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Trending Basket Bags to Rock Right Now

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The Basket Bag continues to trend into 2018. Got yours?

Basket bags and straw totes rock! The trend that has come back even hotter this year is the basket bag and straw handbag trend. You can expect to see a lot of these trending in your social feeds. The newest avatar, however, is the scaled-down version of the big hand-woven handbags.

In a market flooded with a variety of basket bags, we went around looking for the very best. And we came up with this list of 10 best basket bags you won’t be able to resist adding to your shopping cart!

Best Basket Bags for Women

1. Balloon Style Basket Bag

Best Basket Bags, Straw Totes, Straw Totes For Beach, Straw Bags Totes, Round Balloon Style Basket Bag

You’ll love this simple yet elegant Balloon style straw basket bag. This is a versatile bag owing to its stylish design. It will suit any daytime occasion, be it a formal luncheon or a beach vacation. Buy this Now.

2. Ata Rattan Round Basket Bag

Best Basket Bags, Straw Totes, Crossbody Bags, Crossbody Bags Women, Round Ratan Woven Straw Bag

This is one of our favorites in the trending basket bags. The round shape with a bow clasp of this basket bag gives it a feminine chic look.

Handwoven with Ata grass in Bali, this is a 100% natural basket bag. Leather straps of this round basket bag give it the required strength. Use it as a crossbody bag or simply hang it on one shoulder. Buy this Now.

3. Large Round Straw Bag

Best Basket Bags, Straw Totes, Straw Totes For Beach, Large Handbags, Large Round Handwoven Straw Bag

If you like the round bag trend but you want the bag to be a little spacious and practical, this is what you need. It can be worn both as a crossbody or a shoulder bag.

Perfect for travel, beach vacation or picnics, this basket bag will be a trendy addition to your bag collection. Buy this Now.

4. Trim Fringe Oversized Straw Bag

Best Basket Bags, Straw Totes,  Large Handbags, Trim Fringe Straw Basket Bag

We love the rustic meets chic look of this oversized basket straw bag. The trim fringe and the high-gloss tortoise-shell handle make it look chic. Big enough to carry all your essentials, it is both stylish and practical.

Pair this trendy handbag with subtle stylishness over a casual maxi dress or a denim dress! Buy this Now.

5. Straw Woven Round Tote

Best Basket Bags, Boho Bags, Beach Bags, Bags for Beach, Beach Bag Totes, Simplistic Large Round Woven Straw Bag

This beach-ready bag features intricately weaved straw. To add to its simplistic design, you can tie a scarf or hang fringe tassels or pompoms from its dual top handles. And then team this bag with a summer dress and you’re ready to rock the sunny days! Buy this Now.

6. Large Hobo Basket Bag

Best Basket Bags, Beach Bags, Bags for Beach, Beach Bag Totes, Handwoven Large Hobo Beach Bag

This large hand-woven hobo bag with a round handle is a versatile basket bag. Carry it around while doing your grocery shopping or pair it with a maxi dress for a day party.

This is your summer accessory that’ll go with your favorite distressed denim or a boho dress. Perfect for that beach outing too! Buy this Now.

7. Botkier Valentina Large Basket Bag

Best Basket Bags, Straw Totes For Beach, Boho Bags, Beach Bags, Bags for Beach, Large Round Beach Bag Totes

This large bag gives out the beach vibe with its design and size. But this versatile basket can’t be restricted to a beach. Team it with any casual summertime dress and it is sure to add to your ensemble. Buy this Now.

8. Crossbody Clutch Straw Bag

Best Basket Bags, Boho Bags,  Straw clutch, Crossbody Woven Clutch Straw Bag, Crossbody Bags, Crossbody Bags Women,

The unique box-like design of this small straw bag is in line with current fashion trends. The colorful pom poms add an interesting dash of color. This natural basket bag is hand-crafted by professional artisans.

This serves more like a stylish clutch that can carry your phone, key, and makeup. Buy this Now.

9. Woven Seagrass Basket Bag

Large Woven Basket Bag with Pom poms

Handwoven from natural grass, this one has chunky straw pom-poms and striped handle. This handbag was very popular last season and with the latest trend of hand-woven basket bags, it is here to stay. Buy this Now.

10. Chic Mini Poolside Basket Bag

Best Basket Bags, Straw Totes, Straw Totes For Beach, Straw Bags Totes, Mini Floral Straw bag

This mini basket bag is sure to be a conversation starter. It is a good alternative to a clutch and will make a statement of its own while keeping with the mini basket bag trend.

The squarish shape, the round handle, and the flower made with the straw finish it off in style. Buy this Now.

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