Best Masticating Slow Juicers for Better Nutrition

People with serious health goals know the importance of right juicing. And these people know that they get the best results from the masticating juicers. Masticating slow juicers not only produce higher quality juice but also better yield.

So how do they work? Unlike centrifugal juicers, they turn at a slow speed of 80 to 100 RPM generating less heat. This helps in preserving the enzymes, trace minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. These slow juicers take their time but extract every drop of juice leaving a very dry pulp behind.

You have plenty of masticating juicers available in the market. So choosing the one that’s right for you and fits your budget may be a little challenging. We’ve made it easy for you. Check out our list of 10 best masticating juicers, pick the one that you like and get juicing!

1. Omega NC900HDC Single Gear Masticating Juicer

One of the best masticating juicers in the market, it comes with 5 juice extraction settings. Use setting 5 and you get yourself the best masticating juicer for wheatgrass. And if you want to extract citrus juices, setting 1 will do that for you.

The large size feed chute of this slow masticating juicer reduces the prep time.

And to top it all, you can make nut butter, soy milk, almond milk and such. This Omega masticating juicer is built with high-quality material and is very quiet. Buy this Now.

2. Omega VRT380HDC Vertical Masticating Juicer

This Omega vertical masticating juicer can juice wheatgrass to carrots with equal ease. Its unique design gives you the convenience of a centrifugal juicer and efficiency of a slow masticating juicer.

The auto-cleaning system keeps the screen clear during juicing and increases its efficiency. Post-juicing clean up is also a breeze because of this technology.

It’s patented technology helps to make soy milk and easy vegetable extracting. All these features make it the best vertical masticating juicer for commercial use. Buy this Now.

3. Breville Masticating Juicer

If you like a smooth pulpy juice texture then this masticating juicer by Breville is what you need. This slow masticating juicer crushes and squeezes to make juices with nutrients and a little fiber.

One of the best slow masticating juicers, it juices everything from berries, oranges, carrots to wheatgrass. And it does all this quietly.

For clean up, you can disassemble the unit to wash and use the included brush to keep your filter clean. Buy this Now.

4. Nutrihome Masticating Juice Extractor

This top rated masticating Juicer on Amazon can extract juice from almost anything. Get juicing gingers, celery, wheatgrass, carrots, apples, oranges, and other vegetables for that perfect detox juice.

This is the best masticating juicer when it comes to ease of assembling, operating and cleaning. The dishwasher-safe parts make cleanup a snap.

The heavy-duty and stable body works quietly at less than 60 decibels.

An added bonus is lifetime technical support, 12 months warranty and 30-day money back. Buy this Now.

5. Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer

Spinning at 47-60 RPM, it gives up to 90% juice Yield. With 3 press buttons and LED display indicator, it is very easy to operate. Easy assembly and removal of the juicing bowl and the drip-free design make juicing a fun experience.

The motor runs quietly – less than 60 decibels. Heavy-duty and stable body lets you enjoy a quiet environment at less than 60 decibels.

The reverse function also great for solving the pulp stuck and cleaning problems for you. Buy this Now.

6. Hurom Rose Gold Slow Masticating Juicer

This good looking masticating juicer rotates at 43 RPM squeezing every drop of juice. It comes with fine and coarse strainers to control the amount of pulp to suit your taste. One of the best slow masticating juicers, it can work on vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, and beans.

This versatile juicer can also make ice cream with frozen ingredients. Buy this Now.

7. Kuvings Masticating Slow Juicer

This is the best masticating juicer for greens as it can even juice something like cilantro with ease. That’s not all. It comes with 7 different nozzles for versatility. It can grind coffee beans and spices, mince herbs and garlic, extrude pasta and whip up soy milk just like that.

Probably, the best masticating juicer for those looking for a multi-purpose juicer. Buy this Now.

8. Tribest Vertical Masticating Juicer

As slow as 47 RPM, this juicer extracts the best, fresh juices with minimal oxidation.

This single auger masticating juicer can juice fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. The mincing attachment of this juicer can create fresh, raw recipes like sorbets, nut butters, salsas, and sauces.

200 Watt motor and a 3-stage speed reduction gears that produce the equivalent amount of torque as a 9 HP motor. The powerful motor reduces the chance of jamming when juicing hard vegetables like carrots and beets. Buy This Now.

9. Wide Chute Anti-Oxidation Slow Masticating Juicer

This juicer is known to give high juice yield with the least oxidation.

It can easily accommodate large produce items, thanks to the wide chute. Less chopping of the ingredients also helps to reduce oxidation (bigger the pieces lesser the oxidation). The wide chute reduces your prep and clean-up time as well.

All parts are made of high-quality food grade antioxidant materials. Buy this Now.

You want the juice and all its benefits. These 10 best masticating juicers will have you covered.

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