10 Best Moisturizers for Oily Skin

Why do you need a moisturizer for oily skin? Most of us would think that moisturizer for oily skin will clog the pores, aggravate the blemishes and make the skin more greasy. But the truth is, if you don’t moisturize your skin, it will dry out making way for fine lines and wrinkles. And when it becomes drier, the skin produces excess oil to compensate for the dryness. This results in you ending up with even more oily skin with clogged pores.

But then, not all moisturizers will come to your rescue. You need to choose a moisturizer which is not oil based, is non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. To make picking the right one easy for you, here’s our list of the 10 best moisturizers for oily skin. Say welcome to non-greasy, acne free and awesome looking skin.

1. Mary Kay Moisturizer for Oily Skin

This time-tested moisturizer is a great formula for combination to oily skin. It not only absorbs and controls oil but also leaves your skin well hydrated. It gives a silky matte finish to your skin. The major bonus of this moisturizer for oily skin is that it can double up as an anti-aging cream. Its antioxidants fight the free radicals which reduce the appearance of fine lines. Result: Younger looking well-moisturized and hydrated skin. Buy this Now.

2. Era Organics Repair Moisturizer for Oily Skin

It won’t be wrong to call this a repairing moisturizer. It relieves your skin of dryness, irritation, redness, excess oil and much more. You can also expect a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as it protects your skin from free radicals. Working wonders for acne prone skin, it reduces the appearance of scars too. This is probably one of the best moisturizers for acne prone skin. Buy this Now.

3. Christina Moss Natural & Organic Facial Moisturizer

All natural and organic ingredients of this moisturizer soften, repair and reverse the damage. This is the best moisturizer for oily skin as it is non-comedogenic and free of harsh chemicals. You can now say goodbye to the acne with this non-greasy lightweight moisturizer. This budget-friendly moisturizer is very concentrated so a little goes a long way. The natural oils in this moisturizer leave your skin nourished, smooth and radiant. Buy this Now.

4. Inside Out Probiotics Natural Moisturizer

Probiotic for skin? You heard that right. With probiotics, marine algae, seaweed, and kelp, this is your best moisturizer for oily skin. It calms your skin, balances oil and hydrates the skin with a light feel. The probiotics in this moisturizer support natural cellular repair reducing redness and irritation. These also replenish skin’s protective barrier reducing hyperpigmentation caused by UV radiation. This all-natural moisturizer gently moisturizes acne prone skin without drying it out. Buy this Now.

5. Privai Matte Moisturizer for Oily Skin

This oil-free moisturizer will give you smooth skin with matte finish. The grapefruit peel extract minimizes the appearance of pores and improves skin tone. The sage extract helps reduce blemishes and oily shine. It also doubles up as a face scrub as it gently exfoliates the skin. You can use this organic moisturizer for oily skin as a primer before makeup. Buy this Now.

6. The Body Shop Tea Tree Mattifying Moisturizer

Tea tree oil is very effective in controlling oil and is known for its anti-bacterial properties. So you’d imagine tea tree oil to be the best for your oily skin. The downside, however, is that it can cause redness and irritation. But if your moisturizer is a blend of tea tree oil, lemon tea tree, and tamanu oil, you know your skin will be taken care of. So you can use this as a daily facial moisturizer to tackle excess oil with good hydration. This is the best moisturizer for very oily skin which breaks out easily. Buy this Now.

7. bareMinerals True Oasis Oil-Free Moisturizer

This oil-free moisturizer in gel cream gives you a splash of refreshing hydration. It smoothens the texture making your oily skin soft and supple. Best moisturizer for oily skin, it also has a blend of peptides, ceramides, and amino acids. These help in keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. And to awaken your senses it has subtle notes of Bergamot and Eucalyptus. Buy this Now.

8. Niacinamide Vitamin B3 Oil-Free Moisturizer

Another oil-free moisturizer, it helps calm down the acne-ridden irritated skin. It balances the oil production and hydrates the skin without causing blemishes. The powerful combination of Buckthorn extract and Green Tea extract give a rich supply of Vitamins A, C, & E. One of the best moisturizers for oily skin, it is made with organic & natural ingredients. Buy this Now.

9. Kate Somerville Moisturizer for Oily Skin

You know you got your hands on a good moisturizer for oily skin when it is used by celebrities from around the world. It works to absorb the excess oil, tightens the skin and imparts perfect hydration. The essential amino acid derivative and red marine algae help in improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Buy this Now.

10. iS CLINICAL Reparative Moisture Emulsion

Your search for a non-sticky lightweight yet super hydrating moisturizer ends here. This moisturiser by ‘is Clinical‘ will make your skin feel firm, smooth and rejuvenated. This formula contains peptides, powerful antioxidants, and pharma grade botanicals. Buy this Now.

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