10 Best Floral Wallpaper Designs for Your Living Room

Who doesn’t love flowers? They have the magical power to bring cheer to otherwise mundane life. Bring happiness to the favorite spot of your house with a vintage floral wallpaper or an elegant subdued flower wallpaper.

Here are 10 best floral wallpapers to tickle your imagination.

1. Leala Golden Green Floral Wallpaper

The subtle ivory, beige and green colors make this a beautiful flower wallpaper. This floral wallpaper design works well with pastel hued upholstery. Best suited for your bedroom wall, you can pair it with a modern contemporary bed to enhance the space. Buy This Now.

2. Rose Patterned Flower Wallpaper

This vinyl wallpaper is the self-adhesive kind that can be peeled out whenever you wish to. Giving off vintage vibes, this flower wallpaper is an absolute classic and can be used to adorn a wall in the den. Buy This Now.

3. Geranium Multi Floral Wallpaper

Inspired by the Victorian age of Romanticism, this wallpaper has intertwined peonies, geraniums and daisies, growing on vines against a backdrop of a Jacobean print. This multi floral wallpaper would look lovely in country cottages, sun rooms and nurseries. Buy This Now.

4. Casabella Multi Flower Wallpaper

On a strawberry pink backdrop are gigantic flowers springing to life in the colors of bright cerise, white, aqua, robin’s egg and dark brown. This flower wallpaper can work well with ivory, beige and light brown furniture. Buy This Now.

5. Claressa Blueberry Floral Wallpaper

This wallpaper features large flowers in shades of cerulean blue to navy blue and everything in between. The floral print looks pleasant and seems to be hand painted in watercolors rather than printed. Buy This Now.

6. Pom Pom Ivory Floral Wallpaper

The ivory and violet shaded wallpaper is another classic vintage wallpaper. It has large pom pom shaped flowers with soft muted color ways. And also can be used to decorate one corner of the room and compliment it with furniture in bright shades. Buy This Now.

7. Maddison Black French Floral Wallpaper

Who said that all floral wallpapers are found in soft romantic colors? This wallpaper is an edgy and contemporary wallpaper. The black background is offset by white flowers with fine raised ink. Buy This Now.

8. Seamless Floral Patterned Wallpaper

This pleasant looking vinyl flower wallpaper is a must buy. A uniform pattern of huge flowers on a sky blue background adds instant character to the room. Buy This Now.

9. Teal Colored Wallpaper with Glistening Effect

Elegant and luxurious looking, this teal colored wallpaper features beautiful birds and butterflies among an intricate branch and flower design. The branches feature mica highlights in silver to add a stunning glistening effect. Buy This Now.

10. Chinoiserie Floral Wallpaper

This wallpaper is grey stone colored and features a mix of floral patterns infused with beautiful birds. The background is subdued and reflects lighting. It can be contrasted well with a pop of color like a red sofa or an orange futon. Buy This Now.

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