like green, blue or gray depending on the decor of your home. Buy this Now.

7. Adjustable Tripod Mid Century Table Lamp

This contemporary style lamp with a brushed steel finish has a vintage feel to it. The pull chain switch further adds to this vibe. It will look great on a console along with other mid-century inspired knickknacks. The adjustable height of the base makes it more versatile. Buy this Now.

8. White Metal Finish Mid Century Table Lamp

The abstract oval metal hood shade gives this mid-century lamp its character. The classic white metal finish and brass accents add to the mid-century sensibility. While the round marble base makes it classy, the locking joints give it the flexibility. Place it next to a mid-century accent chair and cozy up with a good book and hot chocolate. Buy this Now.

9. Gray and Gold Mid Century Table Lamp

The faux gray silk, a gold liner and rolled edges of the shade perfectly compliment the base of the lamp. The neutral gray accents on a gold body make it a great mid-century accent piece. Buy this Now.

10. White Table Lamp with Faux Wood Accents

Best Mid Century Table Lamps, Mid Century Modern Table Lamps Faux Wood Accent

Faux Wood Accents Mid Century Table Lamp

Simple and classy, this white lamp with faux wood accents will go with any mid-century space. The base of the lamp is made from poly and ceramic whereas the shade is round hardback. Overall, a great accent lamp for mid-century modern home. Buy this Now.

Transform your room’s vibe with these 10 cool mid-century table lamps.


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