Orient Watch Co., Ltd.

Orient is a Japanese watch brand known for its affordable and reliable mechanical watches.

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Orient Watch Co., Ltd. is a Japanese watch company that was founded in 1950. The company was originally called Tama Keiki Co., Ltd. and focused on producing watch movements. In 1951, the company began producing its own watches under the brand name “Orient”. The founders of the company were Shogoro Yoshida and Hino Yoshida.

Orient watches are known for their Japanese craftsmanship, mechanical movements, and affordable prices. The brand offers a wide range of watch styles, including dress watches, dive watches, and pilot watches. Orient watches also feature unique complications such as power reserve indicators, dual-time displays, and retrograde displays.

In terms of design aesthetic, Orient watches are known for their clean and classic designs. Many Orient watches feature simple dials with minimal branding and elegant hour markers. The brand also offers watches with more modern designs, such as skeleton dials and bold color schemes.

Orient watches are available for purchase through the company’s website as well as through authorized dealers. Shipping information may vary depending on the location of the buyer and the specific retailer.