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Cool Bathroom Sink Ideas That’ll Inspire You

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More than functional pieces, bathroom sinks can be stylish additions to space aesthetics. Just like the free-standing bathtubs, they can lend a unique vibe and add character to your bathroom.

Also, in an age of specialization, bathroom sinks have evolved to suit the customized needs. So while choosing the right kind for your bathroom, you’re bound to get a wee bit confused.

Here are 6 types of Bathroom Sinks that you should know about before you go scouting for one.

1. Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

A traditional freestanding sink that gets support from the column under the base. Perfect for small bathrooms, you can use it in any space, even outdoors. In the newer versions, they come as one unit – the base and column merged into one.

2. Wall Mounted bathroom Sinks

Hung on the wall, the wall-mounted sink is a blessing for a small bathroom. With the saved floor space, the bathroom appears brighter and bigger. And for the smallest of bathrooms, you can use the corner wall mounted bathroom sink.

3. Vessel Sinks

Vessel Sink is the best option for a contemporary look. It sits on a countertop or a sink console adding an element of style to any bath space. It comes in stunning designs with materials ranging from ceramic to tempered glass. Depending on the theme of your bathroom, you can go for the shape and material of your choice.

4. Drop-In bathroom Sinks

Installed above the countertop, a drop-in sink goes under the countertop. The rim of the drop-in sink sits above the counter for stability. It’s an easy-to-install sink, as you don’t need to make changes to your countertop.

5. Undermount Sinks

Unlike the drop-in sink, an undermount sink merges seamlessly with the countertop. An exact hole is dug in the countertop to merge the sink with it. There is no rim that hangs out and it is installed from underneath.

6. Console bathroom Sinks

Console Sink is a cross between a wall-mounted sink and a pedestal sink. It usually has no counter space and is hung on the wall with 2 or 4 legs for support. An open area beneath the sink base gives a spacious feel and can be used for storage.

Now that you’re familiar with the available types, you need to pick the style that goes with your theme. You also need to consider the durability of the sink and the maintenance required.

And when it comes to drawing inspiration, the ideas are aplenty. Here are 10 best bathroom sink ideas to get you started.

1. Oval Drop-in Stone Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Oval Drop In Stone Bathroom Sink, Cool Bathroom Sink Ideas

Made of stone, this oval drop-in bathroom sink can add that rustic touch to a modern bathroom. Handcrafted by artisans using natural materials, this is an eco-friendly sink.

Crack-resistant, it is also 40% lighter than the traditional stone concrete sink. An added bonus is the slate finish that will gel with a variety of bathroom decors. Buy this Now.

2. Metal Oval Undermount Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Metal Oval Undermount Bathroom Sink

Made from recycled copper by artisans in Mexico, this under-mount bathroom sink is a work of art. A hand-hammered sink in antique copper by Native Trails, it is the best bathroom sink to add character. Buy this Now.

3. Retro Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Pedestal Sinks, Retro Wall Mount Bathroom Sink, Best Bathroom Sink Ideas

If its the retro styling that inspires you then this wall mounted bathroom sink is one of the best bathroom sinks ideas. The rounded corners and white ceramic construction complete the vintage feel. It comes pre-drilled with your choice of available faucet hole options. Buy this Now.

4. Pedestal Bathroom sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Pedestal Bathroom Sink Ideas

Without taking a lot of space this pedestal bathroom sink oozes class effortlessly. The high quality and seamless design of this conical pedestal sink will give your bathroom the makeover in an instant.

It comes with a complimenting cabinet complete with mirrors and adjustable glass shelves. Buy this Now.

5. Square Vessel Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Square Vessel Bathroom Sinks

Amazing light reflections from the round edges and corners make this one of the best looking bathroom sinks. The paint used for this square vessel sink mimics the metallic paint, giving it the cool shine.

Created from a special polymer, pert, this bathroom sink is both lightweight and durable. Buy this Now.

6. Stainless Steel Vessel Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Stainless Steel Vessel Bathroom Sinks, Best Bathroom Sink Ideas

This stainless steel circular bathroom sink lends elegance to the bathroom on a budget. The double-walled vessel bathroom sink can blend with any type of decor.

Unlike other vessel bathroom sinks, it comes with an overflow. Wipe it clean with a soft and dry cloth and it will look as good as new for a long time. Buy this Now.

7. Trough Stone Drop-in Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Through Stone Drop-in Bathroom Sink Ideas

An eco-friendly option from Wayfair, this one is handmade by artisans using sustainable materials. The ash stone-finish lends it the farmhouse rustic decor feel. But then the contemporary feel of this sink allows you to add it to your modern bathroom too.

Use your creativity and place it over a wooden, a silver-steel or an all-black platform. Though made of stone it is much lighter than the traditional concrete bathroom sinks. One of the best bathroom sinks to create an artistic space. Buy this Now.

8. Elliptical Ceramic Vessel Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Elliptical Ceramic Bathroom Sink

A budget-friendly luxe option, this is a modern minimalistic bathroom sink. The slightly elongated elliptical form of this bathroom sink adds to the sophisticated look.

This elegant sink is glazed and double fired for durability and stain resistance. Buy this Now.

9. Ovoid Minimalist Vessel Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Ovoid Minimalist Bathroom Sink

This vessel-style ovoid bathroom sink oozes sophistication. Beautifully-sculpted from sturdy vitreous china, the white glaze finish protects it from damage. Minimalist yet elegant this bathroom sink is for a contemporary bathroom. Buy this Now.

10. Natural Stone Vessel Bathroom Sink

Best Bathroom Sinks, Natural Stone Vessel Bathroom Sink Ideas

Carved from a single large stone, this is a stunning piece-of-art for your bathroom. This vessel sink from Hayneedle is available in many color options to suit your bathroom decor. Buy this Now.



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