Must Have Bar Supplies for The Home Bar

Going to a nightclub with your friends and trying fancy cocktails is great. Setting up your own home bar and showing off your bartending skills to your friends – that’s priceless.

But then mixing drinks is an art and like every artist, you need the right tools. Whether it’s the martinis, cocktails, wines, scotches or just beers, you gotta serve them right. We got you covered with our list of coolest bar accessories for your home.

Choose from these best home bar accessories and get ready to be the rockstar!

1. Bottle and Jar Hanger Fridge Magnets

These unique bar accessories will help you save the space in your fridge or the chilller. Just stick these magnets on the top of the shelf and hang the bottles from them. Buy This Now.

2. Steel Reusable Ice Cubes

The coolest bar accessories you can add to your home bar are these steel ice cubes. These are small stones which must be put in the freezer for an hour for the best results. They are the saving grace for those who don’t like their whiskey on the rocks diluted. Also, when it comes to cocktails or vintage wine that taste much better when chilled in the refrigerator.   Buy This Now.

3. Cocktail Shaker Bar Accessories Set / Martini Kit

If you love making martinis and cocktails, this bar accessories set is a must have for you. This will make mixing complex drinks a breeze. Time to show off your bartending skills! Buy This Now.

4. Bar Accessories – Cocktail Mixing Glass

This heavy, thick walled glass is an essential bar tending tool and is used to build and stir classic cocktails like the Martini and Daiquiri. It features an exquisite diamond cut, a wide base, sturdy grip and beaker-like spout, which has made it popular among bar professionals. Buy This Now.

5. Double Wall Ice Bucket

This ice bucket keeps the ice cubes cool enough to provide with solid cubes even at the end of a social gathering. It also comes with a stainless steel ice scoop. Buy This Now.

6. Big Square Party Tub

If you like to hold parties at home almost every other day, this is one of the best home bar accessories to own. This party tub can hold a lot of ice and keeps multiple bottles of beer, water and soft drinks chilled for hours. It’s super durable and shatter-proof. Buy This Now.

7. Home Bar Accessories – Cocktail Muddler

Made of stainless steel unlike most wooden cocktail muddlers, this cocktail muddler keeps your drink residue free and gives an unpolluted taste. It has a grooved nylon head that helps mash herbs, spices, fruits and bitter sugar cubes to create flavorful blends to mix with cocktails. Buy This Now.

8. Two-Bottle Cocktail Set

This cocktail case includes two martini glasses, a shaker, a jigger, tongs, strainer, olive picks, stirrer and napkins in their respective grooved compartments. It also features a divided insulated compartment to carry two standard size spirits bottles. This bar accessories set is your perfect portable bar. Buy This Now.

9. Jack Daniel’s Bar Towel

This bar towel is two-toned in black and white having an authentic logo of Jack Daniel’s and makes for a perfect addition to your bar. Buy This Now.

10. Home Bar Accessories – Soda Maker

Never face the situation of running out of soda ever with this soda siphon. You can now make sparkling water right at your home and make all your drinks sans additives from the soda. This also doubles up as a kitchen gadget for making tasty beverages.
Buy This Now.

11. Bar Accessories – Bottle Cap Catcher

This ingenious device doubles as a bottle opener and a bottle cap catcher. The opener easily flips off caps of soda and beer bottles and drops them into the container below. One of the must-have home bar accessories if you’re a beer lover. Buy This Now.

12. Acrylic Napkin Holder Coaster

Create personalized coasters for every occasion by slipping in cocktail-sized napkins into the coasters. This can be a great accessory for your parties, especially if you ever throw a themed party. Buy This Now.

13. Iceless Wine Chiller Bottle 

This 3-in-1 chiller, aerator and pourer spout is a great accessory for a wine aficionado. This wine chiller stick keeps your wine cool for a long time, let’s it breathe by allowing just the right amount of oxygen into the bottle, keeping it fresh.

Its efficient drip-free pouring spout helps avoid spills.

It comes with a corkscrew and a stopper. One of the coolest bar accessories that can be a great gift for wine lovers!  Buy This Now

14. Wall Mounted Metal Wine Rack

This wall mounted wine rack is both an aesthetic addition to your home and space-saving storage for your wine bottles and glasses. It can hold 1-5 bottles and 4 glasses.

Buy This Now.

15. Bar Accessories – Champagne Flutes

These champagne flutes are made out of a superior quality of crystal and are durable. They are designed to keep the carbonation in the glass and bubbles out of your nose. They can make even mediocre sparkling water and wines taste amazing. Buy This Now.

16. Steel Shot Pourer

One of the must-have home bar accessories is this shot pourer. It controls the flow of liquid, enabling you to create complex cocktails and blends. Due to the accuracy of the shot pourer, it prevents spills and wastage while pouring. Buy This Now.

17. Home Bar Accessories – Bar Mat 

This is one of the super-essential home bar accessories. It makes cleaning away the spilled drinks, glass pieces of broken liquor bottles and a general wipe down a breeze. It is made from heavy-duty rubber and features a raised edge to contain spills. Buy This Now.

18. Steel Double Jigger

Mixing drinks is an art. This two-sided jigger is the best tool of such artist. One of the two sides measures full jigger – 1½ Ounces and features 3/4 Oz. and 1/3 Oz. measurement markings, while the other side measures in 1/4 Oz., 1/2 Oz. and 1 Oz. increments. You will never ever have a problem with proportions again. One of the best home bar accessories for the expert mixer! Buy This Now.

20. Stainless Steel Bar Tool Set 

This bar accessories set is perfect for a newly constructed home bar. Along with the 8 items included in this set is an eye-catching and unique bamboo tool organizer. A Large Shaker, Double Jigger, Twisted Bar Spoon, Ice Tong, and Heavy Duty Muddler are a part of the set. Other accessories in this set are a Strainer, a Corkscrew Cork Removal Screw and a Beer Bottle Opener. Buy This Now.