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Best Flat Irons for Shiny Straight hair

Best Flat Irons for Straight Shiny Hair
Shiny Straight Hair without the Frizz.

Flat iron or a hair straightener is the best bet when looking for smooth, shiny straight hair.

With innovations in design and heat control mechanism, the flat irons have come a long way. Flat irons have evolved from simple ceramic plates to titanium and sometimes the combination of two or more materials.

The new age flat irons also come loaded with add-on features to suit your hair styling needs. While that’s a good thing, it also makes it a little confusing for you to pick the best flat iron for your hair and style.

Thick, curly or fine hair, you need the one that’s least damaging to your precious hair. Here’s the list of 10 best flat irons to help you choose the one that’s just right for you!

Best Flat Irons for Hair Straightening

1. Conair Infiniti pro Flat Iron

Conair Infinitypro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, Best Flat Irons

Extra-long floating ceramic plates of this flat iron from Conair gives you better grip and heat distribution. Besides that, the floating plates also give you better contact with hair. The result is straighter hair in very less time.

The ceramic plates are coated with tourmaline which prevents damaging hot spots. And the infrared energy protects your hair’s luster making them less frizzy.

With the ultra-fast heat up technology, this straightener gives you a professional-quality styler. It reaches a temperature of up to 446ºF (230ºC) in just 15 seconds. Easy and efficient! Buy this Now.

2. Bed Head Pixie Flat Iron

Best Flat Irons, Lightweight Bed Head Pixie 1/2" Flat Iron

Pixie cut or a layered bob, thin 1/2″ plates of this mini straightener make it one of the best flat irons for short hair. It helps you to get close to the roots and tame flyaways. You can work with the shortest hair with this flat iron.

Tourmaline ceramic technology also reduces frizz and adds shine to your hair. The lightweight and dual voltage make it a travel accessory that can go with you anywhere. Buy this Now.

3. Black Gold Micro-Shine Flat Iron

Hot tools Professional Black Gold Micro-Shine, Best Flat Irons

One of the essentials in your hairstyling routine, this flat iron will not only give you pin-straight hair. Rounded plate edges let you bend, flip, set pin curls and much more.

It features even heat distribution for beautiful, consistent results. It combines durable titanium with Micro-Shine finish to reduce friction and add shine. In other words, the plates glide smoothly without pulling and each strand is evenly styled. And the styled hair will have that extra shine.

So go ahead and get creative with some awesome curls, beach waves, pin curls and more. Buy this Now.

4. GHD Ceramic Intuitive Flat Iron

Best Flat Irons, ghd Platinum+ Ceramic Flat Iron

The intuitive technology of this flat iron adapts to your hair needs to ensure the best styling for straight hair.

With breakthrough ultra-zone, it monitors heat 250x a second and recognizes your hair type and the speed at which you are styling. This way it predicts your hair’s needs and constantly adapts the temperature to your styling.

The homogeneous heat across the whole plate ensures beautiful results in one stroke. The unique wishbone hinge also ensures that the plates are precisely aligned.

With 70% less breakage and 2x more color protection, this is a smart flat iron by ghd that you need in your styling arsenal. Buy this Now.

5. Kipozi Titanium Hair Straightener

Titanium Kipozi Professional Flat Iron

With homogenous heat across the whole plate, this flat iron uses the latest breakthrough in heat styling. It delivers consistent heating without overexposure allowing beautiful results each time.

The 1.75-inch special titanium floating plates undergo precision melding. This allows hair to pass through effortlessly.

The temperature is Adjustable to 170ºF/450ºF to give you an optimum temperature setting. The digital LCD display helps you know the exact heat setting. Universal voltage makes it perfect for travel too. Buy this Now.

6. Croc Infrared Flat Iron

Best Flat Irons, CrocInfrared Flat Iron Hair Straightener

This infrared flat iron tames frizzy hair without damaging the hair or creating frizz. And that’s because the infrared heats the hair from inside and protects the outer cuticle.

Perfect for color-treated and coarse hair, infrared technology helps to seal the moisture in your hair. You can achieve smooth, straight hair in one pass with this 1.5-inch wide flat iron. Buy this Now.

7. Wet2Straight Flat Iron

Ceramic Titanium Plates Remington Wet2Straight Flat Iron

Blow drying followed by Hair Straightening can damage your hair and is time-consuming.

This advanced styling flat iron can help style the wet hair too with ease. The unique steam vents on this flat iron safely remove water from damp hair, allowing you to dry and style at the same time.

It reduces damage by 60% as compared to blow-drying and then straightening. With 420°F high heat and 30 heat settings, it’s easy to find the right temperature for your hair. Damp or dry, ceramic-titanium plates also aid in protecting your hair from heat damage. Buy this Now.

8. Cool Mist Flat Iron

Best Flat Irons, LumaBella Cool Mist Flat Iron

An innovative flat iron using vapor technology, this flat iron has a cool-mist channel. This channel adds cool mist to the hair prior to heat styling. It not only aids in safer styling temperature but also adds moisture and hydration to the hair.

Together, the cool mist followed by heat helps to lock-in moisture. This flat iron is the best flat iron to protect your hair, reduce frizz, impart shine and a longer-lasting style. Buy this Now.

9. BabylissPro Nano Titanium Flat Iron

Best Flat Irons, Babylisspro Nano Titanium-Plated Ionic Technology Flat Iron

This flat iron pairs ionic technology and the benefits of pure titanium-plated plates. Natural ions reduce frizz while the stay-cool Ryton housing resists the ultra-high heat. Both the facts combined give you easy handling for the sleekest hair.

The ceramic heater of this flat iron produces instant heat, up to 450°F for styling your hair. It is available in 1-1/4″ and 1-3/4″ plates. Buy this Now.

10. HSI Professional Glider

Best Flat Irons, HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron

This Amazon best selling flat iron generates negative ions that allow smaller water molecules to penetrate into the hair shaft. The result is frizz-free and static-free hair.

Tourmaline-infused ceramic floating plates let you straighten and curl your hair with ease. The eight micro-sensors with heat balance technology distribute the heat evenly.

It saves time and also since you need to pass the iron fewer times through your hair, it reduces damage to your hair. A bonus travel-size argan oil serum comes with this mini flat iron! Buy this Now.

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