Rumpl is an outdoor gear and lifestyle brand that specializes in creating high-performance, durable, and stylish blankets and accessories inspired by nature and outdoor adventure.

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Rumpl is an outdoor gear and lifestyle brand that was founded in 2013 by Wylie Robinson in San Francisco, California, USA. The company started with a goal to create high-performance blankets for outdoor adventures that were both durable and stylish.

Rumpl’s design aesthetic is inspired by outdoor adventure and nature, with a focus on creating products that are versatile, durable, and comfortable. The brand uses high-quality materials, such as technical fabrics and recycled insulation, to create their products.

Rumpl’s product range includes a variety of blankets, including down-filled blankets, synthetic insulated blankets, and outdoor blankets that are water-resistant and durable. The brand also offers accessories such as pillows, tote bags, and beer koozies.

Rumpl offers shipping within the United States and internationally, with free shipping for orders over a certain amount. The brand also offers a 100-night sleep trial for their blankets, allowing customers to try out their products and return them if they are not satisfied.

Overall, Rumpl is a brand that values high-performance, durability, and sustainability in their products. With their unique design aesthetic and focus on outdoor adventure, Rumpl is a great choice for customers looking for functional and stylish blankets and accessories for their outdoor adventures.