Outer is a sustainable outdoor furniture brand that combines comfort and style to create seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces.

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Outer is an outdoor furniture company that was founded in 2018 by Jiake Liu and Terry Lin. The brand’s design aesthetic is centered around the idea of “outdoor living”, which emphasizes the use of comfortable and stylish furniture to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Outer’s product range includes outdoor seating, dining tables, and accessories such as cushions and covers. Their furniture is designed with both style and durability in mind, using materials such as aluminum, teak, and weather-resistant fabrics.

In addition to their focus on design and quality, Outer is committed to sustainability and ethical production practices. They use eco-friendly materials and partner with manufacturers who prioritize fair labor and environmental responsibility.

Outer offers free shipping within the contiguous United States, and also has a 30-day return policy. They also offer a unique “OuterShell” program, which allows customers to easily swap out their furniture covers for a fresh look or to update their outdoor decor. Overall, Outer is a great choice for those who value both style and sustainability in their outdoor living spaces.