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Our Favorite Women’s Sunglasses Trends for 2019

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Variety is the spice of life. And that’s what you get with Women’s Sunglasses Trends 2019!

We dig runways. Who doesn’t really? It’s a feast for any fashionista and for us it’s like a child entering a candy store.

Let’s talk about Women’s Sunglasses Trends for 2019, shall we? While some sunglasses trends from 2018 continued into 2019, there are a ton of brand new trends that splashed the runways.

Cateye sunglasses, modern aviators, mirrored and gradient sunglasses continue to be hot sunglasses trends for 2019. Shield sunglasses and Sporty sunglasses in sleek single tone finish made a big splash.

Bling sunglasses went extreme bling and we love them. We got to see a whole spectrum of styles from patterned-frames to big square lenses, slim lenses to tiny sunglasses, triangle-shaped to irregular shapes. What also grabbed our attention were butterfly sunglasses, red frame sunglasses, and yellow lenses.

We listed below 10 of our favorite picks from women’s sunglasses trends for 2019. We hope you like them.

1. Big Square Sunglasses

Womens Sunglasses Trends, Womens Sunglasses Trends 2019, Spring Summer 2019 Sunglasses Trends

Square sunglasses are hot this season, the bigger the better.

We love these oversized square sunglasses with shield lenses. The lenses are attached over the frame with screws lending it an edgy look. The pattern grey frame revealing the frame’s metal core wire adds to its style. Buy this Now.

2. Shield Sunglasses

Shield Sunglasses, Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses, Womens Sunglasses Trends

Another women’s sunglasses trend that scorched the runways is the Shield sunglasses. And that too oversized. Unlike other sunglasses, these use a single large lens that runs over your eyes and the bridge of the nose.

These women’s sunglasses by Roberto Cavalli with plastic lenses and metal frame has a feminine vibe. We love the creative frame with the letters R and C crafted beautifully. Buy this Now.

3. Patterned Frame Sunglasses

Womens Sunglasses Trends, Butterfly Sunglasses, Patterned Frame Sunglasses, Womens Sunglasses Trends ss19

Taking a cue from the fabric prints, the designers went a step ahead and included these in the frames. Patterned frames was a women’s sunglasses trend seen almost everywhere on the runways. Whether it was the polka dots by Fendi or the static black and white pattern by Christian Siriano, this trend ruled the runways.

Our pick from Dolce & Gabbana is Designed with gossamer lace inlays. With the black and white stripes superimposed by the floral pattern, this is one fun pair to own. Buy this Now.

4. Mirrored Women Sunglasses

Womens Sunglasses Trends, Mirrored Sunglasses, Butterfly Sunglasses

Fans of mirrored sunglasses can rejoice. Sporty, shield, oversized, frameless, they appeared in various avatars.

These mirrored sunglasses by Tiffany & Co. come with a butterfly-shaped frame (another SS19 hot trend). This pair is a balance of refined femininity and industrial modernity. The mirrored lens adds an interesting element to the ongoing vibe. Buy this Now.

5. Cat Eye Sunglasses

Warby Parker Cat Eye Sunglasses

This trend has been rocking the runways since the past few seasons and SS19 was no different. Another version of this sunglasses trend that debuted this season is the tinier cat-eye and triangular sunglasses.

Crafted from hand-polished cellulose acetate, these are vintage-inspired cat-eye sunglasses. Suiting most face shapes, we pick this chic pair with an animal print pattern on the frame. Buy this Now.

6. Extreme Bling Womens Sunglasses

Extreme Bling Sunglasses, Womens Sunglasses Trends, Big Square Sunglasses

Bejeweled Sunglasses have been a part of runways for the past couple of seasons. In Spring Summer 2019, this women’s sunglasses trend has gone extreme. That extra bling with jewel-encrusted sunglasses was a norm in almost all runways.

These large square sunglasses by Gucci have the right kind of bling for everyday use. The bejeweled brown metal frame sporting a metal lens is classy and blingy at the same time. Buy this Now.

7. Red Frames Sunglasses

Red Frame Sunglasses, Womens Sunglasses Trends, Vintage Sunglasses

Bold and beautiful red frames were blazing the ramps this season. The plastic red frames with the same or contrasting color lenses were ruling the runway. Round, tiny cat-eye, large square or butterfly; every shape sunglasses were framed in hot red.

These vintage-inspired red frame sunglasses are all plastic and non-polarized. The black lens perfectly complements the retro red frame. Rock these sunglasses with a vintage shirt, plaid pants, and platform shoes. Buy this Now.

8. Two Toned Square Sunglasses

Big Square Sunglasses, Womens Sunglasses Trends, Two Toned Sunglasses

Two-toned sunglasses is another trend that you may see a lot in your Instagram feed this year. Coupled with unique designs and shapes, sunglasses with two-toned lenses are fun.

These large square sunglasses with two-toned lenses tick off more than one runway trend. The all-black frame of these sunglasses by Gucci is also in line with SS19 trends. Buy this Now.

9. Yellow Lenses Sunglasses Trend

Womens Sunglasses Trends, Yellow Lenses Sunglasses, Shield Sunglasses, Sporty Shield Sunglasses

Yellow lenses made a come back in SS19 but with a modern makeover. A refreshing take on women’s sunglasses trend, the yellow lenses can complement vintage to futuristic frames.

The sporty shields and yellow lenses of our pick check off two major trends of this season. These shield sunglasses feature extended temples in a secure rubber mesh for support. Yellow Tri-flection lenses are ideal for low light conditions, highlighting contrasts and brightness.

Apart from sports outfits, you can pair these with skinny jeans, denim shorts or denim dresses. Buy this Now.

10. Butterfly Sunglasses

Butterfly Sunglasses, Two Toned Sunglasses, Womens Sunglasses Trends

Butterfly sunglasses made a comeback and how! Bolder, bigger and very unique. Futuristic with no frames or retro with thick frames, butterfly sunglasses sure made their presence felt. From subtle to extreme, the designers\ were enamored by the butterfly shape.

Our pick is a pair by Jimmy Choo which goes with the trends this season. Designed with a classic time-honored silhouette, it has details of a contemporary finish. It is also a classic pair of sunglasses to add to your accessories collection. Buy this Now.

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