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Best Vitamin C Serums for Face

Best Vitamin C Serums for Face
Up your Skin Care game with Vitamin C Serums.

Vitamin C serums for face have taken the beauty world by storm. And why not? Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles & discoloration.

When combined with other natural ingredients, this active ingredient can work wonders. Combining it with vitamins E and Ferulic Acid gives a serious boost to anti-oxidant effects of Vitamin C. Add other plant-based ingredients to the mix and you get a potent serum for flawless skin with a youthful radiance.

With so many brands in the market, choosing the best Vitamin C serum for face can be quite a challenge. We’ve rounded up 10 of the best Vitamin C serums with the goodness of other powerful ingredients.

Best Vitamin C Serums

1.  No B.S. Vitamin C Serum For Face

Best Vitamin C Serums, NO BS Vitamin C+E Serum

Rich in antioxidants, this is one of the best Vitamin C serums for the face that protects your skin against free radicals. With Pomegranate and Green Tea in this serum, it brightens your skin and gives it a smooth finish.

The Hyaluronic acid along with Vitamins C and E gives your skin the moisturized glowing skin. This serum also helps in combating acne, scars, puffiness, and dark circles. Buy this Now.

2. Ursa Major Brighten Up Serum

Best Vitamin C Serums for Sensitive Skin, Ursa Major Brighten Up Serum with Edelweiss and Rose Hip

Instant hydration while brightening your skin tone is this serum’s focus. It also smoothes out skin tone by going deep into the skin.

This serum by Ursa Major contains ascorbic acid polypeptide, water-soluble preparation of Vitamin C. This helps in retaining its potency far longer than other Vitamin C serums for face. 

The aspen bark in this serum smoothes the skin while edelweiss protects and rosehip hydrates it. Made with all-natural ingredients, its featherweight texture leaves a citrusy aroma.

It’s ideal for sensitive skin because of its quick and deep absorption. This serum works great for both men and women. Buy this Now.

3. Teami Topical Vitamin C Serum

Best Vitamin C Serums for Face, Teami Vit-C Tea Infused Serum

If your skin gets too dry too quickly, apply this serum from Teami to it. The consistency of this serum helps it get fully absorbed into your skin within 30 seconds. It moisturizes your skin and also helps in reducing the redness of the skin and the visibility of pores.

The unique process of making this serum involves brewing an antioxidant-rich tea by steeping hibiscus flowers. Rich in Vitamin C Hibiscus flower is used for tea and skincare alike.

This serum is prepared from 100% pure plant extracts and natural mineral ingredients. The fact that it is hand made in small batches makes it even more special! Buy this Now.

4. Holy Land C the Success Serum

Best Vitamin C Serums, Holy Land C The Success Serum

This serum tackles the challenge most Vitamin C serums face – oxidization. Any Vitamin C serum starts oxidizing with air contact which reduces its shelf life. One of the best Vitamin C serums, it is stored in milli capsules. Opening one capsule at a time retains the freshness of serum stored in other capsules.

One of the top concentrations of Vitamin C at 15%, it helps in reducing the depth of wrinkles. Designed for all skin types this light serum smoothens the skin giving it a velvety feel. Buy this Now.

5. Rute Elements Advanced Brightening Serum

Best Vitamin C Serums for Hyperpigmentation, Rute Elements Advanced Brightening Serum

This luxurious serum has the highest number of plant-based botanical actives. Kojic Acid, Vitamins C, E, Ferulic Acid and organic phytonutrients in it boost collagen.

These ingredients also fight hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, acne scars, and sunspots. Needless to say, this all-natural Vitamin C serum will give you bright and luminous skin.

Also, this lightweight, non-greasy, and non-sticky serum balances the skin tone and color. It is a concentrated serum and one bottle is good enough to last up to 3 months. Buy this Now.

6. Truskin Vitamin C Serum for Face

Truskin Best Organic Vitamin C Serums

The combination of Vitamin C and Retinol in this serum by Truskin Naturals works to prevent signs of aging and sun damage. This duo is backed by Vitamin B3 and Salicylic Acid to give a healthy-looking complexion.

Organic Aloe Vera and Rose Hip Oil in this serum rejuvenate the skin. The pink grapefruit essence adds a subtle uplifting note to it. Buy this Now.

7. Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum

Best Vitamin C Serums for Face, Mad Hippie

Using a more stable form of Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate), this serum runs a lower risk of oxidation and irritation. Ferulic acid and Vitamin E in it compound the antioxidant effect of Vitamin C. And Hyaluronic Acid acts as an antiaging agent giving your skin a plumped-up look.

One of the key ingredients of this serum is the exotic Asian flower Konjac Root. The result is one of the best vitamin C serums for face that soften and smoothen the skin tone. Buy this Now.

8. Youth To The People Superfood Serum

Best Vitamin C Serums, Youth to the People Superfood Serum

What is unique about this age-defying elixir from Youth to the People is its blend of potent peptides and superfoods. The superfood blend includes foods like kale, spinach, alfalfa, and green tea.

It is 100% plant-based and the plants are cold-pressed for ingredients. The extract gives antioxidants in its purest and most effective form.

Mixed with Vitamins E, and K, this serum is powerful enough to hydrate, brighten, soften, repair and protect the skin. Buy this Now.

9. Lilyana Naturals Vitamin C Serum

Lilyana Naturals Vitamin C Serum

This serum by Lilyana Naturals comes loaded with a concentration of pure plant-based and active therapeutic grade ingredients. The result is improved collagen levels and reduced wrinkles and fine lines.

This is one of the best Vitamin C serums if you’re looking to tackle hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It gets absorbed by the skin in no time, leaving no oily residue and brightens the skin tone.

Good for everyday use, you can add it to your daily routine. Use it between toning and moisturizing. Buy this Now.

10. Korres Wild Rose Spotless Serum

Best Vitamin C Serums, Korres Wild Rose Spotless Serum for Face

This powerful 15% Vitamin C brightening bi-phase serum is like an overnight facial in a jar. Boosted with Super C, it shoots up the Vitamin C absorption of the skin by 1000%.

Infusion of Mediterranean Wild Rose makes this serum ultra-concentrated in rich ingredients. Omega 3,6,9 fatty acids and Vitamins A in it ensure improvement in the texture of your skin.

Smooth absorption in the skin leaves you with a dewy glow too. The serum has an all-natural scent and is as effective as any other serum in the market, if not better. Buy this Now.

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