10 Best Drones with Camera Right Now

Social Media has changed the way we live our lives. We can share our experiences with our friends in real time. Whether we are traveling, playing sports or just partying, we want everyone to be a part of it. Then the drones with cameras came along. And amazing footages followed.

With a little bit of creativity and the technology at hand, anyone today can shoot some amazing footage to be shared and enjoyed for a long time to come.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll find our list of the 10 best drones with camera extremely handy in choosing the right drone for you.

1. DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

Easy, fun and reliable to use, The Phantom 4 is a drone by DJI (a company with 70% of drone market share). It features an advanced stereo Vision Positioning System (VPS) for precise hovering. It also uses the Tap to Fly, where you double tap to get the copter in the air. The two most novel features introduced are Collision Avoidance and ActiveTrack. The drone has sensor cameras that detect obstacles and steer clear of them. And with ActiveTrack you can film a moving object regardless of where the drone is by locking the target. Another highlight of the drone is the Sports Mode. This mode combines the above-mentioned features with an increase in the speed of the drone. The lens in the Phantom 4 is sharp around the edges for accurate colors and an incredible 4K footage. Buy this Now.

2. Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon Quadcopter

One of the best drones with camera, it has CGO3 Gimbal Camera. It is an ultra-high definition (UHD) camera – four times the resolution of HD. It captures slow motion 1080p / 120fps and 12 megapixel photos. The captured images and videos can make amateur photos and videos look professional. The CGO3 is fitted to a 3-axis gimbal, which gives it room to tilt and rotate. It is controlled by the unique ST10+ Ground Station, an all-in-one remote having an inbuilt screen. It negates the need of using your own smart screen and syncing the software to it. You can control the tilt direction via ST10+ and film from the horizon to 90 degrees down with ease. It includes SteadyGrip, that ensures ground shoots to be as smooth as the aerial ones. The drone has two smart features – Follow Me and Watch Me. Follow Me mode focuses on the pilot keeping him/her in the frame. Watch Me mode tethers the drone to the pilot, making flying and shooting easier. The Q500 comes in a lightweight and rugged practical travel case.  Buy this Now.

3. DJI Mavic Pro Drone with Camera

It is one of the best drones for filming the memories of a vacation or adventure trips. This small portable drone by DJI is one of the most feature-packed drones. Mavic features a set of folding arms and props that fold down into a neat little package. It sports a 4K UHD camera that records at 30fps. It also has a 12 megapixel camera with Adobe DNG RAW composition support. DJI’s Active Track and Optical Flow software allow it to track objects and sense obstacles. You can rest assured of smooth filming, without the risk of the drone losing focus of the object. You can also flip on the Tripod Mode, which reduces the speed of the drone giving refined control over the drone. Use this mode when you need precision and accuracy. A unique feature of the Mavic Pro is the Gesture Mode, by which you can control the drone by gesturing towards it. Raise your arms or wave to it and the Mavic will follow you to take selfies for you. Buy this Now.

4. DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter Drone with Camera

One of the best drones with camera on the market is the DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter. Tech experts joke about how this drone is rightly named Inspire 2, as it has two of everything. Not only does it have a detachable Zenmuse camera, but also sports a forward-facing FPV camera. This allows the pilot to control the movements of the camera and watch where the drone is going. The Zenmuse X4S camera features a 20-megapixel 1-inch sensor and a maximum ISO of 12,800. The drone has two battery packs, which would give more flying time and hence, more footage. Inspire 2 boasts smart piloting features like the Intelligent Flight modes. TapFly, Waypoint, Point of Interest and Active Track. However, the highlight of this drone is the DJI’s new Spotlight Pro mode. You can film moving objects by locking onto the subject. In other words, even if you fly the drone around a moving object in circles, the camera will capture it smoothly. Buy this Now.

5. Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

This award-winning drone with camera goes beyond an ordinary quadcopter. It’s flush with features that are only found in high-end professional equipment. That too at a consumer-friendly price. With GPS flight control and auto takeoff, landing and return to home, it is the best drone with camera for the beginners. What also sets it apart is the fact that it is a hexacopter, which means it has six rotors instead of four. The extra rotors act as a backup in case any one of them breaks down mid-flight. The drone boasts distinctive autonomous flying modes in collaboration with Intel RealSense Technology. It not only detects obstacles via visual sensors but also uses sonar signals in case of night shoots. This is possible as the technology builds a 3D model of the world. So while navigating it charts routes around obstacles. Curve Cable Cam helps you pre-set the coordinates for the drone to fly along. The CGO3+ camera records 4K UHD video and clicks 12 megapixel still images. It’s mounted on a 3-axis gimbal which can swivel a complete 360 degrees. Buy this Now.

6. 3DR Solo Quadcopter Drone with Camera

Operating a drone for aerial photography and videography is no walk in the park. However, the 3DR Solo shoots aerial professional-looking cinematic footage, even for a beginner. Solo’s autonomous flight modes, which include Cable Cam, Orbit, and Follow, let it fly on its own. Also, Solo is the only drone that boasts of two 1GHz Cortex-A9 Linux computers. One in the controller and another in the drone. All this allows you to focus solely on capturing the perfect shot and not worry about the drone flight. Another unique mode of the drone is the Selfie mode. In this, the drone focuses the camera on you, then fly up and back to create a dramatic reveal shot. Not including a camera in the setup, 3DR along with GoPro cameras came up with a custom drone integration. Once the GoPro is plugged in, you can control all its settings during flight, using the controller. The 3DR Solo is the best drone with camera for shooting fast action or footage of vehicles as it can go to a speed over 55 MPH. Buy this Now.

7. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Quadcopter

This easy to fly quadcopter can give you great aerial footage along with live HD streaming. The drone has a ‘beginner’s mode’ which limits the pilot’s speed, distance, and altitude. The X-Star Premium is known for its stability. It uses dual GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation and the Starpoint Positioning System. Being stable even while indoors, it is the best drone for filming parties with live streaming. SecureFly technology prevents the loss of contact due to magnetic interference. Using the Starlink app for this drone will give you the access to autopilot features. These features include follow, orbit and waypoints. The copter features a camera recording 4K Ultra HD video and 12MP photos. It has a high-quality optical glass to deliver crisp pictures with rich colors. Buy this Now.

8. Syma X5C Drone with Camera

An economical option for beginners, this drone does not have complex features. It comes with a detachable HD camera that records at 30fps, and performs flips with 360-degree eversion. 6-axis Gyro stabilization system gives it the most stability during flight. Using anti-interference technology, the controller blocks out other devices in the immediate area. This power-efficient drone has two modes Regular and Expert mode. The Expert mode increases the flight speed and responds quicker to turns and flips. Under each propeller is an LED light in the colors of orange, green and red for night use. Buy this Now.

9. Potensic F181DH RC Quadcopter

This drone stabilizes its flight at a certain height with its Unique Altitude-Hold Technology. The built-in high-density air pressure sensor helps to get high-quality stable videos and photos. The drone also has a built-in 2 megapixels WiFi camera. You can watch your flight in real-time on the screen of the controller. The propellers of the drone have a protective plastic case to protect them from damage, in case of a fall. You can also do a cool 360 degrees flip trick with the drone. One of the best drones for beginners as it can handle more crashes than any other quadcopter. Buy this Now.

10. Dbpower UDI U842 Predator

Equipped with powerful, ultra-responsive motors this quadcopter comes with a headless mode. It helps the flight computer to always align the drone movements to that of the controller.  When you push forward button, the drone does not move in the direction of its heading. Instead, it moves forward relative to the direction of the controller. The Wi-fi mode lets you livestream your videos. You can enjoy panoramic views when you’re traveling or playing sports. It comes with 720 pixels HD camera and a  bonus battery that doubles your flying time. This drone with camera is the best drone for beginners as it comes at a reasonable price and losing it is not that easy – thanks to 6 Axis Gyro, Gravity Induction, and Headless Mode. This is your best drone with camera under 200$.  Buy this Now.


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